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Of course it's a terrible idea....Showing support to loyal PS/GT fans??

Yeah, that's some kind of awful. Bad bad Sony!

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To see how much this industry has changed...unthinkable in the 90's video game era.

Good for Nintendo :)

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TLOU will be a defining moment in PS3's history.

It's a credit to Sony, with all the PS3 has to offer right now, and in the near future.

We're 6 months away from new PS hardware, and still PS3 stands strong.

Proof that Sony really do care about the'Gamers' :)

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If Nintendo was doused in petrol, then it would be Nintendo that lights the match....

Will this company ever learn??

Jeez ;/

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Harsh :/

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DO NOT pay any credence to this....Quite simply, the next gen consoles have this all sewn up.

EA abandoning Online Passes is only making way for a similar system that's built-in & a very 'important' part of the next gen infrastructure.

Even Sony & MS will play this down as to not affect sales, but they will both still penalize pre-owned purchasers in some way.

Don't be fooled people....this is EA we're discussing h...

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Here's something that's unpopular but true....

If Nintendo does not release the games we know they are capable of soon, and fix the relationships with third parties, they will fail....

....and whether you consider the Wii U as 'Next Gen' or not....the Wii U will die with this current generation.

Even a Legacy must come to an End ;/

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Sadly, EA are not the only publisher/developer shunning the Wii U.

I am afraid it will only get worse when PS4/Xbox release.

...At least Nintendo make good games!

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The shots look awesome....I just hope ALL cars are premium (cockpits etc) and the (lazily ported) PS2 tracks are remade as opposed to remastered.

I also understand Polyphony are using a brand new engine.

Please do not reuse PS2 assets P.D. and I will love GT series all over again :)

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...The KillZone demo used 1.5GB VRAM. The total was indeed 3GB.

Lord knows what it is now :)

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What have they ever done that made a difference??

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Proof right here ^^ of a mature gamer...

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I agree with him. Games are underdeveloped from a 'Mature' point of view.

Mature doesn't just mean 'Adult Themed or Explicit Content' it means sensible thought out writing and execution of a game.

I for one am sick of female characters having to have huge 'tits' just to sell a game.

This is why I respect David Cage of Quantic Dreams Studios. He makes games for adults who appreciate great narrative. Yes, there are n...

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Yes, but the difference is risk.

ALL the mainstream publishers are willing to take a risk on PS4/Next Xbox in spite of a zero install base, because they have better relationship with Sony/MS and are judging on how the systems have moved, and how third party games have sold (consistently) on the 2 platforms.

Publishers tend to work on trends, historical results and past relationships.

So the install thing is irrelevant in the case of PS4/Xbox....

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When an Indie developer states they will not port to Wii U unless sales pick up, then that's a real problem.

This is harsh because the assets are low cost and the game is very easy to port to Wii U with limited costs.

This isn't even a AAA studio...Nintendo MUST FIX THIS!!

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The Star Wars franchise has not hit it's true potential of EA can't really do any worse than those who have managed the license before them.

IMHO, the best Star Wars experiences have been on PC & Nintendo platforms.

Looking forward to see what EA do with it :)

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You're absolutely correct YodaCracker....I wasn't taking this P out of the Xbox 360 per say....more the undying, foolish loyalty most console owners pay to a plastic console.

Surely if I still owned a 360 and nothing else, disc swapping would not deter me from enjoying GTA V.

* In retrospect, I can see how my comment looks... Apologies if I came off a little 'fanboyish' myself ;)

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I can't help but laugh in the faces of those who are stating 'It's very cool to disc swap' or 'I don't mind disc swapping, takes me back to my younger days playing RPGS' or 'Why are people so lazy to swap 4-6 discs to play GTA V?'


I swear Xbox 360 fan boys are ridiculously biased. Had it been the other way round...PS3 DVD9, there would be terrible articles!!

It really is laughable the way some rationalize ...

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It looks as this demo is a true representation of what PS4/Xbox will be capable of in realtime.

The Activision demo 'Ira' does look possible on next gen, but not at that fidelity. Ira looks more like a high powered PC, slightly a few years away from being achieved on next gen.

Probably 2-3 years into lifespan 'Ira' will be possible on next gen consoles.

I am happy with this tech in any event!

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Thank You for time saving :)

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