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Not necessarily...both PS4/Xbox One have USB...and most people already have a desk top PC in the home.

A simple Keyboard/Mouse option in the controller menu will remedy that!

The disadvantage will be if you choose to play via controller.

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The reports I have seen/heard show Thief as very promising. The code is early in development, the game may not ship until late 2014.

Besides, the game has not been in development as long as some of the other titles at the show... give it a chance!

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Never mind mobile/tablet that PS4 and Xbox One are pretty much customised PC's, any chance of true cross platform play?


vs PC


Never mind the console wars..this would be truly epic!

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Both systems will have longevity. In spite of all the bad PR, Price and Policy of Xbox One, consumers will still purchase.

We now know both Sony and MS are planning 10 year cycles for next gen. Nintendo released 2012, so I can see Nintendo releasing a new system around 2017/18, whether it would be more powerful than PS4/XB1 who can say?

But this is 2013...I am excited about PS4, Nov cannot come soon enough!

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You lot are a tough bunch lol

I'm not saying he's right to change his stance, just that he's entitled to.

I don't mind disagrees, I value opinions...

No worries :)

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Why bring your negative attitude to a positive PS4 article...

We all know you prefer XB1....don't be such a Grinch!

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Dude, there will be around 20+ full retail games at launch, and they will be games you will want!

Not including F2P and Indie titles...

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I want I:SS too, but it was never confirmed as a launch title...awww don't be disappointed, I don't like people to feel disappointed :)

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Amazingly fun, colourful games!!

I really hope Nintendo/Wii U is around for a long's hard to imagine a gaming landscape without them.

May their fortunes turn around...

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So he's not entitled to change his opinion?

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Fable 1 & 2 were good games!

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May I suggest you read what Molyneux said properly prior to making your comment?

...he said pleasing the existing gamers (core) was more important than bringing new people to the console...

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I don't agree with everything Molyneux says, but I think he see's what MS doesn't.

It really is about the core that made your brand a success attention!!!

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Good for you!

I'm sure everyone here really appreciates your personal future purchase decisions.

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I'm sure there are a handful of other developers under instruction...Avalanche, Cliffy B and now Redlynx.

MS needs the world to believe the platforms are equal. They need to detract from the raw extra power PS4 has.

What they really need to do is rethink that $499 price tag, and lose the used game policy...did you know the Xbox One will launch in the UK at £429..that's higher in price than the PS3 launched, and roughly $700 USD!


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You'd expect him to say this since he falls within the category that stands to gain from DRM/Used Game fees.

No big surprise there....

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The Cloud features can be done on an's nothing particularly special at this point. But in 10 years from now, I think we'll start seeing the significance of the technology. It's a developing technology.


I strongly believe MS's Cloud Power statements is pure PR spin. Which suggests MS were aware they couldn't compete with Sony on power in the long term.

Think about it....If MS's Cloud tech could real...

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Too many haters calling themselves gamers around here!


That wasn't for you buddy...


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£249 and Nintendo are back!!'s only 6 months old, it will be okay. Nintendo always find a market.

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So true.... I'm a PS gamer getting disagrees for being optimistic for Wii U and the games....

People must really hate that console...I don't get the hate?

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