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Gran Turismo? Sure, that'll come out right after the PSP version ;)

Like the Guns N' Roses of video games.

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Pro-PS3 editorial from last week: http://www.gamingtarget.com...

Anti-Xbox 360 editorial from last week: http://www.gamingtarget.com...

How are they biased against Sony?

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But 3 games from NCSoft... you didn't list any names. What games are they planning?

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What's wrong with this site?

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Read the rules. Games need to have a working title or be announced to be included on the list.

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One of the best games of E3, if not the best.

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Yeah, least year's presentation was my favorite of a non-playable game. Like a lot of the software at E3, it was running on an Xbox 360. In fact, there was only ONE multi-console game that I saw running on a PS3 last year (and it was *in addition* to an Xbox 360) and that was Hellboy: The Science of Evil.

This year, I'm going to keep an account of what games are preferred to be shown on what systems when they're multi-console and report it on Gaming Target.

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It'll have fun. As I point out in that Gaming Target story (the story is by Patrick Mulhern, but I added an editor's note), I'll be hitting that game up first. Tuesday's schedule goes: Nintendo Media Briefing, Sony Press Conference, Lunch, Fallout 3.

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I get to play it on Tuesday :-P. It's the game I'm most looking forward to.

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Mclovin? Who are you Seal?

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Agreed. Too bad some movies (like Superbad) won't have such features since they released a hair too soon :(

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This story's quotes are mostly fake:

^Read how the Rolling Stone interview was different.

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It's a shame that over 100 people have made (mostly) negative comments and have been duped.

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Ouch! Last week? Hope you didn't spend the full $60. Worth it either way.

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I didn't get a chance to play it in final form (But I too plan on it now), but I really thought it was great from what I tested at E3. I could tell it was going to be enjoyable. Like a next-gen Tomb Raider, minus boobs and glitches.

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Yeah, but it was surprising that it didn't chart in the first place when it initially came out. Nice to know it's getting a second chance because of this deal.

P.S. This SHOULD be approved because if you actually read the in-depth article about it rising past the ranks of dominate Wii-stuff, there's a lot more than that other alleged duplicate which 1) failed and 2) doesn't contain nearly as much research.


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Just watched it, and it wasn't too bad. CNBC did a decent job for an outside the industry media company. Gave more of an unbiased history and a lot of interviews with developers, instead of opinion from non-gaming official who think they know what they're talking about.

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Hah, good one. I guess you could say PS3 & 360 joined forces on this one. ;)

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It's all about Kirby.

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It's more like one hardcore gamer-approved Wii game once in a while (there are a couple good casual games), so that's why it sold well. Also, I'd say Galaxy was great as was Zelda.

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