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Not just that, but ps4 and nint also have some seriously crazy games this year, like potential GOTY candidates, unlike what microsoft has announced so far. No one can deny that.

Didn't read the article, just the headline, but him saying that leaves me to believe they're going to do the same mistake of having all their actual, AAA, "great" games, towards the last quarter of the year instead of spreading it out, probably to coincide with the relase of scorp...

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it's great, just bought i last week. Great, only if you enjoy that type of game however, if you want a story game it's pretty mediocre in that regard, but the gameplay is fantastic.

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Why can't it be both? Why can't we have a "all in one package" system with Nintendo? That's an idiotic excuse to not care about online. "Go buy our competitors console instead" or "if they want good online infrastructure for multiplayers games, they should just get an xbox", whoever said that at the meeting table discussing what the NX would be and would do would have been fired.

Sticking to their usual formula is not what they nee...

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"We Haven't Shown Everything Yet"

Well yah...that's part of the problem...That trailer should have been shown months ago. Staying quite after showing us what basically is just some of the leaks in video form doesn't equate to what we actually want to know, and that is the battery and price. Is the sharing function/button (if it exist) an important feature? What's the online network like? What's the launch line up? etc etc.


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Consistent diversity. Micro tried to do some of that this gen, with sunset and recore, but ultimately look at those game sales and it becomes apparent, people buying xbox are not that interested in those games, which will effect what future games they get on board. Ori was a success though, and they still have upcoming games that will further add diversity.

BUT, most if not all these games wouldn't appeal to the core japanese crowd however, they're either too weste...

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I mean, they ARE capable of 60fps, so Sony/micro don't have to take any notes at all. Devs pick and choose their resolution/framerate, and unless nintendo mandates you need the game to be 1080 60fps, most 3rd parties will continue being 30. Most nintendo games are not graphic extensive, so I would hope the next mario or smash is 60 fps, and I have my doubts about Zelda running at 60 fps considering the demo's had fps drops.

Never believe in promises from these comp...

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It's a fine comment I think, it's just it was LITERALLY posted MINUTES after Sony's press conference, if it wasn't an attack I call bullshit. Xbox had nothing that day, it was all about playstation and apple that day, and when news of pro not having blu ray drive was revealed, they pounced like a leopard who hasn't ate in 2 weeks, way more than a coincidence.

It was console wars bullshit, which is fine Phil, but stop acting like a Saint and making excus...

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look literally anywhere. It's worse (better?) in other areas outside of US. Like this one for last week:

Console just released, yet they're selling many below $300 usd WITH a game

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title says this fall. We're in October a not a goddamn peep about NX from Nintendo, it won't be released until next year, aka, no answer to sony/xbox THIS FALL.

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huh, the same can be said for the earlier 2/3'rds of the year where micro had shit all for game releases. Holidays aren't the be all end all for exclusives, which has been proven in the past. That said they have great games this holiday, but don't let it get to your head, ALL those games you mentioned can be played on PC, and xbox players had little to do prior to this month. This holiday, like EVERY holiday, will be dominated by 3rd parties, and that will take up most people'...

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nah, so long as the game is decently good I'll be content. However much it sells isn't a concern as I know we'll never get a sequel so it does not matter. If it does bad then maybe that will show the ico team (whatever jap team is working on this) to not take 10 years to make a game.

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yah, certainly a great holiday for them. In fact this may be the best holiday for Microsoft since launch.

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tbh, the comparison is sad. NX would be an entirely new device with games made specifically for it, new games unplayable on other consoles, it's competing against ps4/xb1, as a WHOLE, not only some moderately upgraded consoles which play the exact same games as their prior forms.

I think it would be pathetic if NX didn't outsell both pro and scorpio by a HUGE amount. We're talking potentially nintendo's last console/handheld! It doing on par would be absolut...

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Sorry but idk why people bring up these games like it means shit. Sonic on nintendo console? WOW, never thought I'd see the day... Ubisoft has always been friendly with nintendo systems, from rayman to raving rabbits and obviously just dance. Dragon quest, japanese game, ok, same with Koei making mostly japanese games. They are not big in the west.

None of the western big cheese's have confirmed actual big bombs for nx, and simply having a game in the launch window/...

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yah, if they're not going to have MAJORITY of 3rd parties en-masse making games on this thing, it's doomed to the same old audience (unless it does something radically different hardware wise). Might still jump in if it's below $250 or so, no way I'd spend $300+ for any nintendo console, ever. Even $250 for a handheld is pushing it, but hey, might still have free online for the few games I want to play online.

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Can't be number #1 if monster hunter still ain't on consoles in the west...js What's the point of aiming to be number #1 if one of you're best franchises is sanctioned off to a handheld even in 2016...

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yeah, there should be a compromise between both, not a "do it our way or we'll have to tell the fans it ain't happening". Still, I find these sort of announcements stupid, if you say the game is going to feature mods, please work out the background talk before saying "hey we'll have mods coming your way, someday" only for almost a year later to say "oh, well, things didn't work out, other guy is the bad guy, sorry".

Good on them...

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Shame it's so late, and shame it comes out on perhaps the biggest month of next year (in terms of Playstation). I thought the amount of content they put out on the beta would mean a shorter release date, oh well, still hyped! New gameplay trailer would be nice to see out of tgs.

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I MEAN, they just had a direct which pretty much had 99% 3ds games right? I'm thinking they are trying to milk every single penny from that hardware before announcing this (handheld). I'll bet they reveal it in January, and release in march, same "2 months before release" thing Sony did. The only benefit in spring that I see for them is income taxes usually being collected during that time in the states, but that leave Sony to gobble up all console sales this holiday 2016.

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Welcome to most multiplayer games in gen 8! Where if you're not spending over $100 you'll never keep up with the rest of the pack~

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