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Other ones....Like....

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Thanks for the feedback. My plan was to cover more topics and write less. But, I had a lot of text to back up my first couple of predictions. There's a bunch to say about new hardware and that's going to get the most attention. You're right, there are a lot of exciting games out there, but we know about most of them, Gears 3's release date, the existence of Ghost of Sparta and LBP2, etc. But, maybe this deserves a video game-focused sequel?

I like you Sega Sat...

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Why, because I picked a photo of Zelda as the main art? Or because I was saying Sony was going to bundle it, too, and didn't want to write more than one paragraph of repeat information? I could care less about MS/Sony/Nintendo. I'm in it for the good games and hardware advancements. In fact, I'm really looking forward to PS Move. Do you see that photo of SCEA's David Coombes demonstrating Move at the 3D Gaming Summit in LA? That's my photo. I took that picture. In short, I...

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God of War IV will probably be a prequel, agreed?

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There's no reason that a potential GotY can't release in March. It doesn't have to be during the fall!

Plus, "the feeling that" means that this isn't THE GotY, but a potential one.

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It pre-dates Dual Shock, which means someone has a PSOne over there. Or had.

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I'm looking forward to GoW3 as well, but FFXIII is going to be more successful. Not just because it's FFXIII, but because it's on two systems. That's a big deal these days.

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1) It's more of an expression.

2) The writer is brilliant.

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Acquisition is kind of like that, but everything is one-sided, protecting OR defending. I want both sides involved in the protect/defending fight, you know what I mean. That's what I like about the normal deathmatch game type. This is a full-scale war.

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I hope you're right about Zipper doing another SOCOM. Like raztad said, MAG didn't have much of a backstory and I really didn't care about why the fighting was happening. SOCOM has a built-in story.

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But what other modes are there in MAG besides protect and defend stuff? At least creating a randomly rotating zones protect/defend game so more soldiers can scramble. Or, create VIP mode where one person must be protected for either the entire game until the they or a period of time. I'm tired of immobile objects (with the exception of vehicles) always being the focus.

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Does PlayOn let you stream in HD, though?

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Sorry, but I'm tired of switching between 360 & PS3 for movies.

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Currently playing Red Faction Guerrilla and loving it. It makes other games with less destruction look last-gen.

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I don't think Wii NEEDS a mature game like GTA, but it'd be nice since Nintendo isn't creating all of the family friendly games we want either. We need another Zelda, Mario and new Star Fox. Mario Kart Wii was the last game I was interested in and that came out over a year ago!

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Yeah, but why Canada, eh?

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@Unicron then you should write one in response and quit JUST complaining. I'd like to read it (not being sarcastic--hit me up with the link)

@Unicron's comments below (I ran out of bubbles): Gaming Target has been online for 10 years (on February 17, 2009), and the problem is these are the unique articles that readers demand. They're debatable, but they're obvious of interest. If you don't like them, we could go back to posting about the latest Naruto game announcements. Or, we c...

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Gran Turismo? Sure, that'll come out right after the PSP version ;)

Like the Guns N' Roses of video games.

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Pro-PS3 editorial from last week:

Anti-Xbox 360 editorial from last week:

How are they biased against Sony?

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