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@ bigpappy

I don't condone any type of police brutality, but if someone resists arrest what is the police officer supposed to do? It's not like they can just give up and say "well,I tried to arrest that person but they said no". So what does the officer do when the situation turns physical?

Edit: and to touch on a couple points you made...
The strangle hold was deemed to be textbook, Garner wasn't strangled to death. Know your f... #7.3.3
Funny how we can read the same comment and get totally different things from it. But then again, I'm not trying to find fault in software lovers statement.

He never said poor= black, far from it. And the continuing issues that are in the "black community" just so happen to be in poor communities. I don't think any of the rich Hollywood actors or successful business owners that are black have the same problems that poverty class people have, black or white,... #7.3.1
Yeah, but in 30 seconds Kratos has pleased multiple women. Give me 15 minutes and I still haven't pleased one. #2.1.1
You have obviously never played HALO. #7.1
Nightfall definitely fell short. Really enjoyed forward until dawn, though. #4.1
Check your facts before you call someone an idiot. #18.3.1

Check the timestamps, and enjoy your tea! #1.1.11
I wish a dev could take your last bubble. #2.3.1
I thought it looked good. They've brought back the arena based feel of the game, which hasn't really been there in a while. I'm not a huge halo fan but this had piqued my interest big time. #1.1
I was mad about that too, but picked up the retail copy when target had their buy 2 get 1 free sale. It's a really good racing game that rewards smart driving versus just going flat out into a corner and slamming on the brakes. Definitely worthy of a purchase if you're not expecting a racing game that has you crashing through fences and other nonsense. #6.1
You say it sucks,I say it's about time. It sucks racing online with idiots that just ram into you because they can't race properly. Knowing they will be penalized makes me very happy. #12.2
That's funny. My Windows 7 laptop at work constantly crashes, internet explorer often can't open Adobe files and excel says I can't save the file because it's "locked for editing" by another user even though I'm the only one who has it open. They know what they're doing all right. #24.1
Except that it isn't advertisement.

1. a paid announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc.

Could it be misleading, or totally incorrect? Sure it could. And because I still haven't found out the final specs for it on ps4 and you have (otherwise I'm sure you wouldn't be making snap judgements and false advertising claims)then it sound like the info is incorrect. But it doesn't soun... #1.4.2
@ creatchee

Or maybe he just wants to know that he spent his hard earned money on the better version? #1.3.4
Totally agree. But if you can have resolution AND all the other things, wouldn't you want that? #2.1
@ christoculus

"The game may not be revolutionary"

You said it yourself. Now I'm not knocking the game play, I haven't played it. But all this BS about only possible on xbone really makes MS look like they think their customers are sheep.

Are you a sheep? #1.1.3
Oh no! A Cheeto was trying to escape from my grubby paws and I killed it, but accidentally negged you in the process. I'll bubble vote you in my sincerest form of an apology. And if it helps you rest tonight, know that that Cheeto met with a very horrid death. #8.1
I've had a bunch of "bugs" too. My ps4 seems to play all my multi-plats in higher resolution and more fps than my xbone. I hope it's not a hardware issue. #1.8.1
That's happened to me too, ever since the patch. It pisses me of watching them run away with 0 health. #10.1.1
Dead rising 3 is awesome. It may not have some of the wow factor that other launch games have, but if you play games for fun this one won't let you down. #2.2
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