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W101 is only 30$ now. With holiday sales I'm sure it will be a really good price for a good present. Everyone should play this gem #1.1
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I'd say FF: 2,3,1 (haven't played 4 or 5 due to Nintendo's selective hearing since fans have been begging for them to come westward. Same with the FF2 remake. They could easily win E3 next year by announcing a 2,4,5 bundle for wiiu. #5
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Except the wiiu is selling well and has consistently high rated quality games you cant play anywhere else. Nothing needs to be fixed at all. The "gamepad is a gimmick" is such a poor attempt to troll now. Its a great controller that allows for more options to play a game as well as having on off screen mode or local multiplayer with one person on the pad.

Sorry that Nintendo was so cruel to you as a child but nothing you said is a fact. #6.3
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Yeah I was expecting this was there way of slowly introducing us to GC virtual console. Start with smash than update Wind Waker HD and Kart for support than at E3 announce GCN virtual consoles with Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime, and Star Fox Adventures to start. #1.3
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Outlast was terrifying because you were defenseless. That's what made it so great. A horror game with guns isn't scary, just shoot and you're safe. #2.3
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We need a REAL horror game like Fatal Frame V...not this horrible, predictable, jump scare crap. #3
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Then you have never had fun with friends before. That's what those games do, they are pure fun and are meant for local multiplayer and simply having a good time. #8.4
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I highly doubt 6 games qualifies as "every" wiiu game. Stop crying you sound as if you hate the idea of getting more for your money or your poor to get amiibo and you don't want anyone else with a job to have fun. #9
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Bad reviews maybe. A good review is suppose to be like all news and be unbiased being an open minded analyzation of the games mechanics to inform unsure buyers of what to expect so they can make their own decision. #6.1.1
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A perfect combination of Gears 1 and Gears 3 with a plot centered around E Day would be amazing. #5
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I generally like Ubisoft but this is complete crap. It looks on par or a tad worse with many cross-gen games and the only new thing they brought to the series besides is going into building which many games did seamlessly last gen. But whatever helps justify something that doesn't need justifying... #10
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Who voted new gen kiddies? Most of those aren't even bad. This list is more like "The most disappointing video games of all-time, according to entitled brats who don't know the definition of fun or would know a good game if it hit them in the face" #2
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ZombiU is a great test run for what could have been an amazing sequel. To many things hold ZombiU back from being great but the concept was amazing and the game was still fun if not for the bat swing delay and the grunt/yell with every swing. #2.1.1
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Oh Kotaku, trying to be the hipsters of the internet...again. This was filled with more opinion in it, the reviewer seemed to hate it before going in instead of having an open mind and analyzing the gameplay of the game. #6
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That would be cool and unique but lets face it kids today haven't even heard of what morse code is let alone know how to understand it... Shame really. #7.2.1
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I dunno but are arena shooters are making a comeback and Rainbow Six is going to be about strategy and tactics instead of the run & gun style vegas was (ugh). The new Doom interests me the most out of all the shooters announced and MCC is going to be a nice blast from the past. #6
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It wasn't bad the first year and the second I had tons of friends playing. Once they all bought stuff my interest fell #5.1.1
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Aeria Games? Sir it's not free to play. Aeria is very in love with the Pay to Win concept. I would know I played SMT Online since early beta and was always undergeared because they held the good items hostage. Played for two years then lost interest. #5
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Why the first game wasn't even that goof and is only popular because of bad let's play reactions to terrible jump scares. This is why crowd funding needs to go, gamers don't want crap they want quality. #2
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Because it's the new idiot fad when really it's just stupid and major sites only make jokes about it. #6
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