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should've kept it free to play and would be a lot more people playing it .

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it's going to flop sadly. it's a pretty fun game. the mistake was saying it was free at the start then releasing it for $30

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well you go to the store and buy it that's how you buy RE7

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i would rather upgrade my pc and just play it on there.

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i would, but after seeing this there is a chance it might be free for US users as well. Also i have to finish mafia 3 since i just got it and want yakuza 0 and kiwami more than gravity rush.

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i want gravity rush. don't really care for KZ since I know people won't play the multiplayer for long even though its mad fun

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@OmnislashVer36 what are you talking about gen 7 they stayed quiet they wanted cross play with rocket league but microsoft didnt want to do it for whatever reason there is still cross play with pc players on RL for ps4. I don't know why they didn't want it with MC but i'm pretty sure it was a dumb reason

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I think I will be getting it like the concept and from that e3 gameplay snippet at the end its a hack and slash and that's what I need.

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I like the art style, but I was hoping for more of a hack and slash instead. the gameplay looks like it plays really similar to For Honor which is something I personally didn't want.

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Decent game, but AMAZING MOVIE. (I felt like this was more of a movie than a game to be honest.)

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I loved The Order 1886 but to be quite honest it felt more like a movie than a game. If they do make a sequel (hope they do) they need to balance out the cut scenes and gameplay to be even or at least more gameplay.

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It's 2B

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How do you come to that conclusion with this video it literally shows nothing to judge it. couldve been ps4 gameplay with that title

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oh the game is amazing loving it! the only thing i wish is that I had ps4 pro cuz on ps4 there is a lot of frame drops. literally one of the best games this gen to be honest I highly recommend it to everyone. OH AND CAN'T FORGET THE AMAZING SOUNDTRACK!

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The game is honestly amazing only downfall I'm having with it right now is the FPS drops!!!

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What this article says is all true i've been lucky enough to go 2015 and 2016 and during the 2015 E3 was before The Division released and I legit waited TWO HOURS in line to play for maybe 15-20mins. I can also tell you that 2015 had a lot of freebies such as shirts,pins,lanyards, and etc. where as last year they didn't have much to give away and had more people than before. It's a cool thing to experience I can say that much so if you really want to go then do it try it out once ...

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A lot of the top streamers were sponsored to stream it

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What are you talking about you don't need to put any credit card info to get free games with gold you just need xbox live gold. Don't spread out false information to fuel stupid console wars.

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I'm getting it regardless because I loved the game when I played it at E3 and when I played the Alpha. Do I think it's a good idea to have persistent internet connection even for single player? not at all. I enjoyed the game so much though so I have to get it.

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That's your opinion. if it was a garbage franchise it wouldn't be where it's at now.

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