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Floaty gameplay, terribly written and predictable story, art style ripped straight from Bioshock, the worst AI guards I have ever seen in all my 25 years of gaming (run around broad daylight in front of the guards and get stealth kills), the promise of being able to kill everyone or kill no one (and while the no kill option was in the game the first person I tried to kill that wasn't a guard, a random maid, it gave me a game over and told me I can't do that). Terrible game that got wa...

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Why even ask this now. 2 hasn't even released yet and if the major problems that dragged the first game through the mud are still present in 2 then there shouldn't be a 3rd. That said I really hope they can turn Dishonored around, it had such great potential but it flopped so hard.

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Duty will do the most number despite all the crying

Battlefield will have the best gameplay but slightly less numbers despite all the praising

Titanfall 2 will probably be forgotten about like the first one was.

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Great game...TERRIBLE controls. Once again Minecraft gets ran circles around. Terreria the first time and now Dragon Quest.

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True but then that screws up your controller for every other game. I'm not going into a game, quitting, setting up the controller, then have to do it all over again for a different game. The developers should patch in proper controls or give an option to change their awful backwards control.

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I really like it but I HATE the controls. They feel so unnatural and there is not way to change them. Why is X the menu and O jump? It should be either X or Triangle is jump, then X be attack and have R1 be build. The menu should be options or the touchpad. The story is interesting and it's a way better Minecraft than Minecraft. I really want to get this but I don't know if I can handle the controls, the 30 minutes or so I got in before work I was getting really frustrated. Also it co...

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Nice line up. I already have Resident Evil but I've wanted to play Transformers so it's still a win.

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Please, do you really think the average consumer going out this holiday is going to pick the Pro over the slim when the majority of TV owners don't have 4K sets and general holiday shoppers are looking for deals and lower price points? Sony said it themselves, the Pro was made for the PS user who switched to PC because they care about graphics more than gameplay. The Pro isn't going to be much a benefit without a 4K set and HDR is eventually coming to ALL PS4s. They should have pulled...

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Simple. For those who have the consoles already (provided they don't die for unexpected reasons) then just wait till the next generation starts rolling out next year. For those don't, get the console of your choice the PS4 slim if you want PS4 since the Pro has been a mistake since day 1 and/or the Xbox Slim. If you have a 4K TV and you are a gamer that thinks graphics matter then go ahead and get the Pro, otherwise the slim will do more than fine for your gaming needs.

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Nit pick the video. They are games who cares if it's not 100% accurate to real life? Please go try and break into a massively guarded and secured won't be able too and even if you manage to get it you won't be getting out unnoticed or without 20 cameras in a 2 block range having multiple angles of you. Everything in this list is in the game to help build strategy, keep the flow of the game going, or give rewards for being stealthy.

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I mean there were rumors a few months ago that that was the case. I could only imagine the rage the internet children would throw seeing how bad the Bayonetta 2 reaction was. I'm all for someone like Nintendo or anyone picking it up if it brings it back to life. Bayonetta 2 was amazing.

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I mean it's more of a break than COD ever gets so we can at least be grateful Ubisoft actually cares about their franchises, kind of.

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Wow, didn't realize you could change their outfits. Hope there are more outfits later in the game. This game is going to really show the 10 years of work after it comes out by all the small details they haven't shown yet. Can't wait for it to release.

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No it's really not but we are in the age of entitlement where anyone over the age of 7 that has unrestricted access to social can cry and whine about everything.

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We will see. If they can actually keep their promises for once with ME:A then they have a chance at redeeming themselves but so far they have burned us for 3 games and gotten away with lies. They need to step up or they will find gamers won't be so easy to give another chance.

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I'm pretty excited. Started replaying Gears 1 the other day, trying to decide if I should replay 2 and 3 or just go straight to 3 and save myself the agony of Dom crying for 8 hours. Also haven't played Judgement so I might give that a try thought I've heard it's pretty bad.

Honestly I can't wait for Horde Mode, was pissed to see the entire Gears 3 mulitplayer was blocked behind a paywall so I can't play Horde until 4 releases.

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Yeah, those lots of people who won't use it don't even have a 4K TV which makes the whole PRO system something they should have just not done in the first place. The people buying the pro HAVE a 4K TV, HAVE the 4k service from Netflix, and probably want if they haven't already bought a 4k blu ray player.

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More solo friendly? You can play nearly the entire game by yourself. The armor you get in raids and the MP are for people who do those. Everything else you get in the solo is more than enough to play solo.

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Agreed. Me and my friend get together every Friday and play games together. Couch coop is a far better experience than you can ever get online, and you can get some pretty awesome experiences online.

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Why does Amazon still have this listed for October...

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