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She's not a villain. Caius would be a good stand in as he was a way better villain mama's boy anyway.

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Looks like Herley Quinn meets Demon's Souls' Woman in Black and the Silent Hill Nurse. Not a bad think, I like it.

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Exclusives are what drive system sales. If you don't want to put out exclusives that people want then people won't want your console plain and simple.

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In half a year or more so there is plenty of time to provide feedback so they can improve it. It's a mess right now but so was XBL and PSN when they first started too.

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Not only this gen but last gen too. Wouldn't mind if in their spare time they do a remaster of the first game so all the new fans can see what they skipped out on last gen.

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Way to be completely off topic. What does Nintendo have to do with Sony's PSN sales? Oh right, nothing you just are trying to troll when someone says positive comments. Lol try harder.

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One foot in front of the other. But please continue to trash talk when I give a compliment you sad troll.

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They are taking baby steps. Still, a small selection and not that many must have games. They have come along way though.

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DAI was trash

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Yeah, let's force a developer to make a game they don't want to make because that's good for quality and moral...

If they don't want to make it they don't have to make it and you can suck it up and move on. If it comes then it comes, if not then oh well there are more games in the sea.

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Good thing there is still 6 months minimum for people to provide feedback so they can develop it further instead of being a sourpuss on the internet.

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I'll give it a shot but all Souls clones have been trash, they all try too hard to be a Souls game and end up just being unfair in difficulty instead of challenging.

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I'd be okay with long as it doesn't take 15 years to release like KH3

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This game was really fun but I still like Persona 4 better. Really hated how much time you spent reading text messages and how long they went on sometimes just because they didn't want to make a cutscene. Not to mention Morgana ranks up there with Fi and Navi as the most annoying sidekick..." you should go to bed", no I want to SAVE before I go to bed so I can stop but now I have to go through two or three more days because you just won't let me stop. The story is awesome an...

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If he finishes the latest book. I almost feel as if he doesn't care anymore because the show is widely more popular than the books (though the books are great) and the showrunners have all the information they need to finish the series.

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It has plenty to offer for now. With mainline Pokemon and Monster Hunter going to Switch it's only a matter of time left for that system. It's had a great life but it's time to let it rest. Pokemon Ultras and Metroid will be the systems biggest swan songs.

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Really? I haven't seen anyone playing this or talking about this game since it's first few weeks. I've wanted it but I'll wait for black Friday for it to be 20 bucks, the last couple Tom Clancy games have been subpar this generation. Looks interesting though.

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Eh, I played the one strike yesterday then deleted it immediately since there was nothing else outside of the ONE strike to do in the beta.

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They have already said they would not have done a sequel if they weren't 100% sure that the story was right. So seeing as we are getting it then I'm sure it's fine.

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