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if you want to download it now on US here you go #1.3
he never stated that anyone was forced to play them. With those games being free it's more than likely people will play it/give it a shot because they got it for free. #2.1.1
I was in the alpha and all I can say is that this game is amazing. #6
I knew it was coming would be a dumb business move not to do it. I just didn't know when it was coming since it wasn't there on arrival. #4
It's possible since they're both from Brazil, but we will just have to wait and see for confirmation. #5.3
this late? the game is still about a month and a week away. I can understand if they said this the week of the release but its not late at all. #2.1
this is actually one of the best cods minus the specialist thing that most won't like . I had so much fun playing it at E3. Don't knock it till you try it. #2.3
they have premade decks that you can buy but all in all you get cards from winning as well as points and with those points you buy booster packs. you also have to beat certain story missions to unlock the booster packs #3.2
alright thank you for that info. and why in the hell did i get 6 disagrees? #1.2.1
So still no word on xb1 release date because all i see is ps4 sometime this summer everywhere i check. #1
why not just get ea access? unless you really just want to own it. #1.2
I played it at e3 it was amzing but that was lan so it went smoothly. I can only imagine how bad it will run on launch for online. #1.2
If you really think they dropped silent hills to make a yu-gi-oh game then I feel bad for you. #1.5
Just give me UC2 multiplayer I don't care for 3. #8
UC3 multiplayer was just awful compared to UC2 to me at least. Power plays, kill streaks, etc. UC2 was simple and fun I did hate a few perks like the one that let you see enemies through walls if they nearby and they also had perks that put you at a disadvantage which made it more challenging. #1.2.5
share play doesn't do that when it can turn out bad if the host doesn't have a good upload speed to share it and share play makes the game have 30fps for the receiver so I wouldn't say it successfully combines the two experiences at all. #8.2
only person I know that is seen as a top player that i can recall using a 360 is smug. Some people are using ps1-3 pads or fight pads, but majority use fight sticks. Saying "NOBODY" is a big statement #2.3.3
last time i got on it (about a month ago) only seen 2000-4000 in total playing #1.2
the detail in this trailer looks amazing but the frame rate oh god. #2
The title is Need For Speed nothing else to it. They said its a reboot of the need for speed franchise. you can check their twitter. #2.2.1
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