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Next day shipping is $3.99. Two day shipping is free with Prime.

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It's $38 by the way.

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I wished we would get a news or at least a comment about Heavensward trophies already.

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It's happening...

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@Kane22 They are aware of the issues.

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This is your Free Company house. You buy it as a group. Everybody contributes.

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This is an example of a Dutch Auction. Prices will go down every 6 hours at a specific rate (0.14% typo in Patch Notes), but the highest asking price is basically for servers where the economy is very healthy.

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What a erm... generic tweet.

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As much as I like supporting businesses in my area, when the GS manager asked me if I had pre-ordered the PS4, I had to tell him that I would rather spend the money saved on tax on a new game by ordering from Amazon.

In the end, I managed to save $45 which will pay for my Plus renewal.

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I don't know if she got paid for interning at Insomniac but because she was just there over the summer, she wasn't eligible for any medical benefits, hence this campaign.

My thoughts to her and her friends and families.

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Legend of Dragoon for the PS4

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Cliffy is or rather was Mark's bitch.

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The congestion issues have mostly been fixed now, so it's not really a big deal.

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Where can I apply for a position of Gamestop manager?

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Sony needs to hire you as their VP, Makes Sense Department, second only to me, the President of Sony, Makes Sense Department.

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That Gold plated PSOne seems to have done its trick.

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More like this game please, Sony :D

That was an awesome gameplay trailer. So looking forward to it.

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Happy birthday, Beast.

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Kaaaaaaaaz Hiraaaaaai

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and that Polygon along with Kotaku love to bitch a lot.

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