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please let it be 60fps or locked at 30fps. #8
bf3 and 4 bore me. BFBC2 all day. #5
it was just friends list/partychat down and it was down for about 4-5 hours. it came back at around 9pm or 10pm pst. #1.1.6
got it yesterday along with the evil within for 25; went to price match it at best buy. #3
It was suppose to be a launch title at one point. #1.2.2
lol whats the point of share play if they keep blocking out games? #5
Only fanboys think that servers can't go down for Microsoft but everyone knows that xboxlive is way better than PSN. Lets just see how long it takes them to fix this issue with Halo. #5.8
don't pay for it when you can just find it in a toilet. #2.1
you can go in with a picture of the ad on your phone and it should work i done it like that a few times #3.1
I know i will but i'm not going to spend money on a game just to get mad when the frames start dropping.I won't skip every game that comes out just most likely won't get it day one. like on ps3 when i was playing through dark souls i was enjoying the game so much and then i forgot what part it was but it started dropping frames so much i stopped playing it and took it back #25.2.1
um i own both consoles xbox 1 and ps4 so you should get your facts straight got damn fanboy. lol you sad little man. GT&PSN = supersonicjerry #25.1.1
if its really 30fps i'm not getting it day one or might not even get it. #25
The whole meta game is about to change with the new patch coming out new smites and so much more. #3
I think SSW probably felt like that because they didn't really have a challenge it looked way to easy for them. I just got into league and finals was boring to me as well because it was so one sided. #1.1
cod had third person game modes on mw2 and it was fun actually #1.2
resolution ain't important Frame rate is what is important. Ghost was 1080p on ps4 but that frame rate wasn't locked at 60 made the game even more trash than what it already is. #9.1.2
best racer to you and a terrible racer to them its all OPINION. #2.5
that's the thing a lot of us won't pay for the DLC but plenty of others will pay for it no matter what. With that said companies will continue to do this because we will always have certain people pay for DLC even tho its already on the game, thus making the companies and devs think its okay to do this. #1.3
I'm in the preview program and this update is the best thing to happen to x1. being able to snap friends, messages and just about almost everything makes it so much easier especially for people without the kinect. since i'm in the preview program i had it since the beginning of september so i don't even know what they're going to do in the next update. #5
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