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Why enjoy the many available games and look forward to the new releases when you can whine on the internet about it.

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You are seriously kidding, right? I mean, did you completely miss the full 60-hour game that came out last year and the so far 2 story DLC's that have released since then...

This DLC was hardly their focus until way after the development for XV was done.

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So it's actually going to be real! This is exciting!

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There is no denying that Mario 64 made waves when it came out but you'd have to be in complete denial to say that Sunshine and Galaxy didn't that what Mario 64 and greatly improve on it each entry. This looks to continue that trend and really push what it means to be a 3D Mario title forward.

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Still not worth it...

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THAT is a far better trailer than the other one we got.

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30% is going to make a big difference. Halo 5 alone is 90gbs to download as it is, you add 30% to that it's around 117gbs (give or take I'm rounding). To install, then delete, then redownload 117gbs is INSANE. 90 is already ridiculous. Even if you have physical it's still going to take forever to install.

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Pokemon is pretty much "kids first RPG". Easy to learn and play for kids but deep and complex the more you learn.

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How about MGS 2-4 + Peace Walker. Unfortunately, MGS1 would be left out.

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Meaningful? Achievements aren't even meaningful on PS4 or XBO. Really hope Nintendo doesn't add them because they are just a waste.

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Xbox One isn't a 4-year-old console? Last time I check 2017 - 2013 is a difference of 4 years. I know I was never the best math student but that is as simple as it gets. It is not a new console it is an XBOX ONE.

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It's a 4-year-old console you and you can get the Pro for $300-#350. So 200-150 is a huge difference for a marginal difference. Yes, it is overpriced, it should be $350 - 400 for pricing.

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Yeah...both are ridiculously overpriced.

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or longer since P4 came out nearly 10 years ago. I can wait though, they always deliver a quality game. I don't care for spinoffs but there is nothing wrong with them.

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No, nobody should even buy this game out of protest. It doesn't matter if it comes out and the systems we hate now are still things we hate. WB isn't going to look to comments they are looking at numbers. If sales numbers are good then we only showed them this kind of scummy activity is okay, and it's not.

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That'd be nice, maybe they can whip them into shape. No excuses for broken games with Sony.

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But did the modders pay to mod out the paid mods? I don't care for mods but good for the modders, paid mods are BS.

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and internal memory is free? Still, costs money and sd cards are stupidly cheap. Pathetic excuse.

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I'm not sure if this is supposed to sound like a good thing? Like it is it supposed to be reassuring that a multi-million dollar defensive vehicle is going to be controlled by a children's toy?

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But it's 100% okay for Ps4/XBO? I do agree though, any system should be able to play the physical game off the car/disc...installs on physical purchases are BS.

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