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this is just a game, and video-games dont kill real life humans, like the same way movies dont kill a real person.

real guns are killing humans, if they want to ban something than they should ban maschine-guns.

the wild wild west dosent exist anymore except in red dead redemption.

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show some singleplayer gameplay.

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More Space Flight Mission and Spaceship Level !

The last part of killzone 3 was the best of the game i loved the space level and flying that spaceship just Awesome, particularly the sound effects of that spaceship.

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i hope GG will make killzone 4 on ps4. the should take that opportunity and flesh out the universe. it's a scifi story, that brings allot of opportunity on the gameplay perspective aswell, to make the game stand out. bringing out a sequel with just better graphics and bigger set pieces wouldn't be engouh. Make something unique, make it more scifi like star wars.

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my favorite one is R&C Crack in Time.

Sony should make a Ratchet and Clank Movie, Pixar style !

Why haven't they made a R&C movie already.

That would be much better than those other ones from Sony

Pictures Animation like: Open Season, Surf's Up, The Smurfs,...

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thats very gooooooooood my friend ! my good friend !

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if they pay me like 1.590.600 € a year i maybe work for them.

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Make Jak4 Naughty Dog :)

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twisted metal, gta5 and dmc for me

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great score buying the game next week

bazinga :)

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bring it on sooooooooony !

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i will watch it live, even i dont understand japanese at all

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this game could make people buy the move controller, and it could have a big audience hardcore gamers and a younger audience especially harry poter fans.

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the singleplayer campain from resistance 3 is probably the best of the year perhaps the best after uncharted 3.

i just wish the would have put an updatet 8 player co-op mode from resistance 2 in the game, that mode was so great, damn it !

creativity and strong narative make the singleplayer so unique from other first person shooters, i am pretty sure that i will enjoy this game.

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waiting for the review scores from ign, gt, gamespot,...etc. !

i will miss the 8 player co op mode from r2, but beside that the single player campaign looks like going to be the best in the series so far.

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wow twice

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next price cut could be at the wiiu launch, maybe 199 then.

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they should create a partnership with disney ! to create a dedicated Nintendo World Theme Park within Disney World Florida, with a big nintendo store.

and nintendo could to games with disney charakter. and diseny could make also movie's, tv show`s with nintendo charakter.

also open some nintendo store's like the apple one's in USA: Orlando, LA, NY,...
Europe: London, Birmingham,Paris, Berlin, Münich,...
Asia: Honkong, Singapu...

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1.Respawn Entertaiment

2 quantic Dream

3 Insomniac

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no way !

not until at least 2013 or 2014

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