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Can't wait to see if it lives up to the challenge. Demon's Souls is by far the best in the Souls series, Dark Souls felt too easy (DKS2 was a bit more so) but Demon's Souls still kicks my butt and I bought it day one and beat it well over a dozen times. Can't wait to get my hands on it. #18
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There is and it will sell better than this crap even though they are shoving this down our throats. #2.1
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game looks good but what is setting it apart from being just another generic zombie game with generic brown palette? #3
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troll much? $10 bucks for not one but THREE games that were printed for a limited time and are pretty expensive to get otherwise, it's a steal for anyone who likes games and has a pulse especially for those who like Metorid or want a way into get into the series. Even at the higher price of $20, that is still a massive steal considering the disc is close to $100

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I'm still surprised for a game that is releasing this year (and probably before the Holiday season because that will be Zelda's release) they haven't showed a lick of footage. #2.1.1
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That's what he is in the new movie. Best movie ever right? Not #3.2.1
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Heck, I would be satisfied if they said they weren't ready to show off the gameplay but gave us an idea of what they concept will be with some concept art. I can understand not wanting to show it off too early (especially with the way some gamers react to differences from reveal to release) but give a little tease. I'm more curious if this will play like an SMT game or like a FE game. #1.2
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Well the first two were terrible but this is worst. Dr. Doom....a Blogger, common seriously? And Fantastic Four was always fun and tongue in cheek, there was none of that in the trailer. If it wasn't trying to be fantastic four then maybe it could have potential but it just doesn't. Antman looked better and that is saying a lot when the teaser we got for that. #3.1.1
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Yakuza is awesome. Gave my copy to a friend a few years ago but after Y5 was announced to be (finally) localized I wanted to play 3 & 4 again. Now I have the chance. Great games, fun gameplay. I'll finally get to try transistor, it sounds interesting but the gameplay doesn't look good but I'll try it out. Was pleasantly surprised by Swapper this month so it's all good and I bought Thief on my Ps4. Was really hoping for Killzone to be on PS+. #17.2
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Movie game? How about nothing because it will just be terrible, not to mention we don't need anything else associated with the terrible reboot they are calling Fantastic Four... #3
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And tomorrow is my payday =] Can't wait! #7
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because External HDDs aren't available at nearly every store and for super cheap.... I'd rather play less for the console with a small hdd and just plug in one of the many spare tb externals I have laying around. Heck, I saw a 1tb for 50 bucks in the store and 2tb on sale for 60. #3.6
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I was buy now I might not. #4.1
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Well the Last Guardian is on it's way (so we are told and not shown) and in all technicality ICO is the sequel to SOTC... But I would kill to play TLG at some point in my life before I'm 30 (which is still 6 years off so they have some time) #3.1
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A new console this soon would hurt more than help. They also said they wouldn't release a new one until all WiiU owners are satisfied. #2.1
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It's really looking like it will be, even if it's out in Japan first then an early 2016 release to the rest. #1.1
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I think the only change is you dont need to go I to Wii mode and you can use the gamepad for procontroller support #3.2
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Xenoblade isn't happening or else why bother with the New 3DS port. They won't draw attention away from that. Last Story is a good possibility. #2.1
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Oh, my guess was going to me "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as soon as the developer logo popped up, and the legal info, and the title screen, and the loading screen, and the....geez PewDiePie is the worst #3.3
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I really liked Near. When it first came out I was checking that daily and where ever I went. It was really interesting to see who had a vita in the area. Over time though you could see interest fall when it went from being in the 100s to 50s to 20s.... last time I check I was lucky to find one. #12
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