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Everyone like who?

PS4 seems like a sensible name for a 4th console??

Wii U makes sense....Xbox One is a re-do, makeover...MS are not marketing it as the direct 360 successor, but as a re-boot and an all-in-one box.

So all things considered, another worthless article I didn't bother to read, but felt compelled to respond to ;/


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Much like your local government, Microsoft doesn't care.

Everything so far has been smoke screened or damage controlled.

It's not the Xbox One console that is offensive to many, but the ludicrous policies that MS applies it.

You never know...MS may back down on a few things through sheer public opinion and will probably show some decent games at E3, but is it enough to rebuild public trust in MS or is it a bridge too far?

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...hopefully some clarity on pre-owned fiasco, prices, games and dates will be announced at E3.

I believe something Halo related (game) will be revealed for Xbox One. Microsoft has literally just registered

...if they are not showing TV stuff, it surely must be game related.

Finally, some good news for Xbox One fans!

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'So'? we got peeps hating on games!

I didn't even bother to give a hit to this....the title sums it all up...

What a dooosh ;/

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Because the Japanese are very intelligent people...


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Well I guess you're a hopeful little thing aren't you?

Wishing and a hoping Sony drop the ball....

Let's sing-a-long together....

'You're wishing on a find out how we are...wishing on a star...MS taking DRM tooo faaaar...and ya wishing on a rainbow, that Sony fails, and ya wishing on a slip fan boys fail...wishing on a star....'



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As if The Last of Us PS3 demo was not enough to convince gamers that PS4 is the only place to be if you care about big budget AAA games.

MS are releasing a Zombie survival game called 'State of Decay', but guess what?'s a low budget XBL title??

...Show's you how much MS care about gamers, they didn't even fund the game to AAA status...another 'what could have been' moment from MS ;/


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I'm looking forward to the build they show at E3...I know that build @PS Meeting was at least 6 months old when initially shown, so GG have had over 1 year to make improvements to the 3GB live demo shown in feb.

It looked amazing then, and it'll look incredible now :)


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I have nothing but respect for Nintendo and the magical quality of their games...but PLEASE DON'T BE DAFT!

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Why worry about XBone if you're intending to get a PS4??

Half of the problems that concern XB1 gamers are irrelevant to Sony's PS4 hardware...

Yeh, I wish DRM was a myth, but it isn't and we'll all have to deal with it in some form...just play games and let MS grieve and bury the dead...

A moment of silence please....ah alas we knew it well...Xbox ;/


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Sour article...I am very excited about PS4 and XBone, even if I am only getting one of them.

I am not as concerned about PS4 DRM as I am about XBone DRM. Even if both systems had same policy, I would still choose PS4 for the world class games studios :)

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And this is IGN...a site that has been more favourable of Xbox.

Good news for PS4, I didn't doubt it for a minute. Regarding the controllers...personally the only thing 360 Controllers had over PS3 Dualshock was the triggers for FPS.

That has been corrected for Dualshock 4.

...Dang!, it feels good to be a PS gamer right now :)


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I'm afraid it's a 'Catch 22' and not all good news....

Sony won't require PS4 to be connected to the net to play their games or force an online game registration for their own titles, but some third party publishers can if they want to.

Basically means it's possible for some games not to start at all without an internet connection...and new retail games will carry a registration code in each case.

So at least Sony didn...

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Yes it's a continuation of 'Online Passes'....

On PS4 you can play a used game single player, but may have to pay to play online component...the very same thing as some current gen PS3 games, and the same thing EA just scrapped (completely) on Xbox Live.


However, some publishers can have a system of game registration where you have to be signed in to play any part of the game or it won't start.

I bel...

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I said all along that Sony PS4 will continue with online passes as opposed to blocking used games.

The single player on all games remains the same as PS3 (playable anywhere), so I can live with paying to unlock a game if I choose to play it online.

So many doubters...well done Sony!


Just discovered, it is still possible for third party publishers to have game registration, so we still may have to be online or the game ...

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I commented this the other day on here, that Xbox One would be preferred console for COD, and the PS4 will be preferred for BF4.

But Xbox fan boys insisted both COD & BF do better on Xbox...Now the BF4 designer comes out favouring PS4.

Silly fanatic Xbox groupies.

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You had better be black with that profile pic and name, since you bring up 'exploitation'...

...and before if/you reply...It does matter!


Shame on you if you're not, shame on you if you are. Did you stop to think that could cause offence to some folks..even if it is initially funny to some...get educated unwise ass!

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I get that the writer is not boycotting Xbox One. That's absolutely fine... your money, your decision.

...But why not just buy it on release, instead of telling us in the form of an article?


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Why don't you grow up...or spend more time with your GF?

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Nice of MS to acknowledge Sony....

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