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is this game a FPS?? #3
some people are just closer to the edge than others. has to be built up from years of shit from other people #1.1.39
This cant be the same Konami I grew up looking forward to that game #69
damn, thats the real reason i didnt rush out to get it. Servers were so bad on the last one #1.1
can somebody answer my fucking question? Is this game a shooter?!?!?!??!?!? #35
this game is collecting dust on my shelf. trash #11
is this game a shooter???? #3
wow, im thankful i didnt purchase this game. I knew it was too good to be true #13
so is this game going to be a FPS? MMO? I know very little about it #24
Was hoping for a new WW2 game this gen, still waiting #72
hell, i think they even did this with Rainbow Six Vegas #12
one thing id love to see is progressive damage. Being able to see a face swell,and cut up progressively through each hit would be cool #3
I always hoped for a GTA in Tokyo, would look beast on pc and current gen console with all that lighting,exotic enviorments,cars & people #34
trading it in today getting whatever credit i can out of it and put i toward RB6 Siege #53
soooo I can pre the closed beta,and if it sucks i can just cancel my preorder and put it toward something else right? #1
damn...I have to wait til friday to get some weed... #23
soon youll be charged a fee for each time you hit the power button on your console #11
yeah that kinda made me mad, and the 20 dollar price is BS. Im only still on the game just to get the surus regime after that ill jump off #4.1.1
rainbow 6 used to be good games. I hope this one doesnt suck #22
Im starting to not really like the game anymore #4
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