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Read between ______ the lines...

XBox One is getting trounced in the media, and yet X1 pre-orders lead the charge??

Lol, either people are really stupid, or MS hand is at work here...or both.

I have seen reports from more than one source that MS is paying off third parties to NOT show PS4 games at E3.

Dirty tricks MS...dirty indeed!

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As controversial as this reads...

I actually don't believe MS nor Sony will release another 'traditional' console after this incoming generation. Technology is getting to the point where, within the next 8 - 10 years, we'll be playing any game, on any compatible device.

I can assure you both MS and Sony will use their respective consoles to ready us for a 'Cloud' future. Like it or not, they want to become service based. Hardware is a ...

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My Hero :)

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And the God of Gaming said...

"..and whoa unto thee, who seek to exploit my people"

New International Gamer Bible
Chapter 1 Verse 3.

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Why does all the bad stuff have to reflect on PS4 when we still know nothing about it?

Is it a bit of wishful thinking? Possibly....Does it make it okay if PS4 users suffer the same restrictions as XBox One? ..No of course not! I don't believe for one moment any gamer regardless of platform, is happy with MS' policy.


Xbox fan boys need to quit trying to spin everythin...

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Having supported MS since 2001 with Xbox, then my day one pre-order/purchase of Xbox 360, the GOLD subs, the RROD, the limited MS Studio support since mid 2010...

We invested 12 or more years with the Xbox brand, and MS thank us with this?!!

Sony it's up to you now...


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I seriously believe MS are under estimating their fan base by expecting them to 'hang on a string' with this wait and see approach.

XBox One Reveal "Wait 'til E3"
XBox One E3 "Wait 'til Gamescom"
XBox One Gamescom "? ?"

Most of the dreaded rumours have been officially announced as true, nobody wants this policy, and yet MS still persist with this strategy.


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...Not good for MS it would seem ;/

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Why can't Xbox fan boys be honest with themselves?

..YOU are only fooling yourselves. There's absolutely nothing positive to discuss about the XBone at this time, so the controller thing shelf life of 10 years is all there is.

I really cannot see how these fanatics can find an argument with no legs to stand on.

Yeah, and save that wait 'til E3 poppycock!


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Freudian slip there on the Rovi/Roku thing...but you obviously knew what was meant.

But somehow, you completely missed the point of my comment, and you speak from your own selfish point of view...note you mostly refer to yourself as in 'I'.

Whereas, my point was to look at the 'big picture' regarding the entertainment/casual market MS so desire.

Not 'EVERYBODY' wants to spend upwards of $500 to watch the darn TV switch...

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We're so close to E3, and this article regarding XBone is the best they could muster??

"Hey, look!!..Over here..look, 10 year controller life cycles everybody"

Wooohoooo!!! ...Never mind the actual console ;/

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Comment in 3 years then, and quit trolling by may even be all grown up by then!


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Lol... Okay, whatever you wanna believe Jim Beam

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Already pre-ordered.

...and if it materializes PS4 is similar to XBone in the DRM/Pre-Owned saga, then I can easily cancel all pre-orders.


It's nice to get a disagree for choosing to pre-order PS4 with MY OWN MONEY!!



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Here's the problem with Microsoft's strategy...

If you're a heavy on entertainment, light on core gaming consumer type, then you can get either Rovio or Apple TV for less than $99.

If you want some reasonable core/casual games, almost anything will do..

Ouya, Gamestick etc again around $99.

Heck, even your existing cell phone will do if you're not an avid gamer.

So you can have it all for arou...

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Looks like the XBone may have saved Wii U...I wouldn't worry about it.

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I imagine developers are thinking 'how can I get a slice of that pre-owned pie'...

Developers won't be affected so much as the gamers will, because while some (sensible) gamers boycott, millions of (stupid) gamers will still rush out to buy their games.

This DRM screws gamers over big time...

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Had Sony had the TV/PS Eye focus and a poor reveal, and MS had a great reveal and was all about games...guess what?

...I'd be getting the Xbox One!!!!

Don't treat your consoles like Idols, or you will worship it's makers!


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Are you serious?

Immature gamers maybe, but mature gamers have their own minds...everything I purchase is my own choice and decision.

Younger people are more likely to be influenced by their peers. I'll be purchasing PS4 whether my friends on PSN do or don't.


I had a 360 since it's launch back in 2005..I built up a good list of dedicated gamer friends and a very high gamerscore. After my 360 let me down fo...

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Lol you are right about the TV shows and Movies!

Noted, poor choice of words...rather MS are starting from scratch...there is no lineage system in place, nor numerical sense prevalent.

...that good enough for you? ;p

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