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Pretty sure it already is but I'm glad to see the continued support for it.

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Guess that's a nail in cell phones coffin too because even the advertised "charges in 15 minutes" I haven't seen charge to full in less than 3 hours.

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Work on making a game that people want to buy first, unprofessional.

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It's getting pressure for all the right reasons. Bioware stated they were going to make a game for the fans, a game more akin to Mass Effect 1 and we get a game that is even less RPG than the last game. If you think fans only had a problem with "the last 5 minutes of a 5-year-old game" then you have no idea what you are even writing about. Me3's hate goes beyond the terrible last 5 minutes. The gameplay took out almost all RPG out of the game, the choices through the whole g...

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While that's a problem for fighting games on Switch, any really serious fighting game fan gets an arcade pad anyway. PS controller barely passes out of all the systems.

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Eh, phone games. The last 3 Nintendo games to hit phones flopped. I'll wait for the 3DS and 2 Switch games.

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Well, they got one thing right with the online "The Nintendo Switch has a bonafide user account system that will keep track of your purchases and funds from system-to-system, similar to what you’d find on PS4 or Xbox One."

Now all they need to do is use the Nintendo Network ID to allow us to redownload digital WiiU games and Virtual Console titles. Granted this may be a pipedream but if the Shovelknight devs can give all WiiU owners the Switch definitive version f...

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I preordered the regular one. I'd rather buy the pack of matching ones if I do get more, it drives me nuts not seeing them match. It was one thing for the demonstration trailer to define who is Player 1 and 2 but I just can't do that.

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and Sony is doing with PSVR. It's a very common practice.

There is the fanboy in you. No, Sony is limiting stock, I've talked to many stores in a big population area and they said they were lucky to get 1 barely for Christmas. None of them have got them since.

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Basics for video games systems: A line up of good games for the first year...looks like they got that. Oh I forgot you are going to buy the Scorpio solely for Netflix and not any video games when TVs already have it available.

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Yeah, how dare you not have Netflix which is on 3 other devices that I carry on me at all times or the 9498950238940 different devices already out there. It's horrible to you to think a video game developer should deliver video games! /s

Get with it Infected, not everything needs Netflix. Go yell at some prepaid flip phones at Walmart, those don't have it either only because it's Nintendo and you are a pathetic hipster does this mean the end of the world. Did y...

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Wow, it hasn't even launched and you are comparing it to 25 years game gaming? I never saw you say that when the PS4 didn't have as many exclusives for the Ps4 day one as the Ps1, 2, and 3. You trolls get more and more pathetic every day. Sorry that Nintendo gave you a puppy then kicked it but I'm pretty sure no one is forcing you to click on these articles.

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And people are crying there are no 3rd party games or any games for that matter besides Zelda and Mario. This is only the start too, haters seem to forget E3 is where they will give a better look at the next year.

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Couldn't agree more. Like you said it has it's fair share of problems and maybe it's not in the top 5 Final Fantasy titles but it was still a fun game. But we are on the internet so if there is one tiny problem then automatically it is the worst thing ever because the children that love to hate will never enjoy anything.

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He said at the reveal...not overall. Or did we all forget E3 is still around the corner.

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I had this thought of a Odyssey inspired Mario adventure when they announced this. It would make sense with the different worlds/dimensions being a version of the islands/realms that Odysseus goes to on his travels home.

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Wow, one bad feature and tons of great games coming out this year and you think it's dead lol. This certainly isn't good but there are far too many pros with the Switch.

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It better be however the devs want it to be. BOTW looks fantastic.

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It'd be a good offer if it were one of the cgi ones...but those movies are trash and I highly doubt the new "final chapter" will be the last. Like bad horror movie series it's always the last one until the next one.

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True, they could hand out 12 gold bricks for free to everyone and people would someone find a way to complain.

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