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I took these photos. The controller definitely looks to be sized just right and, better yet, feels like butter!

I can also report that the light bar also wasn't obtrusive.

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Looks like GameStop is out of stock, too

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Agreed. I would certainly get one to pass the time if I wasn't saving up for One/PS4.

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What a difference 8 years makes.

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To everyone who thinks that Microsoft can't deny it because Xbox 720 is unannounced.

How about: "Microsoft is not in the business of making always-online consoles."

There. You haven't announced Xbox 720, but put the terrible rumor to rest. DONE. Only MS hasn't done it.

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Where was it debunked. I checked. You're wrong.

Please provide a link, and I'll believe that you're not wrong (which you are!)

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Tell that to Diablo 3 owners. Just sayin'. I hate it.

Activision Blizzard made it a requirement, as did EA for SimCity. It's the trend, sadly :(

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If it's something that is going to hurt MS's image -- there are tons of tweets of self-described Xbox fans saying that they're willing to "jump ship" -- why wait on THIS one?

Can MS withstand 7 more weeks of doubt?

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Why doesn't Microsoft deny it, then?! It can't afford bad press until the May 21 launch event!

Makes me think it's true for games, too.

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@R6ex Nvidia is developing Project Shield, a handheld system that plays all Steam and PC games through local WiFi (when you have a GeForce card).

I got to play it - it's pretty nifty, and it can be streamed back out to the television.

So imagine having a GeForce card-equipped PC with all of your Steam games in a computer or bedroom, using the handheld controller on the balcony or outside, or, heck the toilet and when you're on the in the mood for a re...

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Ditto. And always better when developed natively with a console controller (I grew up with GoldenEye 64).

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Right on. I think PS4 will be fine this generation, but in the future, the middle might fall out (leaving high-end machines for the "core" and cellphone games for casual).

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Maybe, just maybe as the casual takes over, hardcore will migrate to machines that tailor to that experience (like PC gaming and GPUs like the Titan).

It's getting harder and harder for console game companies to eek out a profit with triple-A console games.

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@SilentNegotiator Nvidia kind of rips on Xbox 720, too, so I don't know how likely it is that they will design Microsoft's next GPU.

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Downtime extended a FOURTH time now. Still no actual ETA!

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I'm a big fan of Big Buck Hunter Pro on the Wii, so this should be interesting.

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Moby-Royale, this was really intended for PoSTedUP. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Ran out of reasons :-)

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Just because year-old-plus supposed documents call it one thing doesn't make it a fact or even more likely.

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Haha, great comment!!

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