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Yes, we should all get our news from Also, "bloggers," or journalists, get their news from the same source. They just translate what it means. PS Blog's "SOCOM FireTeam Bravo # Comes out Feb 2009! Yay!" was really "SOCOM FireTeam Bravo # Got Delayed" everywhere else.

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Or.... you could approve this one, which was first and includes important context like mentioning the words Xbox 360 (Apparently, on PS Blog, that system doesn't exist... also Car Drives You!).

Seriously, independent journalists who submit stuff first should get credit.

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Could be good.

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Played it at E3. It's exactly what you would expect (no big surprises, either good or bad.)

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trust us, get starcraft 2. you won't regret it!

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Really looking forward to next month with Mafia II. SCII should hold me over until then.

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Yes and no. You said "We." Gamers couldn't turn down the 3D dial (using the dial on the right side of the 3DS) and improve the graphics. It'd have to be something that the developer chooses and I'd imagine 3D wouldn't exist in the game regardless of your dial setting.

Hope that makes sense.

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PS3 has BETTER exclusives as of late.

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"Even the “Lone” Ranger was rarely without Tonto, so why does John Marston have to eat beans by the campfire with no one but his horse?"

Right on. I want the main campaign to have co-op integrated into the story.

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No way, Complex was always king with its "tower" hideouts and closet/vents where you could outwit your friends.

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I thought Warner Bros. was going to wuss out and back off the violence since the WB sometimes tries to portray a semi-Disney image. This is promising.

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More Sony bashing? I say it's good to leak GAME information, but not things like hardware prices. A game leak gets you hyped about it. Rumors about Natal's $150 price tag WITHOUT the fancy MTV presentation (not to mentioning knowing nothing about its games) just leaves us with one negative news item: "Wow that's double what I was expecting to pay for it." Am I right?

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Let me know what you think, because I had non-stop fun with this game.

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Wow. Sony's list looks more impressive than MS and Nintendo combined.

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Saw this game at E3 2008 where it was being touted at "the game you want to play between ME1 and 2." Funny cause it looked worse than ME1 and released after ME2 due to delays.

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Alpha Protocol looks weak. But I may try Backbreaker, cause I'm still looking for an NFL Blitz 20-03 replacement.

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Not which systems were being supported (the point of the news story)

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I hope it turns out better than the first. The review scores were unsettling and I really want a good Star Wars game to take me back to the days of N64's Shadows of the Empire. Now that was quality!

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It's about time devs grew out of the PS2 and didn't develop for the lowest common denominator.

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