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@snoopgg A crackhead has better graphics than crackdown

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Toy Story level graphics are the end all be all of gaming graphics....

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We dont care anymore. All these frikkn cool new games coming out. So big whoop to you HL Team. Go do nothing then.

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Well if it were to replace consoles for some reason, and was $50 a year, that would make their cloud lifespan for that hardware (unless constantly upgrade) 8 years worth to make it the cost of a PS4. (Thats if you were to get free games with the subscription alone)

Now to buy games for it instead of just buying the virtual 'console' then the rent fee for games would come in.

The downside is you have to connect online to access stuff if there is no...

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Glad you were able to customize your UI in a matter of seconds then

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Stop making it an either or like the other guy said. Whats wrong with having both at someone..... dont make sony think we want less instead of more. We dont want featured taken away, we want features added on

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@uptownsoul So are you complaining about other UI shortcuts on other OS's like WIndows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc? Its not like its bloatware, you dont see all the apps from the PlayStation store forced on the homescreen, you have to download those....

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oh its open world? nice. idk much about it, can you get out the ship or play as a person in third person? we gotta find out more about these games

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battlegrounds has been fun, you can currently get it on steam. I recommend it.

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As a PS4 owner? You mean PC or Xbox because you have to have either of those to if you dont have an Xbox, get it on PC to play it

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and what, only to shut it down years later? Im wary of MS

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I think you're lying....

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I find top down RPG MMO's boring...sorta.... guess I speak for everyone on that :D oh wait......

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Each update, the haters either become silent or look more foolish hating on the game. Im proud to say from the start I've said they were basically making their own version of mineraft, just arcady as a space sim combination. Minecraft gets free updates, he game gets better than when it was released (and you know dang well minecraft was barebones when it released). But the focus of NMS was exploration which is had day 1 anyway.

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This is a repeat of a similar article with the same thumbnail last year :|

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@WilliamSheridan "People disagreed with my opinion. Interesting. "

You knew it was gonna happen just like whoever wrote this blog post knew.....

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nah we wanna go past that.....

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online mode would be the wait for other features more bearable. even if 2 player lobbys.

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and im someone who still doesnt have minecraft as much as that game has evolved. so many games out

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oh this aint on PC? a legit xbox exclusive :o

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