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I think I'll stick to Flock! on the 360 #4
Domo Arigoto, Miyamoto San indeed!! #4
hmmm, definitely like these touch games better than those with the controls in the corners #2
I like the color and the characters. #2
Was thinking about getting this but maybe I shouldn't :/ #3
graphics are pretty impressive. Some times I do think there's just too many games like these out there. There could be too many games out there all together. #5
it's good for parties I think. healthy competition #1.4
fairly? lol #1.2
excellent! #6
really? I'd just think, "Who's this idiot in a costume? It's not even Halloween." #4.1
they could have at least gotten better costumes... With the money this game will make, come on #5
No podcasts should be 4 hours. Bah! I'm even really hating the noes that go over about 90 minutes. #3.2
Yay! Wii price cut.
oh wait, I already have one... #4
too bad. were expectations that high though? #5
How many people really play shooter games for the story though? #2
good straight... Just anything where you what to say x cups has horrible connotations now. #3.2
Think that Iconfactory's Ramp Champ needs a physics/controls lesson from these people for sure! #4
I totally welcome the name change, it was hard to talk about while keeping a straight face #3
not all games are great games, sadly I think there is more garbage in the app store than there is gold :( #4
oh sweet sweet sweet!
I need a couple new iphone games #5
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