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No more hilarious then Oddworld Stranger's Wrath HD that got released for Ps3. Cel damage at least got released on cube and ps2 down the line, so a HD remake should not be hilarious...

I for one am excited as I enjoyed the game on the Gamecube. Online multiplayer component could be a blast, especially if you can also play online and local co-op at the same time. #1.2
I wouldn't mind a monthly fee if it didn't seem as steep as $12.99 a month + the $30-40 buy in. That's just ridiculous and straight up saying "We don't want your money!". That's $105 in 6 months (not expensive for seemingly 100's of hours of gameplay, however it's not gonna translate well to younger audiences or those in financial problems)

Yes I understand it's a high quality MMO, but why not charge just $12.99 a month and get rid of... #3.2
PS4+PC+3DSXL suffices better for me ;) #3.1.1
LOL r serious guys? 5 disagrees in 23 min? I was being sarcastic and quoting Major Nelson -_-

N4G needs to lighten up a bit. #8.1.3
"Have you SEEN TitanFall?

nuff said. conversation over." #8.1
Magic 2014 here I come! :3 #7
Which makes you wonder why there aren't many games that try to mimic it (in recent memory) despite the flood of sci-fi or military shooters we get year in and year out. #23
And yet people still are getting upset. Did this seriously need a confirmation? The trailer they showed literally said "Online Open World RPG" :l

also lol at the people bringing up DRM. #9.1
Xbone itself might be in a better position than it was last week, but Microsoft's image is still badly damaged. Sony and Ps4 have the better image, and the cheaper and better spec'd console.

Microsoft NEED to do some serious damage control over the next few months by giving hard facts on why people should get an Xbone. Simply saying childish statements like "Have you seen Titanfall? Nuff said. Conversation over" or vague statements like "the power of th... #16
Sony has only screwed up this gen (next gen isn't here till months from now), they hit all the right notes previous gens, and despite screwing up this gen they still try to make it up (look at the PS3 now compared to 4-5 years ago).

What they're doing with the PS4 simply reminds me of that spark they had with PS1/PS2. #1.1.4
I actually think the same, in fact I think they WERE gonna show more games but held back due to MS's Price point and not changing DRM during their conference. They realized they didn't need the secret games to win E3 so changed their plans.

Because they said they had 20 games to be released before the end of this year on Ps4, and yet they only showed under 10. #2.1.1
What made them change was Sony grabbing them by the nuts in pre-order sales and positive publicity, not the fans.

We already spoke out after the Xbox reveal, Micro had their chance to change before E3, yet they ignored it because they were so certain that the fans would succumb to them after they've shown the games, but they still didn't and they were forced to pull the plug on their "great future" involving forced DRM. Now they try to pass it off as if our... #146
Kojima must be plotting all this to screw with our heads, because this sounds like a plot twist that would happen in a metal gear game :x #4.4
PS4...the PS2 reborn! Let your reign bring many years of games and happiness for gamers. #14
This is what I thought. Surprised so many(on other forums/youtube) came to the conclusion of "oh look another zombie game yawn"

...like...WTF? #1.6.1
Probably why it's taking so damn long. I imagine they had a lot of it done already on Ps3, but got stopped mid-way to transfer to PS4, which means they probably just re-invented the game due to the more powerful tech.

Like as in, new gameplay/mechanics/bigger maps/new areas, not just better gfx/faster loading times. Which doubled the length of production. #2.2
Disappointing...but at $399 and no DRM I'll...#dealwithit #100
Not even factoring DRM/no rental/used games ON TOP of presumably Gold Membership.

Sony is pretty much guaranteed a win (more successful launch) if they announce no DRM, and below $499. #3.5
That and Deep Down are pretty much all I would want atm. I'm craving for next gen RPG's 'o' #19.1
Whether you "Nintendo fans" care or not isn't really the issue.

Losing EA DOES NOT bode well for the Wii U. At this point the Wii U will suffer the same fate as the Gamecube, even with the upcoming big "N" games. Which isn't good for Nintendo. #8.1.5
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