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Should have let Kojima have it since it's best and only practical uses were MGSV and P.T.

Thought you quit gaming for pachinko, go back to your terrible inhumane work conditions.

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my thoughts exactly

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Has been since day 1.

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Angry Birds was a terrible movie. It had good animation, I'll give it that but that's about all it had going for it. Poor writing, terrible acting....just bad.

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That and we are sadly years away from a proper TES 6 and they needed something to keep us occupied. Still hoping for an Oblivion remastered.

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When will they learn Quantity ≠ Quality...

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Wow, well at least we got the lesser of two evils. MS actually put them to use, albeit some bad use but use none-the-less. Activision would have shut them down faster than they shut down Sierra or turned out terrible BK games like they did with Crash...or worse turned them into an abomination like Spyro for Skylanders.

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I feel like I have seen this title a 100 times a day for the past week...

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Everyone loved the horror and the puzzles...those were both in the demo. It felt like a Resident Evil game but in first person making the horror aspect ever better. So what did you think people love about the original resident certainly wasn't the dreadful tank controls.

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Man it's making me so sad to see all the ones they had planned. Dr. Strange was one thing but I love Spider-Gwen :(

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This gen didn't bring a very big leap and I highly doubt we will see a massive leap like we did from Xbox/Ps2 to 360/PS3 for a very long time. Yes, this is 100% a next gen system much like NX is a next gen handheld or console (possibly both?) from Nintendo.

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The demo was fantastic but it you want to live in your blanket of nostalgia and believe tank controls and very predictable horror tropes are superior then that is perfectly okay, the rest of the industry will move on to what is better.

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Who cares, you are making your own anyway. I'm guessing the story canonically is a female lead much like the original trilogy Shepard was male but ultimately it's up to the player to make their own chracters and pretend to make important decisions that Bioware will say were wrong choices and make their own ending and ignore the player choice they prided themselves on.

I'm still waiting for gameplay, that should be the real question. Why is Bioware so afraid to ...

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Remember *It's better than nothing* :)

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Banjo-Kazooie, Lego Racers, Zelda, Pokemon Snap, DK64. So many good memories with this thing. I feel so old now.

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This launch just keeps getting worse and worse. Shame someone with such a legacy could fall so hard.

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That's what I'm thinking. By the way the kid is calling Kratos "Sir" it shows that the boy doesn't look at Kratos as a father or Kratos isn't embracing fatherhood yet because he just became apart of this kids life. So going by the demo Kratos has been watching the kid for maybe a few months when the game starts. Asking "who taught you how to hunt" is not something you generally ask if you have seen the kid grow up from birth.

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Oh good, I'm glad a time traveler came back in time to tell me about a game that isn't out yet. Tell me oh mighty traveler of time, is 2017 kinder to all the nice people in the world and we don't have famous good icons dying every other week? Does Trump win and if so how long before he is impeached? Does Obama really disclose the truth about Aliens before he leaves office like he has promised just recently? Finally, and this is my most important we ever find out how ...

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Another article like this...enough already, we get it you are afraid of change when the changes are absolutely positive. It's going back to the horror roots like we wanted, it's getting the old light puzzle elements back, the only thing that's really different is that it will be in first person and that just makes the horror aspect better. It's not tank controls like RE1-3 and it's not the action that people didn't like in 4-6. Give it a chance or do you WANT another R...

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I mean, it's not different than the crossplay with the Vita. It's a good move for them to do that and could even help more people get into PC gaming as they can get 2 copies of one game and even if their computer can't run it at that time it's not like they wasted their money and can still play the game.

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