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@Blackdeath (not aimed at you, unless you're guilty), but....

Why wouldn't Jonathan Blow be taken seriously??

Almost everyone on N4G is an expert programmer, with about 20 years experience, and has intricate knowledge of unreleased hardware capability.

Some of you people are seriously delusional, shut up already, quit acting like you know this business, you're just an end user...don't talk out of your depth, know your place. ...

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MS would have you believe they are pioneering this cloud technology....Cloud technology has been used for various services long before MS got in the mix.


On console, [email protected] was cloud based power computing done on the PS3 back in 2006 to assist in finding cures via combined number crunching.

MS loves to take credit for things...Sega Dreamcast was 1st to have online component on console, but sadly failed. MS then brings Xbox Live...

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I wish there was an outbreak of intelligence to cure the dumb people that visit this site :)

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Slow down's good...make.believe and all that.


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Yes, an amazing visual demonstration of what can be expected on PS4....but did the article writer have to stress GDDR5 ram?

What other Ram would PS4 be using? ...certainly not DDR3!

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Lol...Kinect is a pimp...gamer pimp, not bullied at all...I know it's all in jest, but KInect is no victim.

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With respect fellow gamer, and this is in no way directed at you...but if I want to say anything I find negative about any game, on any platform I will...including when I thought Halo Reach was complete crap!!

I don't give a Rats tutu about upsetting some silly fan boy who's life revolves around polygons and pixels.

Agree 100% MS milked Halo in a ridiculous way....

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Except Naughty Dog don't work that way...otherwise we'd be on Uncharted 5 by now....

Please don't confuse Naughty Dog with MS Studios...thanks!

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Who cares...??

I enjoyed MP thoroughly on PS3, and if you never used XBL you wouldn't know the difference.

MS have made Billions of $$$ since Xbox Live was created, so I for one would expect the service to reflect that experience and the revenue would have been re-invested to make the XBL network better.

Sony are behind, so what....and they have not even started charging for MP yet...!!

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...Speak for ya'self!! ...I wanna see a sequel on PS4 for sure....different characters...maybe, but a sequel is a must.

This is one hell of a game!!!!

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These articles are becoming very stale....let's move on, it's all about the games now. Thank You.

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'GenGAME says next-gen isn't enough of a leap to justify a $400 or more cost of entry'

Well that takes PS4 out of this debate, because it is $399. Saying that, I would have paid £400 UK which exceeds $400, obviously.

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Yeh, I really cannot see why it was omitted, its probably one of the least expensive components in the 360.

I never understood Microsoft's decision process. Make no sense to me.

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Mobile gaming is not particularly practical for epic quest or open world type gaming. I would hate to play MP on the tiny mobile/portable screen compared to living room/bedroom gaming.

All mobile gaming is good for, is short, quirky and simple games for passing time on journeys.

...and with Nvidia pricing @$299, the home console business has nothing to worry about. Especially when an extra $100 gets you PS4.

The release of the next gen will r...

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The 360 slim was just fine...why'd they make it Battenberg Ugly like Xbox One??

..and no optical port, yet same price...rubbish, just rubbish I say!!

What serious gamer wants to buy an Xbox 360 at this point anyway...late to the ball.


You sneak, how you gonna completely edit your original comment?? lol

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I disagree...Xbox One headset looks like a Customer Services Agent...maybe they want you to get used to calling them...?

PS4 headset is cheap and functional as the mic is in the pad as well.

Big deal about bloody headsets....

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Let the games begin....!!

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Let them all sell well.....everybody is happy :)

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I don't mind multiple SKU's a premium Silver PS4 1TB HDD Extra Controller with 1 year PS+ membership inc. ready to play Driveclub @£499.

I really would like a digital copy with my retail game purchases or a full game install next gen, so that I can save on the Blu Ray drive.

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Misleading title....

Kinect may not be required to completely operate Xbox One any more, but Kinect still ships in every box. So the price cut argument is dead there, but X1 is still overpriced imo.

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