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Sorry, WTF is a "Megaton"? #50
Just curious, have you seen a wireless connection work? #1.2.1
At the moment, looks like only rent. #2.1
I saw the one for Ferra/Torr, cut Scorpion in half and ripped him apart, was insane! #1.1
Oh yeah, I had that happen this morning when I rolled up a hunter, hitting it with stones is the perfect analogy there, solo completely useless against that thing. #4.2.1
I like what I've seen so far, that wizard in the first mission is a pain in the ass. #4
Willing to bet Seth Rollins will still be part of The Shield when he's announced. #1.2
From everything I've ready so far, it doesn't sound like it's going to be like that. #2.1
Agreed, this looks really well put together, I wasn't sure about an Alpha Centauri/Civ V hybrid, but I think they've done a great job with this. #1.2
I'm loving the art style on this game, looks like an old-school Looney Tunes cartoon. I kind of hope this one goes multi-platform. #1
This is fantastic news, I'm very happy to hear they came out and confirmed this. #40
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It's a shame the headset integration was so poor on the game, would've been a neat feature if it had worked. #1
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I agree, It's a bit batty to think they wouldn't give us a way to post the videos to YouTube, but I really think it's worth Sony's time to put down an official statement on this and clear it up. #7
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1)Machinima stated that Mark Cerny could have misspoken on that.

2)That facebook post was way back in June, and they say themselves in the post that specs could change, so it's still a question until we get the systems in our hands.

Also, I still think a Vita/PS4 bundle is possible some day, so that's not a hugely outrageous prediction.

With all that, I still think it's worth having Sony come out and flat out say what's what,... #1.2.1
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@Hatsune-Miku - Not attempting to grasp at straws, in fact you'll find me firmly in Sony's a majority of the time, so this isn't a slight against them, but a need for understanding, because it's going to hurt those who share videos on YouTube if it's not remedied. #3
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Exactly, it doesn't quite add up. I'm just hoping to bring exposure to the potential issue and get an official statement from Sony on the matter. #2.1
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I would have to think that the Xbox One & PS4 will be the same since the Xbox One is now using blu-ray. #1.1
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It's essentially targeted as a Pokemon machine, so probably a cash cow in that alone. #1.1
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I don't know, o-Sunny-o may be onto something. With the ridiculously great reviews the game is getting, Sony would be wise to put out a next-gen version. Sure everyone will have played the hell out of it by the time the PS4 launches, but with the game being as good as it is, I'm sure many would love to revisit, especially if they had to trade in their PS3 to help afford their PS4. #1.1.1
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Thank you. :)

You know, that's an excellent point you bring up, they have not mentioned whether or not PS3/PS4 or 360/XBone players can play together. That would be interesting to see, I would hope we could so that our friends who haven't upgraded yet could still play with us, but given how these networks tend to not play nice with each other there's a sad likelihood that won't be possible. #6.1
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