Go get em!


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The Getaway was awesome. Was hoping to see it on ps3 but now hopefull for ps4

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Wow u really are a dumb ass.

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Hmmm really? If this is true then its a big day for gamers.

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I dont plan on buying an xbox but its still interesting to see what games they will show and what they will look like.

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Ps4 for me. Not much else to say really.

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Oh dear MS its not looking good for you clowns is it? Lol

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Interesting read

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Sounds great, just dont tell Adam Sessler ;)

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I hope so! San Andreas was so much fun!

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It has not faded for me! I still think about the ps4 revel with Mark Cerney and the "supercharged" ps4! Maybe its me but its still got me hyped!
P.s It was a very clever revel on Sonys part imo.

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Wow, you went all out with that comment lol

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Cant wait for this game or for the PS4 to launch. Its gonna be such a good year for gamers! Opps i also forgot GTA5 too! With that and E3 soon my head may just explode! lol

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Dumb fagot racists. Always headshot those fools. Kids that yell and blast music.

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I hate activision.

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Yep totally agree. I really enjoyed Saints 1 and 2. The last one was a joke and this looks even worse.

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Laughing while eating breakfast just isnt good. Lol

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Is this for real Lol

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Picking it up also. I never had the first realese but a friend did and it looked ok but i was jus knee deep in other games at the time. Hopefully it will be ok :)

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Hopefully a glimpse at games like The Witcher 3 and Battlefield 4. Hopefully Naughty dog are working on something new for the next gen. That being said i just cant wait to see what they got to show for everything Playstation 4!

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I dont think it means much at all. I think pc gamers are happy being just that...a pc gamer.

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