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"Competitive Plinko Playaaa "


Games Films Music...all things that have lost their roots and have become victim of the corporate world #67
I liked the new COD...but after a while it wasn't really doing it for me. I am enjoying BF4 on PS4 again,since it was on sale for 12 bucks recently in the PSN Store.Its gotten more stable and it runs really smooth,almost feels like 60fps tons of people always playing and it seems some people have learned how to follow squad orders better #46
I tried puclrchasing, can't ship to US. Looks like its only for Germany right now. These are just keychains and wallets plus they are from bio world so I'm sure there will be plenty for all #15
same here #2.1.1
who is anmelden? #6
I wish they re did rainbow 6 vegas #19
Battlefield 4 is 60fps on ps4? #29
finally, some creativity from a game #4
Pretty much gta without the funny #16
GTAV is the only game ive been playing lately. I would like to get Alien Isolation though #10
oh thats right Wii U still exists.
damn nintendo what happened? #1
Survivor Man has his own game #6
their statement was spot on with my thoughts. GTA has been around for so many years now,everybody kind of knows what to expect as far as drugs,hookers,killing,ect. My problem is there are a shit ton of irresponsible parents letting their kids play this online. Sometimes its kids who cant even put a sentence together yet,but know how much a blow job in the game costs,or how to execute a drive by. #82
No, the controller is mine. I called it #17.1
somebody send me a controller...its all i want #15
or just plain ole nostalgia #31.1
Damn, I atleast hope they put that controller out for sale #30
Aren't they based in Russia? If so I doubt anything can be done. #1.1.11
I haven't been to a Kmart in at least 12 years #16
would be cool if they brought back that original diskdrive that popped up :) #40
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