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When PS3 was gimped on some MP games ..I'm afraid we had to accept this so hard to accept next gen? No, I don't believe so...PS4 has the edge, but the difference will be in 2-3 years, not at launch..and yes X1 will more than likely be identical with MP's for a time. It will be the 1st party titles that will set apart which console is more capable.

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A Man?

...Which 'A Man' in particular?...there are billions of 'A Man' on this planet. Lol

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Get a grip man!

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I agree for the most part, but disagree on PS4 vs Wii U.

I think many Wii U owners will purchase PS4 and vice versa...both Wii U & PS4 can co-exist nicely.

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You want me to prove what or I'm just sayin for hits???? Am I a website tho? ...are you quite young?

anyhoo...feel free to read my past comments regarding 'Xbox One making Wii U more appealing'


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Whadda silly wabbit lol

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If MS have no games ready by Sept, then they won't launch Sept. My guess is early/mid November PS4, and Late November/Early December Xbox One.

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Wow....It's an all time low for MS....Xbox One better have better security or it'll get hacked and everyone gets to play used games on any X1.....seriously, this is a hurricane of crap in MS world right now.


People won't care if it's true, they just see the headline. Where's the sense of humour gone?

MS reveal was a let down for most, be mad at them, not me.

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I knew this would happen!!!

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I'm pretty sure MS have already said they're committed to X1 will reach that territory. Whether it's worth the trial is another thing entirely.

You never know with the Japanese, they're kinda quirky in a cool way, plus trends change... but I am doubtful MS can break Japan.

I will say, in Europe the X1 will not be as successful as 360 was, and by quite a margin. The feedback and buzz (in France, Spain & the UK at least) is around...

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Oh I get it...MS messed up their reveal, now all of gaming is going to hell? if it's bad for MS it's bad for everybody??

Who told you MS were the pioneers?

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I don't think games are really at the root of the Xbox One's problem....I think the major problem is DRM and ownership rights. You pay for a console that turns out to enable a rental scheme.

Will gamers actually really own any of the X1 content they purchase if MS can dictate where and how you can use/play it?

What's a $60 dollar game worth to you if you don't get the choice of what you do with it?


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From a gaming point of view, clearly MS messed up their conference, but E3 really is the last opportunity for them to clear this whole PR mess up. Incredibly hard as that will be, they should have at least that opportunity.

So I guess we could give them a break until then....I hope MS winback some positive vibes, 'cos the competition will only make Sony work harder on PS4 content/services.

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Loool In a weird sadistic way, I'm glad there are characters like you on N4G....I must be into mental torture but the way you justify anything MS does in the funniest way really makes me giggle :)

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I can imagine Kinect detecting a family of kids arguing in your home, sending a report to MS, and then a visit from CPS will be forthcoming....

You see's all part of that ALL-IN-ONE experience....

Welcome to 1984

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I'm sure MS can pay for louder faster all-in-one claps dude :)

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MS are doing bad enough with the PR, so there really is no need to make up silly immature lies dude.

Provide a link or STFU.....

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It's not MS I feel sorry for, it's the fan base who committed.

I'm happy they have other options though...PS4, Wii U, PC....heck even a PS3 is still worth getting at this point.

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Show MS how it's done, games......GAMEEEEES!!!

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I just wanna punch Don Matrick in the face....

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