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RE4 NEEDS an absolute, 100% effort, from ground up remaster. Not that half assed crap they released for $20 as digital which looked as bad as gamecube/ps2 graphics just upres'd making it look even uglier.

1080, 60fps, with shiny coat of paint would look amazing. Same for Dogma, with all bonus content for both and maybe even some new outfits/skins/weapons for added amazingness. #25
Well just because it's on PS4 doesn't mean the graphics are gonna be good or on par with other games on the same system. I imagine this was a small project by the developers, if not small purposely then small forcefully due to budgets/staff/time.

Expecting some amazing graphics for a godzilla game of all games is exactly the kind of poisoning AAA has brought to the industry. Where even a game like this or indie gets the "that doesn't look like a ps4 game!&quo... #2.2
Done in the console space perhaps, apparently they're all 4 mobiles gamez, where people are "willing" to buy extra content, pay to play, microtransactions, and where developers don't get any attention or recognition for their work and no games even come close to the complexity or feels MGS has delivered. #1.1.1
It's mostly creepy when they have young looking girls involved, which is about 90% of the time. But people should really accept that by now given Anime style makes everyone look younger then they're actually made to be.

Also that kind of stuff really is common place in Japan, just look at most of the Anime, they'll have scenes just like they do in these "creepy" games, if not more awkward/ecchi since most are usually high school students (underage), all... #2.1.1
That's too bad, they made a great character, it's a shame they couldn't make a game to capture more players or appeal to a wider audience.

Game industry is risky business if you can't sell your games, or budget/manage them properly internally. #2
I thought you could get 2 of those blood stones per ng? #1.1
"will cost 9,990 yen"

Ha! I love digimon a lot but I'll think I'll pass on that price. I know they're catering to old fans who have since grown up and can afford such a product but it kind of cuts off most potential new fans (kids/teens) from likely getting this if it were I dunno, $40. And I'm pretty sure the franchise could use every bit of new audience to get it back into action. #3
"Why release something that was announced over something that we've been waiting on for about 2 years"

I'm sure Dogma's online was in development or at least thought of during the same time they released the 1st trailer for Deep Down. Online's a safe bet, the other is a risk and clearly a concept as the name itself was even considered a working title (Deep Down). So now they've decided lets get dogma out first.

If you ask me thou... #4.1.1
Yah...lot of those themes look like garbage they told their artist to paint real quick. Skull eye? gnarly wolf? cyber wolf??? WTF how random.

The dynamic space ones are nice however. Hope they make a bloodborne dynamic theme when it comes out! #18
You do know this game is created by a japanese dev that's is suppose to appeal to the japanese market right? I hope you realize that and that not every game which is made for morpheous or PS4,whether pre-luanch or post launch, is made for the western audience. Comparing this JAPANESE game to Project Cars and Star citizen?? Cmon now #1.2
At 1st sight I thought the original trailer was amazingly done, and we'd finally get our D&D dungeon crawler of the modern era, to which sadly was let down by some strange, and very japanese f2p game with fantasy aspects.

The graphics aren't even the problem, I guarantee if this game was made to look more in line like I mentioned, at full price, people would be waayyy more hyped about it then they're clearly not now. #10
Dat short term memory #1.3.1
Pokken fighters? #11
Those designs look worse then ones seen on Deviant art, yeesh.

I do agree that the Pokemon formula should be done more, surely Nintendo/Gamefreak can't be the only ones to make a popular monster rpg since the beginning of the Gameboy till now and in the future... #18
I didn't even realize they were going to make you pay for the service, on top of paying for the actual rentals(or am I mistaken?). Smh, PS+ subscribers should get access to the service for free. #14
I can see this being their motive. But I see a lot of people under pricing as well just to be as cheap as possible, when in reality Sony will only, at best, meet expectations half way.

The main problem I see is the varying prices. What they need to do is set a cap price for the highest prices a developer can price their game at, and those should at least be fair (No, not $5 for 4 freaking hours, try $2.99 instead, or $1.99. $7 for 7 days, etc), with cheaper, less popular game... #3.3.1
They're testing prices, anyone can see how ridiculous the options are and how stupidly the 4 hour vs 7 days vs 30 days is. Furthermore, they're a business, so naturally they'd start off with the highest prices, and will change(lower prices) according to feedback since I'm sure they rather people use the service with fair prices, then no one at all with the current model, same goes for 3rd party.

But lol at "Sony's Doomed because their optional rental... #22
Good for xbox, and hope they succeed, but when Ps4 and WiiU do less than 10k units each on average (no big release) every week there, that isn't saying too much. Not to mention new hardware almost always sells the most out of everything when it first releases (aside new software). #15
Was about to say this. Sony needs to crack Nintendo's turf with PS4, since while the WiiU had a head start on the other consoles, it's still not too far behind the Ps4 in sales, and can catch up during the holidays especially since Ps4 doesn't really have too much exclusives these next 5 months or so.

Xbox in japan will be lucky to even match Sony's number there. #8.1
And be late to the party again this generation?

But yah, Nintendo has its hands full with its current situation, wasting too much effort/resources on something that may just end up being a gimmick despite the current buzz wouldn't be smart. #1.1.3
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