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"Gaming since, gaming been gaming :)"


Planetside 2 will run at 60FS/1080P....you underestimate PS4's power.

No point comparing specs to a high end PC...consoles are coded to the metal, without the overheads.

You would be correct about the PhysX though...but a small omission, certainly not a deal breaker. #18.1
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I was under the impression next gen dev kits were all PC based?

If I am wrong, then I accept it.

PS4 FTW #54
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NOT seen anything of an official confirmation UK games are going up at this conjecture. Where you getting your information from...?

Just helping out, no offence. I stipulated Sterling/Dollars in order to not confuse some readers.

Americans can convert currency, some can't...like UK and anywhere else in the world.

Not attacking you Manchester gamer friend. Sorry if it came across that way :) #3.2.3
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Firstly, UK is Sterling/Pounds Not USD...

Secondly, PS4 games are not £80. Those are place holder prices to protect Amazon fulfilment policies.

Thirdly, UK games retail from £39.99 - £44.99 #3.2
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Yes, thanks for pointing that out...they're showing the love for PC gamers too :)) #4.1.1
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I'm sure the developer was interviewed at E3 and said the button prompts were contextual not QTE?

QTE or not, I didn't mind it on Heavy Rain or the God of War series, and I won't mind it on Beyond either.

I am glad they did away with the forced Kinect controls and went with controller/voice play.

Ryse looks downright impressive though!! #5
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Microsoft are very strong at marketing, and will spend big. So, I don't doubt Xbox One will most definitely be successful, it has really good games on the radar. Dead Rising 3 stands out for me particularly.

In fact, there's plenty of space in the multi billion dollar games industry for all three to be a success.....yes, I am referring to Wii U in that three.

The holidays can't come soon enough...for all gamers!! #16
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Yeah for sure gamer friend, may even get a price cut *fingers crossed!

Go Mario Go!!!

Look at the graphics, and that colour pallet!!

(in Yoda voice)

'Play this in the dark, we must!!' #5.1.1
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Along with my pre-ordered PS4, I am soooo tempted to pick up a Wii U for this...OMG, my girlfriend and I would have a blast!!!

This is not the only Wii U game that has caught my attention. #5
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Ah an educated gamer!


This is the kind of subjective reasoning I can appreciate in a gamer. Truth for Truths sake!

I rest my case :) #9.1
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'So you calling me an idiot because I want the xbox one? Used games and always online do not effect me and probably many others yet we are still idiots? I think you need to step of the hate trend that everyone on this site is riding'

No, I am not directly calling you an idiot, but don't wish it upon yourself :)


'I think you need to look around... It's not just this site'
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If you and anyone else can be bothered to read my (very recent) comment history, you will see that I do comment on good, positive things about Xbox One and Wii U, and would jump on PS3/4 if need be. There has been little to criticise Sony for lately...

The PS4/PS+ sub is all I can agree on being a negative for some right now. But I am already a PS+ member!

Unfortunately, you can hardly blame me if the console manufacturer you favour... #7
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'...seriously? You saying we face prison time if we don't purchase an xbox one? wow those things are either going to fly of the shelves or the prison system is really going to buckle?'

Do you take everything in life so literally??....it was a metaphoric statement..and they can't send the entire united population to jail if they refuse to pay taxes!

Relax man, it's just a debate :) #3.1.1
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LMAO all the backtracking is hilarious!!

Avanlanche seemed to strongly support MS and the choices they made for XB1...remarkable that Peter Molyneux has been pretty vocal about XB1's failings also!

Even the money pit that is EA seem regretful regarding DRM.

The publishers that associate themselves with MS policy are in for a rude awakening, they will drop the policy when they see diminishing returns on that platform.

Mark... #2
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Yes extremely sexy!

I especially love that blue power light strip across the face of the console.

It looks like a hybrid of future/retro, like the eighties or ninties even :0) #1.1
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The design seems deliberate....Sony are taking us back to their golden age...the best (selling) console ever created, PS2!!! #10
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I will reject downloading the patch when prompted...you've possibly just saved me a lot of trouble Jezza. #8.1
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Lool good for you!!

Kiss the next 18-20hrs goodbye maaaan!

Enjoy buddy :) #7.1
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Thanks for the heads up...I'm based in the UK, and my copy arrived this morning 8.30am.

Unfortunately, I am at work as I type this (looks left & right for the boss lol), so will have to wait 'til I am free from my pay masters.

But, I'm gonna be turning off my cell phone and home no. for some completely uninterrupted Last of Us as soon as I get home.



There is a temp fix, just hit... #5
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I'm 50/50 on this...so it's a Yes and a No.

Reason being, it's my opinion that there are enough uneducated gamers out there to support Xbox One...whilst those with the ability to reason objectively, won't. Unfortunately, the former outweighs the latter.

You're on N4G...just take a look around at the comments. Astonishingly, many have chosen to defend and still purchase the console regardless.

It's exactly how Gov. can... #3
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