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Supply and demand, pretty sure they've ran out of units available for pre-orders. I think they realized there's not much point marketing further right now, best let the ones who bought it (and general media outlets) do the lion share of the marketing for them, until they get more units available to really push the pedal to the metal again. The Wii was choked on pre-orders for pretty much its entire 1st year and then some, no matter how much you market it, you're not selling anymor...

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All that was left was HUSSKKK of corn scattered on the ground!

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Scared? No. The Scorpio selling feature is simply more power, for 4k, and has cautious tells of only benefiting 4k tv users. More power comes with a higher price tag as well, and, well, can't say how well another "$599 US dollars" would do at a time like this. That said, it's a smart move by Microsoft as it needed it, however, I predict it will not change their outcome of Sony owning majority of peoples attention. I hate to mention that most xbox games being on PC statement ...

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yah, "more content" for NX just reads "content we held back from the Wii U at the last minute since it was dead in the water"

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This is what happens when your game doesn't get the backing of a major company or your previous game does shit both in reception and sales. (or in this case, both) This should really open the eyes for many of how hard it is to make a "AAA" game in this industry, or sustain making them. Maybe this is a cash cow to recoup same money/losses, but a disappointment nonetheless.

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So microsoft gets all the good vibes and threads with this "upgraded" xbox, actual discussions on good possibilities, but Sony gets shat on constantly for its neo? literally every thread I see doom and gloom about??

Ok n4g.

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If the developers don't want to to keep their vision or serve a crowd they specifically targeted, they don't have to. The industry seriously suffers from catering to whiners or casuals.

Should From include Microtransactions to help players get a boost of souls so they can get weapons or upgrade them easily JUST BECAUSE other games have such features? Should they make the next game free to play just because they want to reach every potential fan as possible? Should the...

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Exactly, its difficulty/learning curve is part of its charm, take that away and your left with a lesser game. There's plenty of other easier rpg's out there for people to play if they can't handle holding a shield and dodging.

Besides, the games do extremely well perception and sales wise. Why should they change things just so people who are bad at video games get what they want when the game is meant to reward players who can overcome the original difficulty? I&#...

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You forgot another "consoles are doomed!" rant/questionnaire/comment onslaught :)

Before when the nx fake controller was leaked people claimed nintendo was done for, now all of a sudden a more powerful Ps4 is rumored as a half step between next gen and people are grasping for the nx as consoles last saving grace. Internet is funny, sure sign of E3 hunger for information/reveals.

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It's a valid cause for concern, not the "fuck sony" or "I'm switching to PC" "Only nx can save us now" "dick move sony" bullshit overreactions I've seen plagued across all the big forums.

There is nothing official announced, they, supposedly have said they're not even sure what price point to go with since they're pending on the cpu. The guy who told the rumor/leak is also not 100% sure if they're focusing on Ps...

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uhh wasn't it microsoft the one that started the whole "upgraded console rumor"?? I'm pretty sure they were first with comments by phil spencer. People even asked the question "what if sony did it?"

All of a sudden rumors flare up about ps4.5 and it gets nothing but negative articles non-stop compared to the reasonable discussion in seeing the potential of a 1 time upgraded console mid-gen. We saw that consoles struggled early on, and still are at ...

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Selling most, if not all of your planned stock for the launch (usually indicative to being out of stock often). Sales are what's important so ifthey have trouble keeping up with orders then that's a good sign for a good launch/product.

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1st time hearing about the motion controls, heard nothing but praise or the usual, "they work fine", so seems suspect.

You have to remember the controllers are like half a decade old and are cheap as shit to buy, you can still judge them as they are, but again never heard anyone complain about the motion controls. Unless your someone who works with high tech motion devices thus making comparisons or your expectations of half a decade old motion controls are out of w...

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Nice! Which means in a year or so we definitely can expect a price drop so more people can get in on VR goodness!

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Redesigns are the worst way to bring back old characters, and is a sign which most franchises from the past people loved that were brought back died for good. Crash and spyro were victims of it, Boom Sonic might be too depending on your taste, and now Conker. It's like the people who do these things have no conception of decent character design.

Mario has remained largely the same since its original design and look how that fairs, its doing great still as a mascot. No one...

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ehhh just because she looks young shouldn't = your a pedophile, she's not 3-4ft or some shit. Get in reality, petite cute girls exist in real life that are over 18, video game characters shouldn't be exempt for having someone like that in their game.

Plus not all females are well endowed 5'6" mature looking women. Body wise I'd say she's just about average/normal for most skinny REAL females. I think they nailed the age 18 look, which is, YOUNG a...

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...Only one thing to say...VR!!!! Thanks for existing!

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If they had an upgrade/trade-in option, sure, I can see spending $400 on a new console at launch, then an extra $100-200 2-4 years down the road to get a nice upgraded one. The cycles would be similar to last gen, 7 years or so, but half way you would upgrade for a lesser price than say launching a new console every 5-6 years.

The problem is just that its simply a power solution, you merely get more power, I can't imagine them re-designing key features (u.i, controller fe...

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