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You were talking about building PCs, which are not typically, if ever, laptops. #2.4.2
That's...not a very good comparison. Building your own PC would be cheaper and superior, not just an adequate alternative. Whereas if someone tried to build their own car, it's not likely going to be anything close to a Ferrari in performance. This plus the fact Alienware is owned by Dell would make me more embarrassed than proud to be seen with one while for some reason carrying around my PC with me on a train. #2.4
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"Make sure it's good quality." #9
Wonder if Microsoft are pulling another "We bought Donkey Kong!" here. Mojang doesn't even own the Minecraft IP, they license it through Notch. #13
This is easily my most anticipated game on the way. About to lose a few more hundred hours to this series. Just want more info on this:

"In order to reverse this curse, the player must hunt human players online and thus we have our PVP component."

I'm hoping they aren't trying to force PVP with this system. Though surely there would have to be a way to deal with this for those without an online connection. I'd just like to be able to enj... #6
I agree with you that we shouldn't care about how much more powerful things are, but you're making a similar mistake that most people that don't work with hardware make. And that is that RAM is the main factor in a how powerful a console/PC is. It is important, but the GPU is the main thing that determines power and is where PS4 gets its performance gap over the Xbox. It has a slight RAM advantage too but that's not as significant as the GPU. The RAM was a pretty big bottlenec... #20.2
As a huge Silent Hill fan that was originally torn between the idea of 1st and 3rd person, after playing P.T. I can't see the game being done in any other way than 1st person. This short teaser was far scarier than any other Silent Hill, and the fact that you feel like you are the one actually walking those halls instead of watching someone else do it is the main reason for that. Come up with a clever way to have both and that's fine as well, but this game really needs to be in 1st pe... #33
Battlefield 4's levolution events. #1.4.4
Leaving the Pre-Alpha on mine just as a souvenir. #6
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Now these complaints I can agree with about the game. The bosses (with a few exceptions) were the main weak point while I felt like normal enemies (difficulty wise, not so much design) were done better. Oh and the weird change made to camera movement. #28.1
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If you're interested in it, go get it. I gets a lot of unwarranted hate honestly. It got a few things worse, but it also got a few things better than the first Dark Souls. And the good outweighed the bad imo. Though admittedly I almost had the same opinion as most people until I replayed Dark Souls right after. While it's still a great game, It wasn't exactly how I remembered it and I could see the improvements that were actually made more clearly. I would actually rate the series... #18.2
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I put 300 hours into Warframe and only spent $20 because I wanted to support the devs for making a good example of a F2P game. And most of that went to cosmetic stuff because I didn't NEED it for progression, I was able to get all I needed for progression through normal play. Catalysts are definitely obtainable without platinum, and even Warframe and weapon slots can be gained without paying real money if you utilize the in-game trading chat.

Warframe is one of the few c... #2.1.4
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@GamersHeaven Seriously, especially with how the director keeps comparing it to Demon's Souls and not Dark Souls, and I can see why. It looks like it's going to have more of the feel of Demon's than Dark Souls. Dark Souls (especially the second one aside from leveling at bonfires) fixed a lot of the annoyances, but they also got a bit lighter in tone than Demon's was and the difficulty seemed to get toned down as well. Bloodborne looks like it may bring more of the horror aspe... #7.3
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Mine were perfectly fine but I got covers that made them more convex because I couldn't stand the concave design. So fixed one problem and potentially avoided another I suppose. #18
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I was super excited about this game the months before E3, but then when there were rumors about the gun I got a little worried. When it actually showed up in the E3 trailer I got REALLY worried. But then they explained how it doesn't work like a traditional gun at all and now I'm back in full hype mode lol. #1.1.4
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It is a confirmed exclusive. #11.2
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Hating on GAF is just the cool thing to do these days, even if you've never been there. Is there more Sony fans? Yes. But that doesn't mean you won't get banned for trolling hard on the Xbox, which you WILL, contrary to ignorant people's beliefs. I've seen it happen many times. The site itself IS neutral, even if a majority of the community may not be.

You can read plenty of good and bad things about both Sony and Microsoft over there. In fact I've se... #1.4.1
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@jnemesh *slow clap* Bravo sir, you pretty much hit every nail on the head about indies and people's perception of them right now. People didn't seem to have a problem flaunting their superior indie support last generation on the 360 but suddenly it's a bad thing to have more games that don't interfere with the bigger titles at all. #1.12.3
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Glad to finally have a release date, but not happy at all about WHEN it is. Was really hoping it would be much sooner than that with such a huge drought this summer. #30
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Read through all the comments wondering if anybody else was going to mention that, it's the biggest clue on here that this is fake. Nintendo may have Xenoblade and X but Xeno"gears" would still be owned by Square-Enix so that wouldn't make any sense for them to step on the toes of the X devs by making a deal like that with the heat between those two companies. #30.1
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