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This is how Naughty Dog has always done their games. Take a legendary city that may (or more than likely) may not exist. Then take some of the history behind the myth and put an even bigger fictional spin on it, What I really appreciated was how they managed to make Avery and Libertalia's cured history feel so alive compared to the other games.

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lol You have no idea what happens during the development process. ANYTHING could happen that could delay the game. But apparently you would much rather people release broken games so you can cry about how every game gets released broken then have the developer do the best they can possibly do. Stop being an entitled brat, they owe you nothing. They aren't inconveniencing you in anyway. Entitled brats like you who send death threats because something you have zero involvement in and have z...

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Well you don't know what happened behind closed doors. What if development was going really well and it looked like the release date they originally chose would work but then at least minute they find something game breaking and catastrophic? You want a broken game because you will complain about that just as much.

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Or preferably something new...

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It's 3 days, that's no big deal to cause worry. If it went from June to let's say November then I'd say that's cause for concern.

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At this point I'd keep those expectations really, reallllly low. Nothing about the development of this game says "amazing game". Granted I want this to be the rebirth of Megaman but this trailer plus the bad previews recently and the messy development cycle, it's looking grim.

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Well while the climbing and shooting were more refined in 3, 1 had a much better story.

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No spoilers? Okay. 4 >= 2 > 1 > 3

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Cyberpunk 2077 coming in 2077

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That doesn't make it its own game.

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Maybe DLC of the year but it's not its own game therefore can not get GOTY. Right now Uncharted is on top but we still have a whole year ahead of us with Persona 5 and Final Fantasy 15 coming up too.

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Okay just like not all single player experiences need a multiplayer forced upon it the same thing can be said for a multiplayer focused game. I really hate this age of entitled brats when we used to have multiplayer only games before and nobody complained: The old Battlefronts, old Battlefields, Counter Strike. Overwatch is a MOBA and nobody is crying for LOL, DOTA, or even Team Fortress to have a dedicated single player story. Did Blizzard do a good job with the lore, yes. But most of these...

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That isn't remotely close to being the same. Wired controllers don't have input lag and the mini usbs can mess up the controller too easy. Trust me I tried that with one controller and it messed up that PS4 controller.

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I would love to get a wired controller though 60 bucks is a bit of a stretch. So sick of wireless and their terrible battery life. Sony needs to get on board and give us a wired PS4 controller.

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I agree, the comic book story style and gameplay of Sly Cooper mixed with the open world of inFAMOUS it would make the perfect Spiderman game.

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You couldn't be more wrong. Nadine was intelligent and knew when to call it quits unlike Rafe and Sam hence why she pointed out "look around, anyone obsessed with this treasure got what they deserved"

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June 12 brah, you can wait a few weeks. It's not like Bioware who announced their game years ago

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I loved Shadowrun!

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Maybe, noticed that glancing through reviews. Ryse was pretty terrible though.

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360 kills it. Ryse was awful but I'd check out that other xBO game.

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