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"Gaming since, gaming been gaming :)"


I wonder if MS will have a presence @TGS at all, given that they are significantly stalling Xbox One's roll out in the far east...

Seems everything MS does, only serves to work against them.

J Allard and Peter Moore were good for MS and the Xbox brand. Makes you wonder if things may have been different if he (Peter Moore) was still with the Redmond firm? #3.1
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Whilst MS (arguably) had an equally as good or slightly better E3 showing in terms of games, it was sullied and overshadowed by the bombshell from Sony regarding used game policy, DRM and the better price point.

Not to say PS4 didn't have a stellar line up, because it absolutely did.

I am a PS gamer, and although my fellow PS brethren may disagree, I have to be honest. Had Sony not done the DRM/Used Game announcement, and not come in at $100 less...Xbox O... #6
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NYC_Gamer...whilst I tend not to agree wholeheartedly with some of your comments on N4G...

You hit the nail right on the head!

Props to you for being 'Real' about this :) #2.1
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It's currently for PS3, PS4 and Wii U only.... Interestingly, Indie Developers have openly said they feel the $10,000 fee and the fact that any Indie developer wishing to release on Xbox One must be affiliated to a publisher a complete turn off.

Is Microsoft deliberately trying to isolate themselves?

Ludicrous is not fitting enough for this policy!! #4
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Don't be sorry...it's your choice!

..besides, I for one don't know you, so it doesn't bother me in the slightest that you will miss out on next gen games.

In regards to MP subs...It's comes off like you don't mind paying for the Car itself, but you object to paying yearly tax or insurance or MOT required to use the vehicle??

Interesting.... #26.1
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To a degree, I agree paying a sub for something you barely use is pointless...

However, you fall into the 'minority' category. In other words, neither the PS+ nor XBL service is for you.

The same rhetoric could be applied to any subscription...Sky, Netflix. If you don't use them much, don't subscribe.

Unfortunately, the Xbox One is not a good choice for you, since you must have a sub to use it for more than just gaming. What i... #18.2
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Well commented!

MS are copying PS+ model to the 'T'. Took them 7 years to come up with an XBL that is as attractive as PS+ is to date.

MS know XBL is a cash cow, and after all these years, suddenly they want to give free stuff??

That is the REAL HYPOCRISY!!


Agree about the XBL service being better this gen, mostly due to servers and voice chat. But, if XBL wasn't better than free PS+,... #9.1
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Stop spreading MISINFORMATION!!

Andrew House CLEARLY said "MP is accessible via PS+ sub, but you can still enjoy 'ALL' other media without it".

That includes Netflix and all other pay per view services!!

Can't you find something else to nitpick???


If that's the case Foxgod, why do you come across as whinging? #17.1
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Hypocrites or not....

You can't very well expect a free, but costly online multiplayer service to go on forever do you??

I give Kudos to Sony for the past 7 years of FREE online multiplayer, which continues on both PS3/Vita.

I actually don't see why Xbox fans are so bothered about something they've been forced to do for 8 years or so??. What they should be more concerned about is MS policies and practices.

Sony wo... #16
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You mean the same kind of pop up I notice in Dead Rising 3?

Yes, I did see it, it's a pet hate of mine too, but like you said..early days :) #6.1
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Drive Club is a service model game designed to provide the player with years upon years of content (NOT DLC CONTENT), so in theory the free2play version is just that..F2P.

Purchase the cars/tracks you want as you play...or don't purchase at all and just enjoy the free content like the Forza Essentials bundle package in the 250GB 360's.

I'll choose what I pay for, thank you Evolution Studios.

I can see the entire game going F2P wit... #2.2.4
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Forza is now a household name among Xbox gamers, much like Gran Turismo on PS.

I hope it does well on Xbox One, the fans of the series deserve it, even if (IMO) Microsoft don't. #5
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Tomorrow I fight the infected!

#greatness awaits #1
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There's a fine line between quality & quantity...Ninty need that balance. #4
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Sony are flexible, so with PS4 they'll have numerous business models too...It could go F2P or (as I prefer in Day Z's case) a stand alone game.

I like that with F2P games you only purchase the weapons, kits, characters, vehicles you want. Or don't pay anything, but have a longer unlocking process than say COD/BF.

How many retail games have you played this gen where a ton of content you paid for in advance (Retail & D/L) was totally whack? ...C... #18
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Nobody mentioned Mandatory cross platform play???

It's just an option to play PS4/XB1 FPS's using KB&M...

My entire comment was hyperthetical, so why the disagrees dumb cattle people!!

Not directed at you Hufandpuf...but some people are thick as S##T man!! #3.1.3
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I have loved Sci-Fi games ever since 1982 when I was a little Acorn Electron and got my mitts on Elite for the BBC Micro Model B computer.

For our younger gamers, BBC Micro was the equivalent of high end PC gaming today.

32K Memory, awesome 2 channel audio for the time..floppy discs, cassette games!!!

Everything was so simple back then...ahh the memories :) #1.1.1
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This is one of the games I will be playing into the twilight hours!!

I will literally be losing sleep playing Destiny :) #4
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It will be just like PS3 HDD options...Sata 2.5 :) #13.1
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I think Sony have done enough!

...enough until Gamescom, TGS that is! #17
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