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It's an awesome game, but hard to directly compare to others. It's turn based strategy but also had aiming when you sniped, no squares to move to, and overall just had a fluid more natural feel to it.

I will have no qualms repurchasing it when it comes out. #9.1

It's not on his console of choice, so of course it sucks. #26.1.1
Ah yes, they're all conspiring. It makes sense now.

You left the house without your tinfoil hat so I didn't recognize you. #1.5.1
Did I say it was from MS? Oh, sorry - I forgot to look at your bubbles. Of course I must be trolling. Of course I didn't read the article. Of course.... #1.1.1
Dang, didn't this release just last month? Would have thought Forza would have longer legs than that. #1
Totally agree. If you save orbital strikes for the walkers you can decimate the imperials. It feels very good taking down a walker and shouldn't be nerfed. #1.2.1

According to the website you can preload on the 7th. #2.2

Some really good pictures, but I didn't see any tyre flex like you said was there. Why don't you take a couple more with max and minimum pressures to show off how the tyre changes? #3.1
Not as pathetic as the people that troll them. #5.1
@the pope

Before you start calling others crazy, you might want to look at your own comment history. It's seriously getting old seeing you post like everyone is out to get MS, especially after you said that ps4 has no games this fall. Without a doubt MS is bringing the big guns by that hardly means that ps4 has nothing releasing.

And if someone doesn't want to support something they think is poor practice that's their prerogative. At least he gav... #1.5.7

I think you know what he means. Most timed exclusives are for more than a month. If sales didn't meet a certain number there may have been a stipulation that they could break out of the exclusive agreement.

Think slowly on that one.... #1.1.1
Good luck with that. I've almost convinced myself that the game knows you're trying to save everyone and will just make the choices that much more unforgiving. And knowing that there are no do-overs makes for some seriously tense moments. #9.1

Definitely replayable multiple times. The wife hit a cutscene that played out differently than mine, and it took me an hour to figure out what one little thing she did differently. And since that changed, her final 2 chapters were different due to the characters being different. #7.2.4
That's what it was called! I was convinced it was called "the cave" when I was telling my wife about the similarities. Awesome movie btw. #3.1
I've been trying to find out how the dlc is accessed. My code went through but it doesn't show that I downloaded anything.

Awesome game, btw. The wife screamed and through the controller, almost killed the ceiling fan. #3
Wow, someone downvoted you because you asked for a link. Of course, I have also been unable to find anything on the forum so I anxiously await the disagrees myself. #1.1.1
I've got to ask. Did you not know what kind of game it was before you got it? I mean, I'm not going to get it (it's not my cup of tea), but I'm not going to troll it for not being something it never tried to be either.

Don't worry though, I'm sure games like HALO and COD will make you happy soon enough. #2.2.1
@ bigpappy

I don't condone any type of police brutality, but if someone resists arrest what is the police officer supposed to do? It's not like they can just give up and say "well,I tried to arrest that person but they said no". So what does the officer do when the situation turns physical?

Edit: and to touch on a couple points you made...
The strangle hold was deemed to be textbook, Garner wasn't strangled to death. Know your f... #7.3.3
Funny how we can read the same comment and get totally different things from it. But then again, I'm not trying to find fault in software lovers statement.

He never said poor= black, far from it. And the continuing issues that are in the "black community" just so happen to be in poor communities. I don't think any of the rich Hollywood actors or successful business owners that are black have the same problems that poverty class people have, black or white,... #7.3.1
Yeah, but in 30 seconds Kratos has pleased multiple women. Give me 15 minutes and I still haven't pleased one. #2.1.1
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