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that's just people lagging #4.1
most people should know now if they didn't already that beta=demo pretty much. what you see in the beta is what the game is just polished #3.1.1
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i own both but ps4 collects dust at the moment because xbox live servers are better am i stupid now? until blood borne comes out then my xbox might be collecting dust #1.5.3
cool so when are devs going to add the option to mute people? oh wait its already fucking there. Everyone that sees this message i'm going to virtually rape you as if you can't just scroll down or walk away from your monitor or whatever. Now i'm not saying its okay for people to say all of this but they really aren't doing any harm to you what so ever you can easily block all communication with people online. #20
ghost is some dog shit so boring and bad. I have to force myself to play it and this is coming from someone that plays cod a lot. #2.3
no, if it wasn't a full $60 people wouldn't hate it because majority that have played it said it feels like a DLC of BF4 maybe if it was $40 or even $30 more would buy it and wouldn't bash it #3.1
that's how all hardcore sony fans are tho anything they say or do its alright. #1.2.1
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@lukas you can go on and add money to your umg account and start playing wager matches against other people you can bet from $1.00 and up and plenty of online tournaments mainly on xbox though #5.1.2
if its that easy a lot more people should play it competitively it should = easy money right? #5.1
but you will forgive them any way. #2.3.1
hes fun and funny, hitting someone with a falcon punch is hilarious. #2.1.2
Falcon is one an original to the game and not only that but one of the best/funniest characters on the game. #2
you obviously have never watched competitive cod. #13.1
nobody has a problem sniping someone across the map not once i have heard someone say i couldn't hit/see because resolution. party chat on ps4 is a lot quicker but the quality on the xbox party chat is a lot better and psn doesn't have dedicated servers for cod and if they do then its trash compared to xbox one i notice a huge difference between the two online. also PS3 cod online feels just like ps4 cod online. #3.1.7
resolution doesn't matter that much when it comes to playing competitive you won't be like "oh my god look at the trees." framerate on the other hand matters and cod has a more stable framerate compared to ps4 from my experience playing both. also cod online on xbox live is a lot better than PSN #3.1.1
he retired from making disc based games he said he wasn't going to make any disc based games and go digital only but yeah seems like he is back #8.1.1
The american box art for Dark Souls looked better to me without a doubt but other than that Japanese box art for everything else compared in the article. #5
People that have nighthawks don't lag trust me I have a lot of friends that own them and they pick up everything faster and get a way better ping with it. #3.1
i got the xbox bundle with titan fall and i wish it came with the disk because i would so take that game back in a heartbeat #3.1.1
this game looks to be like an rpg type game but with blood and gore #15
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