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Even as someone that prefers Playstation over Xbox, I think there probably really is more Sony fanboys at the present time but there's definitely plenty on the Xbox side as well. There has been a few articles, though few, where there were legitimate non-fanboy comments in Sony's favor getting disagreed to no end while the Xbox fanboy comments were overwhelmingly agreed on. But like I said, I still believe that the opposite is more often the case.

The favor tends to l... #15
MVP program won't last much longer at this rate. #24
Damn was hoping there was going to finally be a release date. This update was spectacular on PC but I need it on console now so I can play it with my friend. #4
What memots said, but more specifically it's when when for example, you're sprinting and suddenly you're 5 steps back again (like a rubber band is pulling you back). #1.2.2
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I actually agree, I love the DS4 overall but I do kinda wish I could have just the shape of the DS3 sticks back but keep the other enhancements like the dead zone, stiffness, etc. My thumbs just slip a lot less on DS3. #11.3
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Would have loved getting BF4 just so I could upgrade it but I'm happy with the 55 inch Samsung I snagged for $350 :) #9
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This is the only thing I'm going to miss from BF3. Loved running up and blowing up tanks. But I'll get used to it since the consensus seems to be it's overall a nice improvement over its predecessor. #2.2
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Now that I can agree with, it was just the way you worded it the first time that threw me for a loop. #1.3.3
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Well that's an improvement for MS. It was looking like 4:1 earlier this year. #9
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Sorry, but even though I learned the same way you're talking about, I fully disagree that it's the "only" way to learn guitar. Learning it that way works but can also be very intimidating and can be easy to lose interest. This makes it more accessible to people by making a game out of it, which is a pretty common tool for teaching many things these days.

Is learning it by yourself a good way? Sure, it can be. But is it the ONLY way? Not even close. But neith... #1.3
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I'll love the feature just to save those awesome moments that happen in games such as BF just for myself. Not a fan of Let's Plays. But I still believe that the games themselves should take priority. #4
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I think some people get comfort and preference/familiarity confused. I don't believe it's the placement of the sticks that make the 360 controller more comfortable so much as the overall ergonomics of it. And some probably only find it better for shooters mainly because the sticks and triggers are a bit better, but not because the sticks are asymmetrical. The most important part of a FPS is the RIGHT stick more than the left, and the right stick is in the same position on both control... #10
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It's a layout that's being added that caters to people that prefer the layout of BF3, which means it should include the switching of the shoulder buttons. #4.1.2
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The legacy controller layout should have you covered. #4.1
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Even though they said that they could very well put CJ in here but change him up a bit. Lazlow debuted in Vice City and has been in every main entry since. #1.8
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Oh Minecraft can have HD textures, but it would crash even next-gen consoles if the map was a respectable size. I tried using some really high resolution textures once and crashed my PC that's not far off from next-gen specs. Minecraft can be more physically demanding than people realize and that's why it looks the way it does. #1.1.11
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I felt that same way before I started playing it, but once I finally gave it a shot I ended up putting several hundred hours into it.

What's great about it imo is that it can be as simple or grand as you make it be. You can build a hut and just mess around with friends or you can draw up a blue print of a castle and build it. Or go to the extreme like some people and create a working game inside of the game. It's crazy stuff but it's definitely not everyone's... #3.2.1
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As soon as I started that part of the mission I thought immediately that this would happen. #9
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HAD one? I still HAVE mine! #8
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Washington Post, stop writing video game articles. Every single one that I can remember is cringe-worthy and reeks of ignorance. #10
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