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Looks like an awesome party game to play with mates. Castle Crashers lite maybe?

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Like childhood trauma... ;)

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I don't understand your point. Zelda's hardcore.

Wii Sports is what got the casuals interested in the Wii.

Please explain?

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That's the kicker isn't it. Nintendo was bagged for innovating with the Wii and looked what happened... ;)

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But I agree that the press is just as guilty as Microsoft's PR. From my hands on experience the truth is much more in the middle.

Pretty funny article, all I can think of now is fanboys with dirty sanchez's. lol

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Rugby League is like a game of Pong. Back and forth, back and forth...

Plus I have super fond memories of Jonah Lomu rugby on the PSOne. I'd love an update (EA Rugby just didn't cut it).

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Nintendo did win and yet I can't help but feel a sense of deja vu with the hardcore reaction with Microsoft. Remember how the hardcore behaved when the Wii was announced... look how quickly things change.

Nintendo was planning to refocus on the hardcore all along and you can bet Microsoft will do the same, but probably in half the time (2-3yrs).

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Exactly. Well put and bubbles. I think that's what the OXCGN guys were talking about in the videos.

I mean I was at the Natal/Kinect event and it was fucking weird, but totally made for a non-gaming TV audience.

Microsoft was thinking far bigger than E3 this year.

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All the hardcore reaction to Microsoft's emphasis on Kinect this year proved just how well they've been treated over the years by Microsoft. Now they're whinging like spoilt brats because, shock horror, they realise that hardcore gamers are only a fraction of the market and they want to do something about that.

And anybody who says Move was better, I'm sorry but you either weren't at the conference or you're as blind as Ray Charles drinking Kevin Butle...

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Apparently it shipped 1.5-2 million and I was a big fan of the first.

I actually disagree with the analysis in the article. I thought DJ Hero 2 was the strongest title in the line up, but definitely agree it's a hard thing to demo to press/retail.

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I have no idea how Bulletstorm will get approval in australia.

But NFS by Criterion looks rad.

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Yeah bit worried actually. Looks much more action orientated. The media showing was actually pretty bright too, not much darkness/blackness for stuff to hide in the shadows.

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I kinda of feel that this is just inevitable.

I really enjoyed Nuts & Bolts, and I'll enjoy Splinter Cell. This argument also reminds me of the XCOM debate, but just look at Fallout 3.

I admire what Ubisoft has been doing of late across a lot of genres (AC2, Ruse, Ghost, SC, Rabbids, Just Dance?!), but I'd be lying if I said I didn't still yearn for some oldschool hardcore goodness to sit side by side these forward thinking titles.

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The only downside is I spent 2240 Microsoft Points in one sitting (yes I grabbed Track & Field! lol).

I have a feeling that if people buy like I did, this thing will gain traction and MS will have me poor in no time... just like Steam. sigh :P

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They took 4% of the vote away from this idiot, and I've no doubt help him realise his time had come.

Maybe he should call Jack Thompson and they can go on a holiday to Germany where they can mutually enjoy their early retirement and a country that's even further behind the gaming generation than Australia.

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Always been a fan. Keep up the good work!

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Shadow Complex, Trials HD and Splosion Man were absolute standouts.

This on the other hand was the lowpoint. ;)

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I freakin hate hospitals. Loved the one in Left 4 Dead and the one in Dead Space was seriously f'd up!

But the scariest hospital ever has to be any of those created in Theme Hospital, now that game was freakin twisted. lol

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Perhaps he just OWNED both sides. lol

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I rarely pre order or buy LEs, but I made exception with Forza 3 and grabbed the LE for $100. Sweet! :D

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