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dude, you are on N4G, your opinion is only as good as your bubble count, no matter how right you are.

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so basically, the game is Battle of Z on next gen? why couldn't they just do a budokai type game, so sad right now.

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i hope it has budokai combo cancelling, unless this is just HD tenkaichi.

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they could have just made it 2D ffs, looks like an updated battle of Z :/

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i love borderlands but this can not be passed as a main game, it could have been passed as an extensive DLC instead

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Is sugar puffs too sweet?

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well said.

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you say "I really couldn't care less what you think about this game." yet you go on to argue about his comment, now that's funny.
plus if you genuinely think the games environment i.e. the modern city section is "most beautiful and just plain jaw-dropping environments I've ever seen. Both from a technical and artistic perspective." i know that's your opinion but man, i would recommend you to play more games.

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that hand was creepy O_O

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this dude is getting his ps4 for free now, lucky bastard

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err i think saints row 4 copied prototype's gliding

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dude, you CAN customize the characters

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can people stop saying "leaked" when retailers like amazon UK have already posted the game to many people, for amazon to send the game out i think it is safe to say the game is officially out.

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you're shit* fixed.

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@icarus_High, Black was a good game but man....im tired of seeing FPS games everywhere, would definitely prefer to see a new burnout

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this looks really good and if you think about it, "ivan" is actually YOU...the player.

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they better make sure it's available on next gen consoles, seeing as it is next year.

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i put $500 in, money well spent...

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atleast its free to play

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i like it, feels fresh, nice twist on the cat and mouse scenario, hope they are different modes and way more players online.

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