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are mobile games killing the industry? are in-game ads killing the industry?

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I hope you are an Asian commenter, we need more of those on N4G. Btw I didnt read your comment, I just think its something we need....

^see what I did there...

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"" GTFO you shills

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A game changer take out and exclusive and put in a multiplatform one.....

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says a site called "thexboxhub"

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I dont like dizzy rides, and I dont like reading or playing games in the car.....But I dont get sick with VR..... at least not PSVR. Sony has standards to make it the best experience it can be. When I watch videos made for 3D movement around all axis, its smooth, but when I watch some vr video made in some app to view with google card board, yea you start feeling a little something

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Im buying it next year...newer new model.

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GTA is in the stone age compared to what it could be doing......

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EA has done this multiple times.....yall havent done anything.... Its like when people complain to APPLE...LOOK AROUND dummys, they still screw you over whether you realize it or not. Im not some consumer, Im in these industry and know what goes on.

But ok, if you dont wanna believe me, I'll be pulling one over you since you dont wanna listen (Hey I warned ya, and you choosed not to listen, so you're ok with it all)

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well it looks like your efforts arent enough yet and nothing is changing, and EA is ready to backstab you all whenever possible. Yall aint doing crap to stop this, its not working because your efforts suck right now still and EA arent taking you all seriously

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Just dont one day look around you and see a bunch of strings attached..

Just dont be an NPC in RCT happy about free drinks and food to find yourselve trapped near the only bathroom charging $9001 entry

Just get the picture

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These sports games always look the same every year. There is no leap like say Sony AAA devs do for there sequels.

Madden 2010 -> 2019 is like Uncharted 2 -> Uncharted 2 patch 1.4

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They are just gonna backstab you some other time in the near or far future.....just watch...they will sucker people in

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I got Farcry 4 with a GFX over 5 years ago.....

We got MGSV a month or two what you trying to say?

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water is wet.....

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they will screw you over on the next game. wouldnt be surprised if this was all planned and they get your money and then betray you all again like the goldfish people are nowadays

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Thousands if not millions have received mugging threats...FROM EA! The former is worse yea, but punk moves sometimes return back on ya.

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23 reddit gold though, you know its fake land over there...

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Is that bad?

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OOOOooooo GET EM!!!! Good call out

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