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I agree you can't blame Sony for it, but just getting a better provider isn't always an option either. Sometimes the absolute best someone can get isn't enough unfortunately. #2.2.1

I'd love to have your boonies connection lol. #5.1.7
As someone who played at original launch, I like the payouts now. They're MUCH better than they used to be, not worse. Unless they raised them a LOT at some point then lowered them to a still better point than originally. People used to think it was great money making 9k on a mission over and over and now lots of missions pay 20k. Plus we don't lose thousands upon death. Money is fine in GTAO now, no shark cards needed. I stay above 1 million casually playing without even really trying. #4.5
That was the most exciting part about the trailer for me. This and the monster were the 2 main things I always messed around with in SA so the release of the Hydra officially makes GTA SA completely obsolete for me now. #7
Genuine question, why do you consider Blu-ray a gimmick? You said a gimmick was something not required to play the games, when the systems that have Blu-ray DO require it to play games. Unless you mean playing movies. But even then the tech is already in there and wasn't thrown in solely to add to the list of features. I agree with you other than that.

And I will give credit to Nintendo for fleshing out remote play, but the original idea really can't be credited to t... #2.1.6
Glad somebody said it. A lot of people seem to believe that input lag and dead zone are one and the same when they aren't. If it was input lag he'd be having issues with all buttons and not just the right stick. If the guy in the video had just slightly moved the stick you'd see that the camera wouldn't have moved at all, not just have a delayed response.

Also find it strange people are just pointing this out on current gen consoles when it's something the... #5.4

There's a setting specifically for that problem in the quick interaction menu called "Targeting Priority" or something like that. If you change it to "strangers" it won't lock on to your friends even with auto aim enabled. That was something that really annoyed me as well before they added that months back. #1.2.4
Will never use this, but I know it's big for lots of people and glad they're finally getting it. Just really hoping for an appear offline function to release alongside it. #24
Not unlikely actually, they're just looking into the best way to implement it in a way that can't be easily abused. It's too highly requested to be ignored at this point. #2.3.2
@AliTheSnake1 You can already turn off party chat notifications. #1.1.5
Just like someone could sitting next to you that you let play except it's actually even MORE avoidable with Share Play than it would be in-person. Seems like a non-issue to me, but I guess it's a good heads up for those that aren't as careful about who they trust. #22
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You were talking about building PCs, which are not typically, if ever, laptops. #2.4.2
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That's...not a very good comparison. Building your own PC would be cheaper and superior, not just an adequate alternative. Whereas if someone tried to build their own car, it's not likely going to be anything close to a Ferrari in performance. This plus the fact Alienware is owned by Dell would make me more embarrassed than proud to be seen with one while for some reason carrying around my PC with me on a train. #2.4
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"Make sure it's good quality." #9
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Wonder if Microsoft are pulling another "We bought Donkey Kong!" here. Mojang doesn't even own the Minecraft IP, they license it through Notch. #13
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This is easily my most anticipated game on the way. About to lose a few more hundred hours to this series. Just want more info on this:

"In order to reverse this curse, the player must hunt human players online and thus we have our PVP component."

I'm hoping they aren't trying to force PVP with this system. Though surely there would have to be a way to deal with this for those without an online connection. I'd just like to be able to enj... #6
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I agree with you that we shouldn't care about how much more powerful things are, but you're making a similar mistake that most people that don't work with hardware make. And that is that RAM is the main factor in a how powerful a console/PC is. It is important, but the GPU is the main thing that determines power and is where PS4 gets its performance gap over the Xbox. It has a slight RAM advantage too but that's not as significant as the GPU. The RAM was a pretty big bottlenec... #20.2
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As a huge Silent Hill fan that was originally torn between the idea of 1st and 3rd person, after playing P.T. I can't see the game being done in any other way than 1st person. This short teaser was far scarier than any other Silent Hill, and the fact that you feel like you are the one actually walking those halls instead of watching someone else do it is the main reason for that. Come up with a clever way to have both and that's fine as well, but this game really needs to be in 1st pe... #33
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Battlefield 4's levolution events. #1.4.4
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Leaving the Pre-Alpha on mine just as a souvenir. #6
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