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I checked my PS3 this few minutes firmware update available. It show I have latest update what's going on?

Is this affecting USA only? UK here.....

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New slim 360 may turn out to be the better buy than One.

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Game UK just lost a long time customer...all my games now ordered online. I was all for supporting retail, but Game UK are not supporting gamers.

One day in the near future games will be mostly be purchased via downloads, then they'll be sorry!

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EU is slightly more consumer friendly. But I am sure MS Lawyers have already assessed applicable EU Law.

We all know the World is a very corrupt place....nothing greasing a few palms won't fix (Jokes).

The game can be given away to a 30 day old friend or family member, so I think MS may have covered their ass.


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Yes, agree all new consoles need to prove themselves, but I'm not sold on the whole cloud thing...

What we do know is that Xbox One and all the competing platforms will have awesome games though.

...and that's the most important aspect of a games console, so good the TV touting has taken a back seat.

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Oh I'm so sorry Craig667, didn't realize you helped design the Xbox One, how foolish of me.

Guess I'll just take your word for it.....geez, life is confusing sometimes....just don't know who to trust!!

Say hi to Phil & Donna for me :/

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If the Cloud is so good, why don't MS make the 360 three times more powerful than itself?

Only requires an Internet connection to make use of the Cloud, but instead they give us a gimped version of World of Tenks!!

No tanks...I'm callin' BS on this ONE ;/

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Troy Baker is one of the best video game actors ever!!

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MS can make changes...but will they listen to the gamers?

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Hmmm see how it goes....hopefully common sense prevails!

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Come know what's consumer friendly, lose DRM.

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8GB GDDR5 Ram, and the GPU is Radeon 7850M equivalent, but customized for Sony requirements I think, respectable....PS4 is ready!!

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The Xbox 360 will outsell the Xbox One for many years to come....

Don Matrick has said it's a great product for people who live in Submarines, and a great product for gamers without the internet...


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Insomniac have just had a bad run. They wanted independence, because the Killzone IP was always favoured over the Resistance IP @Sony.

When I initially learned Insomniac made a deal with EA, I knew nothing great would come of it.

If Sunset Overdrive is not a commercial success, they need to re-kindle their relationship with Sony and 'Clank it Up'!!

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That's right!!

Go Nintendo!!

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This may seem hypercritical because I have zero intention of buying One myself, but for competition sake, I don't want the Xbox One to fail....

I have always been a PS gamer, and intend to purchase PS4, but I fear Sony will become complacent if they have too much margin next gen.

So for this reason, I am relieved a lot of Xbox fans are still supportive, and intend to purchase the console.

Plus, the games roster is great!


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Foxgod, I know you're a diehard Xbox fan, and that's okay with me dude :)

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@Gravitic loool you made me dribble my drink down my clothes with that comment!! ..Bubble up for making my day Lol

OMG!! 5 mins later and I'm still laughing!!! Hahaha

Back on topic

LMAO these articles crack me up....

If people want to buy it, they'll buy it. Quit tryna sell it to me!!

Damned thing aint even out yet!!

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Lose hundreds of dollars/pounds worth of games if you get banned!

Wow!, props to you Foxgod, for being able to (somehow) turn bad news into something worryingly acceptable.

You're wasted on here, you should get into for real.

Congress would love you...I'm not kidding lol

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Make a console you can't sell...that's unreal. What is MS doing isolating more than half of Earth's population??

Is this the Eugenics console of choice?

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