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Pokemon Go's super hype has gone down, that doesn't mean it's dead There is a huge dedicated community now and yesterday we got info on a ton of updates coming so the game isn't going away.

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wouldn't work on phones and it's on 3DS so stop crying.

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I remember people like you 20 years ago saying Pokemon is just a fad...yet here we are still popular as ever dominating not only the handheld gaming market but now cell phones too. So please tell me when this "fad" is going to end? Because I'm still waiting.

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What else is new. Old people confused and mad that something is actually doing good in the world and people are having fun. This Pokecraze 2.0 is even more fun than it was 20 years ago when there wasn't social media to make even the tiniest thing a global issue.

Let them attack all they want, at the end of the day I'm the one enjoying life and making friends while they brew in the bitter and hate they breed. It's a beautiful summer and I'll go walk and enjo...

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As the best Zelda game? OOT couldn't even topple ALTTP and Wind Waker was much improved over OOT. I do agree it has the potential to really shake the series and the industry up again like the original and OOT did and BOTW is looking great. I can't wait to see what it looks like on the NX whenever they decide to reveal that.

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Pokemon games are already open world especially when you hit end game. But I can see it on a much bigger scale if the NX is a handheld like heavily rumored. If it's just a plain home system then no.

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Watchdogs 2 and Dishonored are two completely different games in completely different genres...someone is really butthurt they are being positive.

Simple reality, if they take the time to address the issues from the first game to make a better second than sales will more than likely be better.

But really, did Ubisoft kick your puppy or something? You're awfully bitter for no reason.

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I'm really enjoying the game. Story is (so far) good and interesting, the music is the best, and the gameplay is fun. I would suggest waiting for a sale or price drop. It's a really fun game but I don't feel that it was worth the 40 bucks. 20 would have been the price, even 30 would have been good.

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Well he claimed it was modified too so it was probably lethal. This is really old news though, he's been long since arrested for his threats and his pedo A** can go to jail where he belongs.

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It is. I am enjoying the game, don't get me wrong, but it is definitely not worth the asking price. Should have been 20 or 30, that or they could have put in voice acting...even Bravely Default and Second have voice acting there is no reason why a console game shouldn't.

Again, enjoying the game but totally not worth $40.

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How's it "stealing money". It's literally $20 extra bucks which unless Activision is more greedy than we expect will be the price of the standalone when that eventually comes out.

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Hopefully but I'm high skeptical. I do hope the fans who have hyped this to the highest heights get enjoyment though.

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Which is nothing new. We've know for YEARS it's been in development and they've been hyping it up for YEARS as "amazing work and that it will blow our minds"....and yet we have seen nothing to prove any of it. So nothing new here.

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Which is exactly why you'd think they'd jump out in front of the way of the bus before it hits them and SHOW that it's amazing work being done, that it's "the best game ever", that it will "blow our minds".

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They weren't trespassing, they were parked on the street. Last I checked the street is a public place. This is just another case of crazy Florida doing something crazy.

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How can users figure out the Legendaries and Ditto if they are event locked and haven't been released?

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Yeah, theft and piracy...good job promoting that. Now turn in your gamer card go to the slums where you are wanted.

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But...we already got them on 3DS. They aren't made for cellphones and would never work. A 2 DS is less than 100 bucks go buy one.

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NO the Pokemon Chat app that the article is talking about. I know the Go app itself still has some problems but it has improved since launch.

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Did they improve this app. Last I tried it was terrible. It was either not loading messages, not loading the correct location, just plain not loading, not responsive. It just wasn't very good.

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