GDC 2012 was awesome!


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What is inherently bad in a game about animals having sex in tokyo?

Anyway, here's something interesting: if you want to be like that, Halo 4 is summed up by "an ancient evil awakens".

I'll repeat it.

"An ancient evil awakens."

You can't get any worse than that. It's so un...

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I'm sure Halo 4 is an excellent addition to the franchise but the Ryan's tone in the review leads to concerns about professionalism.

Asking someone to be completely unbiased and emotionally uninvested in the success of a game is ridiculous. It never happens and it might be undesirable, too; in most cases I wouldn't care to read a game review written by a history professor if I were trying to figure out whether the game, as a commercial product, is worth my time/mo...

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Hell no, I'll be taking your $10 then.

It's a 9, at best. Probably the infamous 8.5 though.

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Bad choice. They shouldn't have done this.

2048 may not have been perfect but Liverpool has consistently delivered some of SCE's best titles. WipEout HD Fury is one of the PS3's best games.

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They're notoriously abstract or conceptual. "Bad" is your opinion.

Some of the best gaming commercials never explicitly gave even a word about the product they were promoting. If nothing else, they serve to generate curiosity and establish brand identity: something that takes a lot longer to "get old" than a comedian mascot.

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Jesus christ what an idiot.

The "Mental Wealth" PlayStation commercial wasn't about a strange looking girl. You see, it was actually about what the girl said.

She talks about what makes games special, and how they are the medium of the future. She dismisses television as passe and tells people where we're headed:

"It's no longer about what they can achieve, out there on your behalf; but what we can experience, up he...

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if they get him in, i will buy the game and i will buy a Wii U for it.

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What does "kickass" even mean in this age, in this industry.
Almost every game these days markets itself that way.

Same goes for "epic".

Worthless words.

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560 Ti is still good enough to handle almost anything. I think you should keep it.

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just in time for college!

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just the right formula for selling a game these days

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It's roughly the same quality as posted above, but with a slower framerate.

The best option is to watch it from the PlayStation Blog (above) or

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Might as well watch it directly from Sony.

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that would be pretty neat.
Seriously, I want to know why PSN regularly has to go offline for maintenance.

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Yeah bit of a false alarm here.

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That wasn't random. The invader initiates the attack. A player still controls the encounter in Demon's Souls.

And even beyond "online structure" Journey is still the only game trying something new. Every other game is a tweak on the classic "power quest" that has ruled commercial game design since the industry was born.

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the only game redefining the online experience this year is Journey. Everything else is just iterative and evolutionary.

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pfft. probably some social or mobile or browser game.

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It is going to be the same engine.
And people will eat it up.

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