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The more known, cross-platform games that come to the Switch, the better sales will be (read: variety of games). And the high the sales/user counts are, the more that devs will want to make games for it. This matters!

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I shall go to this.

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One of my rare pre-orders!

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I have to wait for PS4 version, but happily, it's only a day wait. :)

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@LOGICWINS That's usually a "buy it" price, BTW. Not that it makes it any cheaper, but technically you could re-watch it with more than 6 people and REALLY get your $'s worth. Right?

@nicksetzer1 That's why it's an opinion piece. My opinion.

@kenmid I'm assuming consumers will eventually buy PS4 or Xbox One, so if you're saying this won't sway them, I'm saying, it's one of many reasons to get them over to the PS4 ...

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Good point. I wonder if the hackers will come out with a statement gloating about their "success" and cease leaks/threats.

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Oh, and to follow that up, it's a win if to creates a cascading effect in which Sony can do this with movies. The Heist example Comcast wanted to test could've opened the floodgates, but it never saw the light of day.

The Interview could be that movie that starts it all! I'd love to watch new releases for $60 with a bunch of friends (to defray the cost) instead of having to go to a theater sometimes (especially in winter). That cost should come down too eventuall...

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It's just one of the many, many reasons to own it over the Xbox One, in the eyes of everyday consumers. So I still think it's a win.

But thanks for saying you get my argument. That matters. :)

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Someone - at the bottom of the article page - had the problem and this helped fix it. So I gave the author my 2/10 approval. If it helps people enjoy games, I'm all for it.

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That's the way it *should* work in these cases. Nice job, Sony.

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Demand outstripped supply. Maybe they should've seen that coming?

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They (mainly talking about parents) may just buy the console they can stick them (their family/kids) on the Xbox One side for the next few years.

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Now if only the PS4 could bounce back within the next few days.

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The CoD hate is strong with this one. Geez.

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PS3 was backward compatible on models sold from 2006 to 2008. However, Sony axed it in 2008

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@bu7asan You're right. Corrected in the story text. Thanks for the tip.

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@Zeee. Sony hasn't said either way yet and probably doesn't want to seeing how even games will Killzone are going to use it. They will probably want to push it until they need to respond to the will of gamers (see: Microsoft last week) in a firmware update 3 months in.

I'll check on official confirmation in a story update for you, though.

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After playing with both, the PS4 had vast improvements. I need more time with them, but while I would've given Xbox 360 a slight edge (for most games) last gen, I may give PS4 the edge for next-gen titles.

The reason is the contoured handles (seen in the last photo comparison). Big difference. Doesn't feel like a toy.

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I'm updating it in real-time too just to make sure.

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I played with both (meaning One and PS4. I saw little difference other than I thought Sony did more improvements with DS4.

They're pretty even now, as far as I'm concerned.

Also: It's all about comfort.

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