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Well first off AAA is a dying breed. These games are costing way too much to make frequently unless your already one of the top multiplatform dogs (ubisoft/EA/Acti) and even then there's massive risk involved for new IP's. Last gen we saw so many game companies close or IP's trashed because of AAA and how you had to be AAA to survive and if your game(s) bombed you tanked with them.

Expect less AAA coming into the future, which is why there's such a influx of &... #31
Well they said "mysterious" in the title so I'd guess they're right with their choice. Horizon isn't mysterious I don't think since we got gameplay and know more or less the objective in the game.

But Horizon looks dope, lots to get excited about. Maybe Capcom will bring a brand new flagship MH title to PS4 if the sales of Horizon do good, which is almost a guarantee based off all the info coming out about it. #15.2
Exactly. Pretty much the only difference between bloodstained and this, is that Sony showed Shenmue on their stage. That's all.

If people really want to be anal about the whole deal, just think of it as Shenmue being a PS4 exclusive, and the kickstarter is to get a PC port, as well as cheaper price for the game on both systems. I'd bet is Sony did something similar with bloodborne, that they will port it over to PC if they see demand, people will fund it. Petitions o... #1.5.2
Because Sony is and should be focused on getting content onto their new device. No one is begging for another Killzone, might as well make games for something that's gonna need it out of the gate to gain attention. #1.1.5

Oh wait... #10.1
Both had great conferences. Micro had the benefit of having a shorter conference thus things seemed tight, and punched one after the other. But nothing really spectacular or unexpected came out from them. The usual xbox hitters, but nothing out of that. Rare's game looked neat but I think a Banjo comeback would have been a big swing. Recore looked good, but a cgi trailer doesn't say much. their main appeal was their games come out this year, which matters.

Sony had al... #35
Well I don't think showing the controller would even be considered some "big surprise". I think the real surprise is how they will demo it and how it functions with Morphues, which still could be an awesome showing if they designed it right. #3.2
I'll check it out on Steam. #10
Will happen whenever Capcom realizes that maybe, just maybe, a full endeavor multi console, simultaneous release with japan, monster hunter could actually sell well. BB sold well on just PS4 and in a way, putting story and pvp aside, is basically MH with faster combat.

I have no doubt MH would do as good or even better, considering it's lighter in hearth thus appealing to more younger crowds and generally is easier to progress up until G-rank then souls games. Just need... #6.1
Really wish they made a remaster of it on current consoles and PC. Would be glorious. Online looks okay but its gonna lack that magic DD and Bitterblack had, I anticipate. #1.2.1
It really has almost become a staple, and fills a much needed role in Nintendo's library, that role of attracting more of the hardcore audience who don't just play fighting games like smash.

Besides, its the only relevant option atm in Japan since they have 3-4 choices, PS4, Wii U, 3DS, and Vita. 1 is selling and has sold x times more then all of those systems, and that's 3DS. Maybe NX will be an option in the future if Nintendo strikes it big with that. PS4 doesn... #4.1.1
Doesn't make sense when consoles are pretty much irrelevant in japan. 3DS is the only one that's holding up there and even its sales are starting to decrease.

I'm sure they can do a couple more million on this new MH but it's silly to think they'll try anything else. #1.1
Not exciting news tbh, this and "1st party exclusives being sparse this year" ARE going to slow down your tempo.

Something to win over people who already own a xbone or capable PC or Ninty fans would be nice, no price cut and sparse exclusives is not helping that cause. Here's hoping for a killer bundle if anything. #7
Wasn't much of a handheld guy, much less a avid yugioh player, so can't comment on those.

But considering the article mentions ps4/xbone only, it's fair to compare strictly dedicated console releases. #21.1.1
Eh, will have to wait and see. The games have never been great or memorable aside from some of the Ps2 ones and maybe Forbidden Memories. Hopefully they don't nickel and dime like the phone games do, since they're apparently primarily a mobile developer now.

That includes not taking away cards you unlocked already just to make packs you have to buy with real money even if you already unlocked them to use them again(whatever their last game on ps3 was, they did that,... #21
Amazing changes. Rarely has a dev done so well with tweaking the game after where almost every change is a step in the right direction. Game just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait soon enough for DLC to enjoy it even more! #2
Kind cheesey horror, and the animations seem really bad (running animation specifically, looks like he's walking speed but waving his arms crazy with deep breathing, like those old people who forcefully move their arms when walking as a work out). Visually, yah its pretty, but mostly thanks to UE4.

Let's see if they can actually make a good game out of it and not just a game that pitches all its hopes on graphics. #1
Don't listen to others. Wait it out, get it cheaper. Game is only gonna get better and its not like the online will be dead by time you buy it.

Unless you have nothing to play and want to play an actual good game. #2.3
RE4 NEEDS an absolute, 100% effort, from ground up remaster. Not that half assed crap they released for $20 as digital which looked as bad as gamecube/ps2 graphics just upres'd making it look even uglier.

1080, 60fps, with shiny coat of paint would look amazing. Same for Dogma, with all bonus content for both and maybe even some new outfits/skins/weapons for added amazingness. #25
Well just because it's on PS4 doesn't mean the graphics are gonna be good or on par with other games on the same system. I imagine this was a small project by the developers, if not small purposely then small forcefully due to budgets/staff/time.

Expecting some amazing graphics for a godzilla game of all games is exactly the kind of poisoning AAA has brought to the industry. Where even a game like this or indie gets the "that doesn't look like a ps4 game!&quo... #2.2
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