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984d ago by SuperSonic266 | View comment | Offensive
when it comes to RPG's/JRPG's

the 360 fails

although it fails in pretty much every genre, other then casual #6
Excellent review, from what is considered the greatest console off all time!!

the xbox 360 delivers experiences that the PS3 cannot simply provide

Games like this, prove that the 360 is in a league of it's own

And that league is, casual soccer mums #3
Cant wait for this game!!! #3
So happy to see Ni No Kuni doing so well :D #1
all halo games look alike

It's basically copy and paste

So this mistake isn't unheard off #11.1
What's wrong with being hyped up for multiplats

Is there some kind of law against that now? #3.2
this is why the PS3 is a dominant force! #2
987d ago by SuperSonic266 | View comment | Trolling
u wish it was comming to the xbox

this game is a PS4 exclusive #1.1.1
Ni No Kuni > This #5
2 days before my birthday :) #9

strap ya seat belts in, because this is going to be one bumpy ride!!

All aboard the hype train!! #6
here we go #3
shouldn't you be in a pokeball #4.1
Looks amazing, if only the wii u wasn't such a rip off #10
Cant wait to download all those stuff

i love xbox #3
it won't sell as much either

hehe #1.4
Cant wait for the EU Release!!! :D #3
in short

It will be casual with no third party support #5
Did you see that!

He plays the PS3

Dead set legend!! WOO! #9
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