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If there's anything a Wii needs....
...It's a lightsaber game. This'll sell. #1
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In checking out these updates, Brawl looks so much more involving than the previous two SSBs. Wish they had ti at E3. #2
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It's definitely GOOD news because it discounts each version considerably. But it's not earth-shattering, like something NEW. #1.1
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Video Games may've had something to do with it
Maybe he played 18-Wheel Trucker by Sega ;) #7.1
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Beta = Lame
I felt like the beta was lame enough to bring me out of that countdown hype mood. So hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised? #2
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Agreed 110%
I don't think anyone can/should disagree with that. PS2's online game interface was terrible comapred to PSN. Remember SOCOM? Sony should've had something like Xbox Live launched back then or at least started it shortly after. Nothing was ever integrated like it is now. #18.1
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Yeah, but even adding in classic games....
Adding in classic reissued games for XBLA and PSN means that XBLA arcade creams PSN even more. So while it may cut out "40%" of the downloadable games for PSN, the author decided against charting the reissued downloadable titles because the gap was even bigger between the two systems. #16.1
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@ beast - be sure to read the article
It's based on NEW games, not reissued console classics....

So, I'm pretty sure Mortal Kombat II released before. Same with the PS1 games.

Edit: Sure, I did. By some one who can't read, lebaneseprincess1. #6.4
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How's it not fair? It's fair! Here's why....
When Sony's Head marketing guy says "Whereas our competition takes a bunch of old content and catalogs content from previous generations and offers that in a download fashion, our development organization are making games specifically for PS3."

Okay, so Sony's making original PS3 games and slamming the competition for reissuing old games. But the graph at the bottom of the article clearly shows that that's a Sony lie. IMO, good article. #1.3
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20 Really?
Really? Cause which ones? I actually think they are missing a million PS3 exclusives. No, scratch that, wait, a BILLION PS3 exclusives. Yeah, that's it, I can make up numbers too, just like Husso.

Okay, I LOVE how Husso says Gaming Target is mising 20 PS3 exclusives on its list. Wow, 20. What a ROUND, yet exact number (cause he *clearly* did his research) and lists them all.

Oh, wait, he lists none of his to back up his claim. Seriously, think about these things... #6.1
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Warhawk vs. Heavenly Sword
Yes, for now, but I wasn't too impressed with Heavenly Sword when I played it at E3 this year. God of War 2 came out earlier this year and HS is too similar, too soon for me. Maybe it'll blow me away when I get my final copy.

Warhawk is different; it's addictive. I'd definitely pick it up before Heavenly Sword....

I'll reserve my final HS judgement when it arrives. Warhawk is definitely tough competition, though. Lair, which JUST arrive, on the other hand..... ;) #25.1
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Gaming Target
first off really bad english ---> This was corrected in the final review at Gaming Target. I copied and pasted the pre-edit draft for N4G (too soon). Sorry about that.

xbox live games on the 360 ----> It's really drawing a comparison of downloadable games. Despite that fact that Warhawk is under 800MB, it doesn't feel like your average XBLA or PSN download (which is why it has a $40 price tag). That's what "full" means.

To the guy below: Again, Th... #13.1
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You don't like on foot?
I find that to be one of the best parts. I feel like I can really mess up people's game witht he rocket launcher as a small little guy and make them say (I assume) "where did he come from???"

Great game you don't find on Xbox Live... #7.1
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I believe it's turned off on ranked games. See the game stats to the right hand side on the server menu and press down on your analog stick to scroll through the game stats. Far down on the list is a the word Splitscreen with a checkbox next to it. If it's not checked, then no splitscreen.

If it's checked, turn on the controller and simply press the start button. Then you're in (or you're friend is in, to be more accurate) #2.2
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It's a must buy for PS3 owners...
For non-PS3 owners, as long as you like BF miltiplayer and don't mind the lack of campaign mode, it's a great first game for the system. The two other titles I'd suggest are MotorStorm and Resistance.

But, for me, this game beats all because it finally brings about the Xbox Live experience PS2/PS3 gamers who've been waiting forever for an integrated online game full of "achievements."

Oh and there's split-screen for up to four players (even online), too. #2
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N64 days
Did anyone else enjoy the N64 SP games? The Colorado fog was *really* thick in those Acclaim-published games, but they were rent-worthy time-wasters considering the lack of 64 titles. But everyone bashes those games... am I the only one that liked them? #4
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Good Read
Well written. #4
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Played it
One of the best PS3 games I've played yet (if not THE best). #1
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Thanks TheMART
Thanks for supporting quality writing that isn't just from the mainstream. #1.1
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Tommy Tubetop
Does anyone have Jenny's number ;)? #1
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