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Nintendo will not allow Wii U die....

Nintendo have a stubborness being the Grand Daddy of the industry...

and you know what?, actually, for once I am happy for the stubborness, especially if it prolongs the console life for those already and/or yet to be invested in it.

Long Live Nintendo...Gaming Heritage!

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Well truth be told, even though I pre-ordered PS4 back in April, I am still very happy with PS3...We have Last of Us presently, and still GTA V and Beyond to look forward to.

I can honestly wait for PS4 to drop on launch day tbh.

PS3 will always have a place in my home, especiall given the fact that PS4 will not run PS3 without Gaikai, and that's not until 2014 if we're lucky.

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It's not that people don't get your sense of's just that line is so overused and stale now.

A little imagination goes a long way :/

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May I recommend 'Pacman'?

...if you prefer linear, this game will (A)MAZE you :/

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In spite of taking the time to comment here....Why don't I care about this game???

....Ghosts feels extremely long in the tooth.

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The past years have favoured Fifa major loss here.

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2/3 games I never got around to buying...thanks PS+ !!!

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Cortana is as much Halo as Masterchief....bad idea to remove such an iconic AI.

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Sony don't need to acquire development studios right now...Sony have ample 1st party and 1.5 party studios already. Plus, Sony need not waste 100's of millions on developers as they have only just gone back in the black.

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Not sure exactly how news worthy this is?

...besides, who seriously expected XB1 to not have this particular feature, especially considering how close the two competing consoles are to each other on a technical level.

Any 'good' news coming from the MS camp is always welcome though :)

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I don't personally believe MS takes Japan seriously anyway..they tried and gave up on that market back in 2008. If it wasn't for the East's commitment to western audiences, I seriously don't believe MS would have as many Japanese developers working on Xbox.

It's commendable that MS at least made an effort for the first 3 years of the consoles life span, but MS gave up too easy.

Let's see how they respond to this 'difficult' mar...

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'I have never seen such a disliked person on a website ever. Literally everyone seems to hate Mika'...

...I don't hate Mika :)

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Lol I wouldn't worry too much about it...I never heard of a single person who ever caught bugs and got sick from Dual Shock controller dirt in crevices.

My DS3's get handed around like a crack whore during Fifa knockouts and Fight Night Champ sessions. Never bothered me.

Interesting topic though...

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Games that have persistent open worlds and multi-tiered levels will benefit exponentially from the unified 7GB's of available ram. As will loading times and enhanced texture mapping.

I'd expect the 1st gen titles to use between 3-5GB's of ram initially, with more being utilized as games grow further in scope.

The future is undeniably good for PS gamers :)

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There are negatives and positives to this...

Negative - TLOU is so good, so popular and so brilliantly executed, Sony may want a sequel from a financial point of view, with the series getting stale by the 3rd outing.

Positive - TLOU story ends here, and the game forever retains 'Legendary' status, completely untarnished. Naughty Dog will be remembered as the studio of real integrity, quality and prominence. Best Developers in the World.

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That's a ridiculous expectation for third parties to request x1000 the power of PS3, in PS4!!

...and who's gonna pay for such a machine at the price it would need to be sold at?

...Certainly not me!, PS4 would have not been a mass market product at all.

We got roughly x10 the PS3 power in PS4 and that costs a manageable $ go figure the cost of x1000.

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So Microsoft messed up?...I thought the DRM issue was mostly resolved now.

Don't break up, stick with them. Have you no forgiveness in your heart?


Nah, completely understand. It's all been....well, a bit much hasn't it?

Once you lose consumer trust, your bottom line could suffer.

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Oooh!.. so you're the defender of others comments?? I am not going at swerve (swerve, thats a cool name btw)...and!

However, when I reply to you...feel free to comment, until then ...keep it mush!

Bet u wish u were a MOD, but ya not!

Call me out??? LoL ...u couldn't call out a Dog !!! People like u are hapless victims, please just humble ur plum... ur growing nettles.

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Yeah we should all listen to you, cos ur a genius?

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Forget about any discernible difference with Multiplats, and for at least 18 months...then you will see Sony 1st party games showing the difference in superiority.

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