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Don't worry...Nintendo will sell a ton of Wii U's this holiday.

I have seen the games and they look fun, family friendly, and awesome. Even though I am getting PS4, Nintendo owns the casual market.


You're forgetting about the soccer Mom's & Dad's of kids under 14 who will see Xbox One/PS4 games as 'too mature'...

That demographic is still a huge market..Agree or not!


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This is going to look 'Majestic'!

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I can tell you most developers will not showcase the very latest build at any event.

Evolution Studios probably have various builds of the game in the lab. We've seen this before with past generations. In fact, I remember a very rough looking Motorstorm shown at a gameshow back in 2005 (not e3), yet that released and impressed 6 months later.

Drive Club is further along than you think. That 35% complete was for that build of the game demo. Think about it,...

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Both consoles had impressive looking games, and remember they are 1st generation games, on next generation hardware!

The games will look even more impressive once developers fully exploit the hardware...everyone knows launch games are deadlined and rushed.

Forza 5 looked good, Drive Club looked good at only 35% and was played at a Sony booth in realtime, I saw the videos on youtube...but so what?


We're all gamers t...

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Earlier this gen Blockbuster had a huge high street retail presence, and PS3 was the underdog...

*Sings in a Bob Dylan Voice*

"...Oh the times are a changing..."

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Agree 100%

The good news is...there are other games consoles worthy of your coin, and if you don't like those....


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I'm sorry you feel that way fellow gamer. I am with you and everyone else who feels let down.

>I honestly mean this with complete sincerity...

What Microsoft is doing is a travesty to loyal Xbox 360 owners and the gaming industry as a whole.

I could never have imagined any given Company could get it so wrong.

It's downright disgraceful!!

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You have to assume...somebody, somewhere in the Bowels of Microsoft know's what they're doing....

Otherwise, it's complete and utter lunacy!

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Does this mean Microsoft are preparing a slow roll out of Xbox One?

Won't limiting availability in this way affect potential sales?

Almost half the World is missing???...I'm trying to make sense of what Microsoft are doing?

*My head hurts ;/

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This game looks absolutely amazing...I love the historical setting. I am a big God of War fan and Ryse is played in a similarly linear fashion.

Ryse is clearly story driven, and the Gladiator online mode seems interesting.

Looks like Xbox One's first Hack 'n Slash game!

DRM/Used Policy aside..if we're talking just about great looking games, both Microsoft and Sony had an equally awesome showcase!

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Then they will lose market share and Xbox One could fail....I think Sony needs to remain grounded, so I would like a degree of success for MS's console. MS needs to be a competitor and bring it!

I am sure DRM/Used Game Policy or not, Xbox fans will support it.

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Agreed, DRM/Used is the major issue, but I think price could also be an issue...

Especially when the development world say Xbox One's nearest competitor is more powerful, and will be released in the same window $100 cheaper.

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I guess if you're a consumer who wants to get into gaming, has very few devices in your home, and your cable sub is expiring soon, then Xbox One at $499 or £429 is not a terrible deal.

But most people like dedicated devices, so at least if something malfunctions you still have alt devices. Most people are committed to other services exactly who are these consumers?

MS are loaded, and have enough collateral to change Xbox One or fail with...

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Yes, it's a great commercial. I hope UK gets this throughout the holiday period. I remember the interesting, but confusing arty commercials from old Sony...

Nice Hollywood stylings!

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Although September is possible, it seems too soon for Sony. October late is feasible. I believe this only because of key PS3 releases that PS4 marketing could take away from.

My guess is Early - Mid November.

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PS4 release date 'not set in stone yet'....

Maybe so, but since we know MS are planning to launch Xbox One Nov 2013, my guess is prior to Black Friday.

It's a no brainer Sony will want to launch in that window. I expect no more than 2 weeks between each consoles launch.

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Lose Bubbles? ..Why do you assume that?

I said nothing negative at all, I really am envious that DR3 has not been announced for PS4 and it's possible Capcom could release it for, someday.

If you mean my comment on 'One of the Only Exclusive Games MS Showed....' (yes I quote myself)....then that's just my opinion and nobody else's...right?

I expected more from Sony regarding certain missing games @e3 and thought MS & Ni...

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I'm more interested in SP or SP co-op at this stage, so the COD reference doesn't bother me.

However, this was probably one of the only 'Exclusive' games MS showed that mad me extremely envious as a PS gamer.

Dead Rising 3 looks like a total hoot!

The only saving grace is that Capcom will hold the rights to do whatever they want with it after whatever the terms of the exclusivity is/was.

One can only hope....!...

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You are welcome...I just love gamers :)

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I believe the audience will grow way beyond the PS3 for Sony 1st party titles...

Many 360 gamers missed out on amazing PS3 exclusives such as inFAMOUS and Uncharted series...etc

I expect game sales to significantly spike once the Xbox 360 users who skipped PS3, migrate to PS4 next gen.

And you are ALL welcome to PS4 my fellow gamers!

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