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Friggin' love the lighting in this game but why the hell do these images look so damn compressed? :(

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how could anyone be a 360 fanboy knowing that their console doesn't have any good games left? this is the real reason why people keep going back to Halo 3 and older games. Just wait for 2009 if you want to see just how embarrassing it is to be a 360 user. i can't even list one AAA game for 360 in 2009.

people can't come up with real reasons to hate on the PS3 platform. you poor bastards just don't have the money for it and gives PS3 owners more reasons to laugh at you. First the ...

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Typical Christians.

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This must be the trailer that David Jaffe saw. Oh my god.

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You're the only desperate one here apparently but I'd be staying home all day too if I was as ugly as you were, being born out of your retarded mother's wart-infested vagina.

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This has flop written all over it, just like most 360 games.

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Am I supposed to be surprised by this?

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The PS3 continues to show that it is the most powerful home console out there. I haven't even seen graphics like this on PC yet. Just wait for God of War 3. :)

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Once again the PS3 humiliates the Xbox 360 by proving that it is the most powerful console. First with Uncharted, then GT5 Prologue, then MGS4, then Killzone 2, and then Heavy Rain. There isn't a single game on 360 that looks better than any of the games I listed. Oh wait that's right, most 360 exclusives run on Unreal Engine 3 LOL!

Everyone still left with any doubt about the Cell should just kill themselves already.

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Lol @ Huxley delayed to 2010. They should just cancel that trash.

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This is one of those games that I just can't help but laugh at. There are so many things that are wrong with this game. Bad graphics, poorly done QTE's, every environment is the same color (green and brown), awful character design, Ninja Gaiden-like story (in other words there is no story), etc. Ninja Blade will kick off 2009 not with a bang, but with unrivaled mediocrity. Kinda like Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom and Lost Odyssey did for 360 this year.

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You don't have a PS3, militant07. Just stop lol. MGS4 and Uncharted both mop the floor with Gears of War 2. Get that Unreal Engine 3 trash outta here. Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 will be in leagues of their own so it's they're not even worth mentioning here.

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Holy sh*t! I wonder where it takes place this time. REAL-TIME by the way. Naughty Dog only does real-time cut-scenes.

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Why would anybody do that anyway? The customization is piss poor. Is that supposed to be Lara Croft? Lol. When did she start wearing capris?

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Both are HD, Wii can't handle them, etc.

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You're gay.

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Imagine next year lol.

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The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery = Both published by Square-Enix and they are also the two WORST rated JRPG's of the year. They're dead to me. Don't care about FFXIII either. At least Versus XIII looks different, unlike any other FF. Rumors say it will be rated M too. Can't freaking wait.

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This is what happens when you make JRPG's for 360. Poor Square-Enix.

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