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Blues got the muffin #1.1
well, i would say ask because i'm sure he would want to play with all his friends. #1.11
it kills you in one hit? lol i kill it all the time no problem. do you have any armor and did you level up yet because thats weird #1.5
take that with a grain of salt not enough information in that pic looks like it could have been mk9 mod on pc #3.3
most devs suck at playing video games. #10
his recovery game is terrible, one mistake towards the edge of the stage and he is pretty much done. #1.1
you won't get very far then because they ask to drop cash pretty early on. You don't have to drop cash tho #1.5
only semi interested in the order since i'm not a fan of the black bars didn't like it with the evil within but still finished the game. I will just wait till it drops to pick up the order and will most likely get bloodbrone day one #20
they have a trailer with all the characters #1.1
i would say its powerful if it was locked at 60fps but its locked at 30 which is still good for how big the game is and how much is going on, i will say its strong hardware. #4
@MurDocINC they are but i believe they can ban the streamer for cursing unless they changed it. I feel like its going to be for those that want to stream but don't take it as serious #1.3
i don't know what streamer you're watching on twitch then, most streams that have source quality as an option are crystal clear and most on high are really clear. #1.1
does anyone know if a demo will release for ps4 or xb1? I really want to play it before i purchase it. #3
2nd season was and is ass. loved the first season. #8
afraid he can't do that he only has one bubble lol and you only have one more left for this article. sad to see that neither console can run beautiful graphics at locked 60fps but it is what it is. At this moment i really just want Final Fantasy XV and KH3 or something with an amazing story and just all around good and is fun. i got off topic but ehhhhh don't care. #5.1.1
you have to buy the 2nd season to have him so no he's not free. #5.1
talk about not knowing the facts #1.2
the 60fps makes it look so good and smooth #1
its news because it was never confirmed that he was going to be in the game until now. #1.1.2
some people aren't having problems because they were playing before it all happened; i tried to get on like 2 hours ago and it took a few tries but i finally signed in but i couldn't play any game online. #42
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