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Right, why pay for testing when you can outsource?

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“Testing is hard work and can often be tedious,” Roper points out. “Someone who expects to just play video games all day will be disappointed. Someone who realizes that testing is a serious job, with high expectations, will be much more successful.”

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Or, it's the fact that I looked at Microsoft's American studio strategy in the final paragraph. Solution: Try reading.

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Eat Sleep Play is privately owned by Scott Campbell and David Jaffe, so therefore it's not on the list of Sony-owned American devs.

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The Streaming selection has been lacking. I feel like I've went through every major release and new ones slowly trickle in. I WANT the disc for that reason, but it's no longer worth $18 (with Blu-ray).

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Yeah, not sure why Team Bondi is resistant to PC game development.

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Because it's a good story. Most people weren't able to see what logging back onto PSN looked like or what was involved. This news story was of interest. Thus, topics of interest are news worthy.

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I think people have been as skeptical about PSN being back as Obama birth cert. Therefore, images are needed so that Donald Trump believes that PSN is back.

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Right, but it's easier to hit the F5 key than to always power on your PS3 and hit the X button. You're on the net on a PC right now, anyway.

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Wow, no one read the article. The perks WERE "make people feel safe with their credit card info" and "Sony should communicate" along with a free game. READ.

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Agreed. PSN needs a fail whale.

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@Blad3star It would be enough to crash the Network... oh wait.

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Don't see an icon on any US PlayStation layout. Do you?

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If only PSN weren't down...

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September 6, 2011...hopefully.

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Sony really seems to be pushing both the Move and its Sharp Shooter attachment. I'm still partial to the analog sticks. Is anyone a diehard PS Move user when it comes to FPS games?

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Maybe this deserves an update to detail even more of the responses from the experiment. Thought I got pretty specific, but I'll have to go a step further.

Although, I still think it's fair to say that hated the device along with the others *in this experiment*

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No... it's not. The reason the headline is written like that is because this is a gaming site. Therefore, it's listed first and the other are listed as ", other streaming devices."

Random example:
"Kaz Hirai, other technology execs talk about the future of their industries" would be how a headline would be written on a gaming site if the other execs were not gaming related.

Understand? If not, take some journalism courses :...

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Yes, they were technically inept, but a lot of the content and frustrating setup issue I agree with (and I'm well versed in this sort of technology). Amazon Video On Demand now showing HD content on TiVo HD, but grant HD access to content on PC and Mac is my biggest pet peeve at the moment. That's not something that makes them technically inept.

Plus, even with an HTPC, they wouldn't be able to access live or most on demand content that ...

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Surprised. I thought Sony would go compact with a phone, but it went all out with actual analog sticks (not nubs) and presented a true gamer's gaming portable. They went really took the phrase "go big or go home" to heart.

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