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Well FF7 remake was never announced there was only a tech demo idiots thought was an announcement. The Last Guardian we actually got updates even if they were "it is in development " that more than what we have for Agent. agent we have a logo that's it. Let it rest in peace. #9.2.1
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Not really, they could be renewing it just to be holding on the the trademark in case they want to revisit it someday. It's very common for a company to keep trademarks even if they don't do anything with it for years. Eternal Darkness is a good example of that happening a lot when they haven't touched the title since the gamecube days. It'd be cool if it came back but with GTAV/online being as big as it is they are either concentrating on DLC and new content for that and/or t... #9.1.1
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No, it's been dead for a long time just drop it already and accept the fact it didn't work out. Just like Half Life 3, at this point it's better to never expect it at all vs sitting there waiting for a game that was scrapped long ago. #9
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You must have terrible taste or picky as hell because the 3DS has a ton a great games. #9.2
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The NX could possibly be a handheld, we don't know. It's honestly time for a new handheld compared the the WiiU and I'd like to see what they can do with a more powerful handheld and how great the last few pokemon games were...maybe we can get that long dreamed of Pokemon MMO we've been waiting for or at least a Pokemon with all regions in one game. #2.1
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As long as there is a non-VR option on the game I completely agree. #1.4
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Really hope they make a new Red Dead. Redemption was so much better than any GTA game and with the excellent work they did at making GTAV huge and good looking then Red Dead will be 10 times better as long as they have a main character with morals like John #16
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Oh, I'm sure it will be on Ps+ sometime next year if not really close to the Remake launch to hype up the remake. #2.1
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There are a lot of games that are worth replaying on older systems and people who grew up with the systems have very fond memories of the games and possibly the events going on in our lives at the time. It's fun to go back and replay/remember. #7.3
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WiiU won target and Best Buy won PS4 so it's all good. #4.5
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I think Vivi would be perfect. He's pretty kid friendly and his magic would be really fun to use. #5.1
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I agree, not everything needs a sequel or a million sequels or spin offs. I'd like them to create something new and interesting like Detroit, hopefully they will make the last wizard (or whatever that tech demo was called) next. #5.1
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It looks great but I had no idea they added an option to play the story in chronological order...the story is probably wonderful when seen in proper context. #7
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They said they would talk about what NX is. They did not say it's a console to succeed the Wii U or a handheld to succeed the 3DS and they certainly did NOT say it was releasing next year. Check your facts before opening your mouth. #10.2
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They didn't announce a new console, they said the NX is the next system. They didn't say it was a home console, a handheld, or something to go along with the mobile move they were making. It's a great idea to pick up a WiiU since it has a lot of great games just like the other system. #3.1.3
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Bet it has a better story/ Character development than a Michael Bay movie too. #1
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I'll agree. Thankful for the hard working game devs that put countless hours and love into their games without thanks and endless harassment from entitled brats.

I'll also be thankful I'm financially stable enough to keep gaming on modern systems and new games. I know a lot of people still complain about devs and Sony and MS still supporting last gen but there are people who can't afford anything else. I know what it's like to be dirt poor so I can under... #3.2
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While they could TRY to spin it that way, when they go to the comments to see the positive vs negative they will also have 99% less views so that "gamers side with us" wouldn't hold any ground when they have 5 views and 5 positive comments 4 of which were from the article writer on different accounts. They are the vocal minority. #3.1.2
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Well the problem maybe whinny journalists but the bigger problem is all the clickbait by doing those articles drawing people in to argue...maybe if we ignore these poor excuses for journalists in the gaming industry and outside then the SJW problem will go away or at least be ignored enough not to matter. I treat people in real life the way I do online: Start whining and bi***ing about everything and being negative I'll just leave with no word or warning. #3.1
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Hope they change their mind because if you think Nintendo is radical for removing an unnecessary slider then this should be outrageous. Good thing the devs think it's ridiculous maybe they can be persuasive. #2
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