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Leave Wii U's not a sprint, it's a steady pace. Even MS would tell you that!

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Let's make this CLEAR...

The true cost of PS4 is £349 in the UK, and you don't need to buy any day 1 games to enjoy (there are plenty of quality free2play games day 1) PS4 for those on a tight budget. You don't need a Camera, you only need Plus + for non F2P online games.

PS4 is absolutely the more value driven product..I don't think anyone cares about non-mandatory camera's.

You can expect tons of these articles to s...

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Wii U games looked awesome @e3....

It deserves to be part of the next gen, is :)

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I love the transition from one gen to the next, and judging by the Wii U line up, it deserves a place in the next gen too.

All 3 consoles have shown awesome games this e3, but Sony made a monster when they built PS4 :)

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Hi you, did you not think e3 was amazing this year? ...PS4 is amazing, and Xbox One and Wii U had some cool games too.

I'm so ready for PS4 :)

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Incredible to think that a £349 console can reach near movie like quality.

My Jaw dropped...literally :)

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I am totally mesmerized by Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, The Wonderful 101, X and Bayonetta on Wii U.

Although I am getting PS4, I can't help but feel captivated...I am seriously considering getting a Wii U at some point after I am settled with PS4.

Edge are simply carried away with the PS4/Xbox One at the moment...

But I thought Wii U's games looked fantastic!

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Never had a doubt about Sony @E3.

The quality and exclusive quantity of their own first party games on both PS3/PS4. The unwavering commitment Sony showed to PS3, even when things went tits up, Sony delivered on PS3.

This is why I renew that commitment to Sony again on PS4...

Pre-fooking-ordered sunshine!

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Although I cannot completely endorse your sentiment, I will say (like everyone else) you are entitled to your opinion.

The people attacking you are just plain ignorant...

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Can't believe peeps are complaining about PS4/PS+ sub...even Gold paying XBL subscribers are complaining???

PS4 will provide you amazing games, lower entry price and no doubt the extra income from PS+ will make services better for consumers. Not to mention free Driveclub to sweeten the deal!

Sony provided us gamers an expensive to run/maintain online MP network, gratis for 7 years, whilst MS charged a fee for 8 years...Sony will not restrict used games an...

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What's worse is...

All a certain group of fanboys can say now is that PS4 requires PS+ to game online....

I swear MS totally ripped off PS+ with the 2 game deal per month...but Sony will allow All media e.g. Netflix, TV catch up services, apps to run even without the PS+ subscription model.

MS has been charging Xbox Live Gold Mandatory Online Play/Media access for approx 8 least Sony gave us a good run of 7 years free online pl...

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Whatever my opinion on the price £429 UK, I still thought the games were mighty impressive.

MS still has many questions to answer, no mention of proper specs, DRM or other little issues....

But as a gamer it's hard to deny that strong, impressive roster of games...

My personal favourite of the show was Dead Rising 3...but then, I guess I always want stuff I can't have.....since I'm getting PS4.

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I'm fully grown, yet I feel like a kid waiting for all this E3 goodness to kick off!!!

Long live your inner child!

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Happiness is subjective and relative...

One Man's Happiness is another Man's do you expect me to answer that?

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Apologies fellow gamer, if I did not articulate...

I'm not saying buy them all, I am saying whatever you choose, be happy with it...a friend may purchase a different console and so forth...

When you visit a friend with a different console, just appreciate the features and games that are good, and may only be exclusive to that particular platform.

I can't afford all of them either, but that won't stop me from appreciating them.

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This ^^

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I don't care for console fact, to hell with console wars!

We are all gamers, regardless of the host hardware. Let's just game, and enjoy the unique feature sets of ALL consoles, whether you own 1 or all of them.

If you don't like something, don't buy it...makes sense don't it?

Gamerfication :)

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I have to be honest...compared to what current gen consoles are capable of, this game looks great....

But, it's still another COD all over again, devoid of creativity. I am more excited for BF games, which some will say has not moved on much either.

However, I always felt engaged playing BF online. A more realistic simulation of conflict, that requires thought, team work, and communication.

COD is more of a 'Rambo' type game for ...

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I struggle with the writers motivation for this article...

Sony have not provided the information to misconceive. There has been nothing tangible from Sony.

So, until such time, like later today...I can see no Misconception at all.


Let's all just enjoy the show ;/

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High demand, low supply...hmmm haven't we been here before.

Engineered or true....?

Who cares, let all the consoles do well and find their respective markets.

Games matter to the consumer, sales bragging rights matter to the manufacturer.

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