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Literally am too hyped, its been so long since I played a console digimon, just can't wait! Hopefully it sells well on Ps4 and allows for the next game to not only be ported, but persuade them to splurge on the graphics a bit more to really make it look sick. #2
annnnnnd unistalling. I pretty much sapped as much fun as I can get from the game, so yah not going to waste 9gb of something I don't attend of purchasing nor playing actively. #6.2
Luckily you said "one of", was about to say how From Software is "the" best japanese dev that's currently relevant in the industry :p #3.1.1
Nice, keeping it playful, this is how you make conferences interesting and the people talking relevant of interest (also makes for potentially funny gifs). #7
Well no duh, hardly anyone buys physical on PC anymore, most game stores don't even stock PC physical. Not to mention Steam has lots of sales and is the defacto outlet for buying digital, and majority of titles being small random titles from small developers which are digital only. Then of course stuff like LoL or Dota, or CS:go digital item/cosmetic purchases, on top of other MMO titles like blade and soul, tera, etc.

Consoles mainly buy physical games, and as far as dig... #12
Potential 2D(or 2.5d) platformer? Has a Rayman vibe to it. #19
They have no problem selling the game, and doubt they would want to risk selling a title without a campaign for a lower price. Which they won't lower the price, so it would be $60 for just multiplayer, which would be bad, why would you want less of a game? Who cares if they're not great, they're still there for those that do enjoy it, and there's a handful out there.

Don't ask for less, ask for more. #12
yes...make the demand grow...for 8 years and still going... #1.1.1
Why that would include NX too...

#Believe! #1.1.1
PT would have been amazing in VR, even just that little slice. Looking down in the sink and seeing that, hearing all the noises down a dark hallway, too spooky. Shame they can't do a port because of fun killer Konami... #1.1
They were pretty good early on last gen with Dead Space, Mirrors Edge, and Bad Company 2 but have since fallen and became more greedy as time went on, new gen I'd say they are at their lowest and are becoming more irrelevant with each game they toss out.

Inquisition was good, but nothing better than that, not a gen defining title nor something you'd plop into your top 5, or even 10 for the generation. I suspect(unfortunately) that will mirrors edge 2 will suffer the... #12
Well considering last generation I think it's not a given. Lots of people expected MS to dominate this gen(prior to console reveal obviously) so I think it's still surprising/baffling to some people that Sony is the top dog by a large margin this gen. #4.1.1
I think what YOU think of as "system selling" is actually NOT in the real world, or your using the term incorrectly for what it actually means. I hear this argument but it never actually has any substantiation when you factor in how much those games sell. They have some good games, but most are hardly system selling.

But the main reason why its not doing well is marketing and bad imagery. Just because in US they have all these deals and marketing doesn't mean th... #1.2.3
Find it a bit funny that this is after they made that video about "PSN careers" they put up earlier today on their youtube where they said "why work when you can play?"

Maybe they should do a little less playing and more actual working :p #16
What Digimon failed to do was make any substantial long lasting game formula for their games, they're too diverse to really get people to stay attached. The "farm" aspect was always left to the side in games past the 1st Digimon World, despite that being an interesting game mechanic that makes sense for the creatures and how they came to be(tomadatchi). The battling aspect for majority of the games is rather bland, and the "rumbles" were always too simplistic.
... #5
Potentially showing him concepts of PS5? #10
Then make it cheap, and that's only the 1st half of the battle(continuous content development is 2nd half). If you make it too expensive you automatically lose. #6
Pretty much. Put your money where your mouth is and support the indies and AA games otherwise we're going to be stuck w/the same rehashed franchises over and over (half of them getting worse each iteration).

You want more games? Support the smaller devs so they can get funds to make better and more unique games than the big dogs will ever spit out. Until then your going to be stuck in a industry where the numerous smaller devs with good ideas can't put out their games... #8.1.1
I honestly CANNOT see them announcing a price without it immediately being the bundle as the 1st price announced. They KNOW not everyone has a camera or move controllers, so as to avoid confusion they'll announce the bundle, them perhaps later announce a standalone kit for those wanting cheaper.

In the same way that oculus announced its price. #4.1.3
Well XB1 was $500 at launch and look what happened, sure it had Kinect but the same reaction would be present (the roars when Ps4 undercut xb1 by $100 showed the response). I'm also baffled about the controller, hardcore is hardcore. But the fact is people will want to play multiplats on the cheapest console that is capable of running them well, just match parity on resolution and any graphical differences between them would be minimal to the mass. Xb1 has mainly struggled shrugging off t... #19.2.1
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