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The Joy of Replying
hey, Bob Ross was the man. He counts. Afterall, he taught us to paint happy little bushes. Don't tell anyone, though. #8.1
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I'll tell you how you can trust Gaming Target...
GT5 Prologue wasn't announced in June. inFamous wasn't announced in June. The online-only SOCOM didn't count in this JUNE list due to being a download-only game (this may be considered in future lists). Anyway, thanks for complaining about games that weren't announced before the article's published date. #9.6
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Using my comment last to say...
+1 bubble cause you didn't say anything wrong before IMO. #48.1
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It has crudely drawn boxing trunks on the boxarts.
Or, PerezBros, it could be a fun to read feature that some people are taking too seriously. It's supposed to be about highlighting the pros and cons of their beta performances in an effort to inspire a trend of more *and better* public betas..

..But, no, you're right, it's only to get my "site meter" up, whatever the freak that is.

V---commenting on that: THANK YOU. I spent a lot of time with both and hope it'll lead to more wide open betas as well as impro... #47.1
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2 things...
Two address two things:

1. Halo 3 and Warhawk are different in being FPS/3rd person, but they are both repsawn shooters with vehicles, stationary guns, sniping etc. When you respawn, you get the same feeling of wanting to exact revenge and when you're on a killing spree, you get the same frenzied feeling as you try to stay alive without dying and ending your streak. If you played both, you'd realize they're a lot like, too.

2. I wanted to address which beta prese... #20
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+1 bubble to TruthHurts for actually reading the article. #11.2
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Both great sandbox games
Warhawk is just a flight sim? Shows you haven't played it. Not only can you go on foot, in a tank, in a jeep, and in a gun turret, those are an integral parts of the game. Halo 3 and Warhawk are both multiplayer addictions, simple and true and that's why I put this up there. #3.1
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Sweet headset
Thank you for the link. I didn't read that page because I saw that there was no boxart and I figured they had nothing on it. A picture of the model is at http://www.blueunplugged.co... Looks real nice. #4
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Jabra headset? Do they know it's that one for sure? Is there a link to a picture of it or anything? #3.1
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True, but...
It's true that the ground gameplay isn't as good as Resistance, but you're taking a whole game (Resistance) and comparing it to sliver of a game (Warhawk). It's never ground units-only, so you have to factors tanks, jeeps and Warhawks at the same time and that's why it's better: it's dynamic. #1.4
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Without a doubt
Without a doubt, I find it to be better than Resistance's multiplayer, so it may be the best game. It's just without a single player mode.

Does the lack of single-player put you off, though? #1.1
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Good question
You make a good point, but I don't think that the PS3 content would make the Blu-Ray movie unplayable in a normal standalone BR unit. If this machine costs $600 and BR standalones a little less, I'd expect, nay, I'd demand it to be able to decipher the movie content and play on any unit. #23.3
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The 1st game
From what I played, Sonic Rivals 1 wasn't terrible, so an improved sequel should be good. Whereas those 47/48 crap games focused on adventure, Rivals focuses on high-speed racing gameplay, which is what a Sonic game SHOULD focus on. #3
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Re: Mario is going to be banned because of the way it portrays itallians
No, you're going to be banned for the way you spelt Italians :P #2.1
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Agreed with everything you said. It doesn't hurt to grow my Blu-Ray library; $10 for an HD movie isn't bad. I don't think that the money is worth the "extras" listed for the 360 version. Why can't they just include these things in a "bonus features" submenu and price it normally? #19.1
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I Concur
Okay, I concur, The Bridges of Madison County and movies like that do not apply, but Hard Boiled sounds like an action-intense film worth seeing in BR. I'd pass on the chance to see it on DVD, but ANYTHING >LIKE THIS< is worth seeings these days when it comes to high-def movies. #14.2
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I'm not very interested in seeing the movie, but knowing that the PS3 version has it for the SAME special edition price makes me want to buy that version instead. I wouldn't care as much if it was DVD quality, but I like seeing high-definition ANYTHING these days when it comes to movies.

Agreed? #14
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A good 5-page feature that no one other came close to covering as well. Hope it gets a lot of attention. #1
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GTA for Wii
It *could* happen. Look how far Rockstar has gone to bring Wii Manhunt and Take Two has gone to pledge "complete focus" on Nintendo hardware. It's not out of the question that they would bring GTA, their leading franchise, to Wii if you look at that. It's still a crazy prediction and appropriately in that category. #19.1
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Actually, the article is pretty right
To shoot down your claim that there's no Sly 4, the game was confirmed for PS3 and another for PSP at http://www.gamingtarget.com... <--confirmed

Also, look at reply 16.1. I corrected Firewire who similiarly didn't realize CoD2 (Xbox 360) and CoD2 (PS2, Xbox, GC) are different games. He even edited his comment with "SwiderMan: Thanx!" to thank me for pointing out... #1.2
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