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I wonder if Mario Kart Wii (a name I loathe BTW) will top this? As much as I think SSBB is fantastic, I've been looking forward to a new MK for the longest time.

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I don't pre-order anymore, and I never seem to have a problem going into my local EB Games and finding the newest, hottest game on launch day.

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But I like the WWII theme better. It's been done to death, yes, and I did like the one game break (CoD4) from WWII, but I didn't find Modern Warfare as gripping.

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Uncharted is a great game and part of the 52 games, but it isn't the top PS3-exclusive "We'd be playing in 2008" (noticed 52 games=52 weeks) because Warhawk has more longevity.

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Check out page 2; it made one of the top 6, in fact. Awesome game: SwiderMan is my name on there.

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That's a pretty interesting interpretation.

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Gaming target mentions that the PR's vague e-mail says that "the long awaited first patch for Crysis will be released today, >>or at least news about the impending patch<<."

Actually, not only does it say that on Gaming Target, it says it above on n4g. TheIneffableBob, there's no excuse for your poor reading habbits.

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I mean, I know that Jeter had his lapses this past year (along with the rest of the Yankees), but he's still one of the best.

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One level made is worth no more than $10. Hopefully they offer new stages for around $5 and not another $10 since we already have the the game's foundation (modes, etc).

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Probably one of the better PS3 games, mainly because it's not another dual stick shooter. Those games are good, but I'm kind of tired of them, and this is something new.

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It's the price of what? 4 next-gen games? I'd say its worth owning in addition to one of the other major systems (or both if you're like me)

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Here's a guide to buying a PS3 or 360: Go to the store, swipe card, go home with a system.

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Make a lot of phone calls to the suggested retailers. That's how I got a second Wii for some one else. Can't stress phoning daily enough.

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Read the article. It states that Warhawk released Aug. 28.

"Hopefully he’s [Peter Dille] not counting Warhawk and Lair, which released on August 28 and August 30 respectively"

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Really, Gaming Target is biased against PS3? Look at this article from yesterday: http://www.gamingtarget.com...

It's positive news about PS3. How can Gaming Target be praised by the same n4g crowd one day and scorned the next for the very same reason. Sheesh.

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The 15 PS3 exclusives don't include PSN-only games, in my opinion of how he [Peter Dille] worded it. Why? There'd be many, many more than 15 if that was the case.

However, the other 15 mentioned in the article, the 15 internal studios working on PS brand games right now most surely includes PS3, PSP and PSN. He was careful to say "PlayStation" without a number or portable afterward.

Hope that answers ur question.

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"Dille’s definition of “exclusives” is unknown (do NBA 08 and MLB 08 count as count as PS3 exclusives in his mind even though they’ll also release for PSP?), but that looks like the 15 promised exclusives."

It's possible that UTIII (as comment #11 said, Haze looks locked up by PS3) may not be part of the 15 because it's timed. Peter Dille didn't specify in the interview whether or not timed exclusives counted. If not there's another mystery exclusive out there.

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Seriously, one of the best games this year. Expensive, but worth it.

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AcFreeze, the confirmation came in the form of an Activision PR's press release this morning. You didn't see it on other sites because I just happened to be the first site to post it. Please don't "report" my news articles just because it's not on another site.

I don't post rumors without a rumor tag. I strive to make the news on Gaming Target 100% accurate, which this was. Thanks.

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You say: "Gamingtarget makes quotes but does not have any source for those quotes."

From the article: “It’s a real pleasure to hear one of the best loved and most iconic themes from Bungie’s Halo Universe in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock,” --->>>said Marty O’Donnell, Composer and Audio Director for Bungie Studios.<<<----

Read people! Read! I got this from an Activision PR's press release this morning. Just because I was the first to...

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