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I wouldn't care what platform it comes too as long as it comes. If Nintendo puts up the money to keep the series out of purgatory then so be it, if Sony or MS got the kick to the gut for letting a fantastic series leave their system and one of them put up the money for it then that's awesome. Either Sony or Nintendo though since Platinum now has a bad history with MS. Multiplatform would be the perfect but it will probably remain a Nintendo exclusive.

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That will be interesting since Mario Kart was really big for the WiiU with a very high attach rate too if I recall correctly.

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Hub worlds for multiplayer? Could be interesting but I don't see how that would work, that'd get annoying with kids screaming and spam killing unless it's a gun free zone then what you would just wait around for a match like Overwatch's annoying Skirmish/Waiting for Players mode? That would be the worst, doesn't work for Overwatch then it certainly won't work for developers who take shortcuts and anything they can very lazily. A 48 player game mode would spark an inter...

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Unless they completely revamp the multiplay and for once in their life do something new and interesting and can learn how to write a good story then no. Right now they are bent on doing nothing new and leaning on the same WW2 event troupes for the single player and it's Activision so there is zero chance of them fixing and changing the multiplayer but there is still time so we shall see.

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2.99 huh, way to profit off someone's death.

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Truth and they will still complain every year when they buy the game and realize they were scammed for a 10-year-old formula again, swear off never buying COD again, buy the $60 worth of dlc, then verbally attack everyone when the next year's COD trailer comes out claiming it as the best thing since sliced bread...then you repeat the cycle.

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Exactly, they want to prove they changed then they would show off gameplay now. If not they eat 15 minutes doing a demo of a game we have seen every year for nearly 10 years now because they don't change anything. Activision is lazy and doesn't care. But the I see the COD sheeple are out in force ready defend the game they will play $120 for after buying all the locked on disc DLC.

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This has no relevance to the topic, someone is salty about something that doesn't matter.

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Lan parties often include fun games.

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ONLY because of the MW remaster, keep that in mind, it would have flopped had they not held the remaster behind an $80 paywall.

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That would require opening a history book and actually putting work into the game. To Activision WW2 = D-day, only D-day and bland characters yelling at the camera to "get your head down". Not to mention they the DCEU approached at used 2 colors so the game looks grey/brown and boring. BF1 shows they how to tackle history with respect for free and Activision completely ignores what is amazing for another generic crapfest where they change nothing about the online (which still plays ...

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Shocking that Activision would cop out and refuse to only focus on D-Day because they think that is what WW2 is. No gameplay either. What a f***ing joke.

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As long as they fit the aspect ratio to actually fit the screen, unlike Kingdom Hearts. Love that series but them not having it fit the screen in 2017 is completely unacceptable and made the games horribly unplayable.

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The ads and clutter in the Playstation Store are about to get interesting.

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Battlefield did WW1 beautifully and handled it beautifully. So it's certainly not too late for WW2, though I seriously doubt Activision's empathy and passion for treating the subject with the dignity and respect it deserves. Especially because we know the only thing from WW2 the COD devs know about is D-Day and we all know how COD loves to glorify killing, I'm sure there will be a story part they shoehorn in for the controversy to generate sales since it was perfectly okay the glo...

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Depends on the game and how much the developer wants to tell a story. For me personally with my bad attention span when reading I focus on single player experiences plus with how interactive it is the story can be more personal.

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For sure. It was pretty obvious that it was going to get delayed since we're halfway through spring and they haven't said a word until now but it's for a good reason and it was clearly a difficult decision.

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As long as the story is as awesome as their first adventure into Red Dead and the multiplayer is separate then I'm not worried at all. I don't need a single player expansion for every single game and the shark cards helped sustain and give way to constant updates for GTAO, I didn't buy any but it's clear many, many people did so it's clearly something the player base is going to want.

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You seem to have an extremely strict definition of what Classic means. Demon's Souls was widely popular and loved by fans and if you ask what are iconic PS games Demon's Souls falls onto that list. Not to mention with the mainstream popularity of Dark Souls bringing back Demon's Souls would be amazing (and I agree with you, in the Bloodborne Engine)...not to mention Demon's Souls is still the most difficult of all the Souls games so watching the Dark Souls fans struggle will b...

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ResistanceTrilogy, please! We're still waiting for Resistance 4 Sony!

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