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you obviously have never watched competitive cod. #13.1
nobody has a problem sniping someone across the map not once i have heard someone say i couldn't hit/see because resolution. party chat on ps4 is a lot quicker but the quality on the xbox party chat is a lot better and psn doesn't have dedicated servers for cod and if they do then its trash compared to xbox one i notice a huge difference between the two online. also PS3 cod online feels just like ps4 cod online. #3.1.7
resolution doesn't matter that much when it comes to playing competitive you won't be like "oh my god look at the trees." framerate on the other hand matters and cod has a more stable framerate compared to ps4 from my experience playing both. also cod online on xbox live is a lot better than PSN #3.1.1
he retired from making disc based games he said he wasn't going to make any disc based games and go digital only but yeah seems like he is back #8.1.1
The american box art for Dark Souls looked better to me without a doubt but other than that Japanese box art for everything else compared in the article. #5
People that have nighthawks don't lag trust me I have a lot of friends that own them and they pick up everything faster and get a way better ping with it. #3.1
i got the xbox bundle with titan fall and i wish it came with the disk because i would so take that game back in a heartbeat #3.1.1
this game looks to be like an rpg type game but with blood and gore #15
wrong it died a week after release. #1.1.1
that cod shitting down their throats is getting them money. #2.4.1
yeah the system is what killed it for me and made me hate it if it wasn't for dropping it would have been so much fun #3.1
i hated DDD personally the worst KH to me. #1.1
when you go on the smash website and you look at the profiles it shows only 36 pictures available so as of right now i only see it being 36 characters i think 40 would be a good amount tho. #1.1.8
depending on the game with the fps situation i prefer 60FPS for everything no matter what but certain games i don't mind 30FPS for example infamous second son. #2.1
Mario Kart 8 looks like the mario kart from the arcade that had pac-man on it. #6
The video is asking if its called patriots in the first place because no one outside of who is working on it knows i am pretty sure and 2nd i believe that was the code name for the game. More and more leaks have hinted to AW as well. #3.1
its fun but lobbies i get into always lag its annoying #1.4
@ScamperCamper exactly but nobody knows officially what the next cod is going to be called all of us are making assumptions that it will be modern warfare 4 and its a big chance that it will be that but no official word until they release the trailer. #1.1.3
well i mean its a squeal and we don't know the official name for it what else would they call it? #1.1
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