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so much has changed from 2015 at E3 when i played it. At that point it was just nothing but boss battles fun, but now they're adding more and more and it's looking great so far.

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The man, the legend, the beast, Daigo.

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there is two game modes one where you move the objective and the other where you capture the objective. I'm sure they will continue to add more content.

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yeah 3rd person cover shooters aren't your style because UC2 was fun as hell and the best UC multiplayer.

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you see that's why it got so much stick "It's a really good game with 4 players!" I personally like the game a lot but i only play it with one friend whenever they get on to play it. People are really picky now a days so it is what it is.

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I will be getting it but i don't think it will be the system seller xbox one needs. It will gather sells but not like you imagine.

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Gotta remember outsold naruto on ps4 only. I don't see why people are complaining though. I like both games but only own naruto at the moment.

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if people enjoy the game then let them. Why do you want cod off the market for?

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if you want to download it now on US here you go

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he never stated that anyone was forced to play them. With those games being free it's more than likely people will play it/give it a shot because they got it for free.

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I was in the alpha and all I can say is that this game is amazing.

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I knew it was coming would be a dumb business move not to do it. I just didn't know when it was coming since it wasn't there on arrival.

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It's possible since they're both from Brazil, but we will just have to wait and see for confirmation.

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this late? the game is still about a month and a week away. I can understand if they said this the week of the release but its not late at all.

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this is actually one of the best cods minus the specialist thing that most won't like . I had so much fun playing it at E3. Don't knock it till you try it.

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they have premade decks that you can buy but all in all you get cards from winning as well as points and with those points you buy booster packs. you also have to beat certain story missions to unlock the booster packs

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alright thank you for that info. and why in the hell did i get 6 disagrees?

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So still no word on xb1 release date because all i see is ps4 sometime this summer everywhere i check.

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why not just get ea access? unless you really just want to own it.

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I played it at e3 it was amzing but that was lan so it went smoothly. I can only imagine how bad it will run on launch for online.

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