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Ever since Uncharted, I've not had a care about Tomb Raider. Now if suddenly Tomb Raider was made by Naughty Dog, then yea I'd care.

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I kno the devs would be irked by my comment, but its something interesting to pay every now and then especially since its now free. sry fellas but I would have been more inclined to buy it had you taken a different approach

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yep, it was overwatch, battleborn and some other game (doom?) that all had betas around the same time. Battleborn being a big studio release yet going up against overwatch and other games and seeing it not do well is really interesting. no wonder games try to separate their release dates.

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How when pokemon go is on a phone? people dont have google glass like they have phones...I supposed pokemon go will also make everyone hunters too(/s).

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Save the money for a great upcoming game, No mans sky :D

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You dont even know what it is yet you'll pick it up? Wut.... I might like pie from a pie shop but if I just order something random I dont even know about, doesnt mean I'll like that particular pie.

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Day B here (beta)

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I own the right to livestream space games, sorry but you cant do that geekman :s

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NMS isnt the only game to do this, so if this is true then this company can screw off and go talk to another company other than Hello Games about it.

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What about pokemonGO?

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Just focus on the ps4, and support eh psvita like twice the ps3's life cycle.

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If it makes you feel better, I get it, and agree its disappointing

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Spotify on ps4 is frikken awesome, its actually the most use of spotfy ive done. For example, I played PES2016 with it (the koonami looping crappy music sucks) and they actually have nice playlist on spotify. The game became twice as fun just because of the music!

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not me

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There are things more popular than pokemon go (even when it comes to gaming).

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Man wtf, pretty much every game for the xbox one thats been announced comes out like 4 years later (thats what it seems like to me). Announce games no more than 2 years max from their release date please.

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Dumb, Microsoft has billions, yet they cut studios left and right, close projects like project spark, etc. Why all these devs prefer to develop so many exclusives for playstation when Microsoft has billions? Why is there even competition?

I'll tell you why.......cause microsoft has billions, so yall finished talkin about money or yall done? Ima go play a game

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What do you even do in the game you ask?

I ask to you, what do you do in real life?

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They havent even said any technicalities of the ps4 neo..... But hey look at how ps4 is doing against xbox one. Im not gonna be surprised if PlayStation stays on top, so many like it

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