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The way things are heading (in the near future), and the way games/entertainment/content will be delivered, it really won't matter what box or device you play on.

Then all these fanatical fan boys will only have '...who's Internet Provider is better?' arguments.

You think MS invested in 300,000 servers and Sony acquired Gaikai for fun? ...sadly content ownership is not part of that future....think an advanced Netflix for everything..Game Chann...

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Aye you're a good dad Giggzy :)

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Thanks for taking the time out to reply :)

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GiggMan >well said, bubz 4 u

...I refuse to front on N4G bragging on what I don't have, when the people that really have it are very coy about discussing wealth. Only those new to wealth or dreamers boast about money openly.

I am not Wealthy nor Middle Class, I'm from a 'Working Class' family with priorities like the majority of the Earth's population. I resent the notion that people with less should somehow not be able to acquire desir...

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Low income households can still afford Xbox One or any luxury item. It may take them longer, or end up paying twice the value via credit, but I feel it's wrong to suggest anyone shouldn't be able to buy anything due to their finances or that they wouldn't want to.

I'm not pointing any fingers btw :)

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Another neg. xbox one article...every last bit of dirt they can dig up eh?

Low income families still seem to be able to afford ipads, iphones and other expensive electrical items, and I understand you can use a mobile internet to activate X1 for those without a sub based ISP. Dongles will work, according to MS.

The old saying goes 'if you really want it bad enough, you find a way to get it'

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It's all very well constantly making apologies Nintendo!!

...the fans don't want empathy, they want proactive!!

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Is Last of Us one of the highest rated games ever?

...That was a rhetorical question :)

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I'm mystified as to how any of the fanboys (PS/Xbox alike) can proclaim bragging rights when neither console is expected for another 5 or so months??

The shiz is too

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xbox one is back in the game, but it's way too early to call on the software victory....we have let both Gamescom/TGS pass before we have any indication.

We still don't know which of the big hitters from E3 will slip into spring 2014 and back end.

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This is great for everyone with an intent of purchase...but I value reliability over high quantity.

I was not impressed with the early PS3 and 360, mass hardware unreliability.

Keep it Quality Sony :)

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Nov 21st UK

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They did 'focus group'...unfortunately, the focus was on the publishers...but Xbox/PS4 gamers soon changed that...and good too!

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oh really MS!

...who'd have guessed?

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Okay, Okay...they changed the policy, it's nowhere near as bad as it was a week ago....!!

Let's concentrate on playing awesome games next gen, and get off topic now.

Oh and Cliffy B is no friend of Gamers.


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Cliffy think I used to like this guy?? duh!

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I too hope your PS3 is okay....

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@the_bebop >>>So you get a disagree for having a working PS3?? ...Lol Idiots!!

**Back on Topic**

So does 'bricked' means your console is bin fodder outside of warranty?

Can a 'bricked' PS3 be fixed, can another update fix it, or are users completely screwed??

I have PS3/500GB HDD and have never suffered with this, nobody I know has either...except on forums, so excuse my ignorance on the matter.

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PS+ is cool...even though I already rinsed BF3, so many have not....Enjoy :)

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