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Yea it looks like they are about to breach the border of death xD going into...."the CloooooouuuuuuD" - Mega 64 quote (Side note, gosh I miss their older stuff)

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Nope.......if u were doing drugs or something its a contender but I wouldnt pick this game......

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what kind of question is that? -_-

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brb, gonna write an article on "why your comment is a good thing"

Can I guess any other quotes from you? :]

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Dagonit! Ok so lets add official multiplayer features (the kind everyone wants eventually at whatever point in the game) while we're at it.....come sean u gonna delay it, might as well add it

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Chill out you plebeians, its a special PSP limited edition at that too! You are buying for the: condition, history, limited edition factor, the fact that you cant get or modify a psp like this too. I should have been more specific but I literally dont use it anymore since Im so busy

Its probably worth more than $150....been lazy but I guess I'll go the ebay route..

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Ill sell u mine

edit: forgot to list the price. $150

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Whos reading this in 2016? <- actual need for that type of comment

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Man what are yall talking about in the comments, no need for a console? You have to have a system to run steam on. Steam is a digital store. Last i checked, both PS and Xbox have that, thing is steam is for PC games. Now if the next consoles could add some compatibility, then we are talking about another thing; another benefit of being a traditional home console owner

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Except thats not the case, its like ps3 fat -> ps3 slim with extra incentive.

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Cant wait for the nintendo nx version. There another comment for everyone to downvote, ya know, even it out for all the fanbois and girls :D Never change n4g.......

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This, classic reply here. I mean golden. It did have potential tho. Mm is a titan! Even tho LBP3 caught up with most project spark capabilities, Dreams will be the most creative game in existence.

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To even bring up Uncharted 4 vs anything in a title....Im offended, twinfinite scum >:(

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LBP in its 3rd game, no shutdowns but microsoft cancels project spark, D: the butthurt is strong with you.

Now with Dreams we can do even more, and it has VR support. Microsoft cant keep up with PlayStation. :O

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@IZofifhht stop being butthurt over Sony doing great, they are leading with the PS4 for a reason. Im just saying Microsoft needs to do their own thing, and stop their BS like whats happening with Windows 10....then again maybe you like Microsoft making everyone mad.....

Sony outside of gaming is irrelevant? They lead the last dominate formats in each past decade......they are pioneers in tech, they have an entertainment industry with movies and music and electronics....kid...

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"The cloud" Not much emphasis on it like when they first announced computing. Meanwhile sony brings "The games" which make calculations in its servers like No Mans Sky and pretty much every other network game.

Microsoft needs to step it up but they are getting a lot of hate with their OS side of things. Now more bad news in their gaming division, dang

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They created fat to trim it when they should have been building muscle the whole time....

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It was free but the free side of it was a bit lack luster.

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So the NX will be somewhere popular between the wii and the wii u. Got it. I really do think nintendo would do a liiiiiitle bit better if they were back on microsoft and sony release.

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Microsoft try to be like Sony but realise they dont have the sony magic. Then again, Microsoft is also making some dumb moves outside the Window of gaming <- see what I did there?

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