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"Gaming since, gaming been gaming :)"


I think somehow the XB1 will come out of this okay in the end. Some terrible design choices and policies at MS yeah, but I believe MS will provide the gaming experiences Xbox fans deserve.

Otherwise it would be sheer suicide.... #8
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Good lord!! #7
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No, it's not a cablebox...that's just angry gamer talk (guilty!), it's an entertainment box that plays games, and does other stuff that may or may not interest gamers .

As I understand it, MS are channelling your existing cable services through the HDMI in port. So, you'll still have to pay your cable bills to your cable provider. Outside of XBL fee, I am unsure how MS will make money on this.

MS are clearly banking on mass XBone adoption into... #3
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It's a SIMPLE > YES or NO > MS!!

...What's with the convoluted responses???

Tell us all NOW!!!

#ps4andxboxoneplaygames #4
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Yes, they did state that all 1st party studios are working on PS4 titles.


I hope SCE San Diego can truly shine on PS4 and try another style of game.

MLB The Show series are one of their more prolific titles. MOD Nation was not really my thing, but Pain was mad fun! #4
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@Heavenly King

Sorry if I seem misunderstood. I don't think Ascension is bad in anyway...it looks absolutely amazing...but with PS4 incoming and PS3 still releasing stellar games like TLOU/Beyond/GT6/GTA5, I seriously need to watch the cash flow.

My Girlfriend is not so understanding lol

Thanks for the heads up tho. I will give it a try at some stage #4.1.1
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100% AGREE :)

#xboxoneandps4playsgames #4.1.1
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I mostly watch TV catch up or Netflix/Lovefilm viewed via my PS3. Unless its PPV or Football, live TV is something I haven't watched in a few years....

From the comments I have read, I am not alone on that either....so in essence the TV thing is a nice feature to have, but they focused too much on it.

There's nothing revolutionary or ground breaking about watching Live TV, whatever device you use.

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It's a shame I didn't think GOW - Ascension was significantly improved over the already amazing GOW 3, so I regretfully will miss out on TLOU demo...

Oh well....

#15moredays #4
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Didn't Microsoft make elaborate promises back in 2011 that Xbox One will play all Xbox 360 games and even improve them with upscaling and better frame rates??

...have gamers forgotten?

Microsoft have the collateral to ensure their games look amazing at E3, so that's at least 'One' thing to look forward to :)

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Planetside 2 is all but confirmed for PS4!


#ps4playsgames #3
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Well there are 7 million people in London alone, I think there are enough PS fans in the UK to make this event relevant.

America is not the only 'Gaming Mecca' of the world, even if you may want to believe that....PS4 pre-orders are available in UK, but not US. Sony must be taking EU more seriously next gen.

It's nice to see Europe getting some priority for a change.

Don't be so dismissive....

#ps4playsgames #1.1.1
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'You can't preorder the PS4 anywhere just yet. Especially not amazon'.

I had email alert set up with Amazon UK since the PS4 reveal back in Feb. Amazon emailed me early this morning, received approx 3am.

I actually pre-ordered just a few hrs ago..

You're quite rude though dude...just because wherever you are has no PS4 pre-orders running yet..then I must be a liar??

Maybe you didn... #4.1
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I pre-ordered PS4 via Amazon this morning...even though the PS4 won't launch until (fingers crossed for UK) later this year, I still feel excited just by reserving the dang thing!

I haven't felt like this since...well, 2005 :) #3
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People are asking how the PS4 can use PS3 developed engines if the architecture is so different...?

In layman terms..

Games are initially programmed on PC's and the code is compiled and then converted to run using the host hardware's development tools. So, it begins with a PC & powerful workstations.

ND only need return to the raw code libraries and by-pass the conversion process to PS3 and tune to the PS4.

It'... #29
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Just read NG will use a scalable version of TLOU on PS4 titles. This is fine by me, since TLOU looks like a PS4 game at times.

Just pre-ordered PS4 (£599) via Amazon.co.uk...Obviously the price is going to be way less once announced at E3.

..But I got my name on the list :) #10
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With Kinect 2.0 taking more control than ever, will these companies make money on XB1 products?

Extra pad maybe? #5
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...We finally agree on something.

Have an agree tick :)

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Last of Us engine was made to be scalable....

I am sure ND knew all about PS4 whilst developing TLOU. #6.2.2
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No you're wrong, I give credit where it's due and a good idea is a good idea...the XB1 is not a bad console, just it's policy makers. #9.1.1
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