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"Killzone 3 FTW!"


because nobody cares about europe #9.1
cut scenes now = gameplay in the next gen. #45
a gta world where you could us your planes to fly to wherever #13
if that's the case, then rainbow 6 vegas, here I come #1.3
am I the only one who gets the crap scared outta them while playing this...I'm in the sewers with the other guy and his brother. i see infected running across the screen into other rooms ahhh trippy...maybe i should play sober #11
I've givin up on COD.Sure BLOPS 2 is a DECENT game,but all it really did was catch up to today's average fps. the last time I had that FUN feeling when playing COD was MW1,and BLOPS1(though not even close when compared to MW1) #3
wait actually believed them? hahahahahahahaha #2.1.2
its only the start calm down.rainbow 6 didn't look super next gen,but the graphics def got better as time went. #27
Noone really knows how much they paid for parts,they could have had the hookup for the low.Never 600 is alot these days. a 400-450 machine is something more affordable right now #42
Graphics were not a big jump from ps3-ps4...atleast thats how it looks.But the titles we've seen are launch titles.It will get better and better going into the middle of the gen #75
damn...bubble #1.32
I'll give them my slim plus a hundred bucks and another yer no interest for another 100 bucks....damn times are tough #49
Graphics look great.Looks like they went back to the Killzone 2 style and just injected it with Bane juice. Finally getting to see Vecta as a real city,with skyscrapers,billboards,etc. As long as the story and gameplay hold up,shit should be a solid game,yuh #64
You must admit,the hit detection is the best it's been in the past couple COD games.Though it still fux with you at times.

I loved the first MW,then hated everything after it, basically.Then I stopped taking COD as a game to be highly competitive in and just started playing for's way better like this for me.I think I'm past my days of tournaments and wages.I'll save those for sports games with my buddies #1.1.1
Pickin' it up tonight. Had to trade in 3 games to be able to get it. I just hope the hit detection is proper. #20
What happend to the days when all a man needed was his gun,uav,airstrike,and the occasional chopper.I'm still getting this hoping that it's good. The hit detection looks fixed so signs look good #1
Sony does suck with promo. at least in the States #57
Well.Atleast I got to live through Nintendo during their hayday #45
because customer service = great games #21.1
Gaming went super corporate. #23
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