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Valve doesnt want to be bought by M$

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How is that any different from any fraud when using a home type address? Whats the frikken difference?

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especially if its 1 of them....

Like me saying, could n64 be one of nintendos good consoles

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........dude, its not black and white just like that...

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I wonder how many there will be. I know in the upcoming game skull and bones they have HUUUUGE sea monsters (you see the shadow in the trailer end and you see it take down a ship.

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Its an option you can enable dum dum, *slap* shaddddaaaaapp!

This is a feature for people who have a high probability of buy a few new game releases and have no data problems when they are away.

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Is crash on xbox?

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I would have bought it if they have more characters and if I trusted the devs...I assume they are gonna milk the DLC potential and that there will be another better sequel in a year (like how I had xnoverse1 then suddenly the 2nd one came out. NO thanks, that uncertainty just makes me not buy your game now, ill move on

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PS4 explains why noone is rushing out to buy an Xbox're over complicating it dude

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wow, that really says something, LOOOOOLLL

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We already had custom wallpaper....

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I didnt even want them, but Im pissed off at these idiot scalpers...and some at sony too...Youre stuff its supposed to be for your fans, why not have a website where you put it on a waitlist and when enough people preorder then it gets made...eliminate the people scalping

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At least its supported this long, as always...some still say PS2 technically has support to this very day as well

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teh clowd!

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@DiRtY I didnt say that...I already said most people have windows...

What I said was Microsoft have users to loose...

Ok let me simplify it for you, If 2 people have partys using beer, but the less active party starts bringing better and more beer, the party with MORE PEOPLE has the most to LOSE

I bet you would have said the same for the post office back then before ups and fedex came out "LOL 98% of people use USPS!" Again, a...

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You're being to generous still...

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2+2 = 4....interesting......

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ikr, he basically said the same thing. He acts like people havent had PC's ever, LOL. Also Microsoft is in trouble because they arent trying to get people to get windows when most have it...but Microsoft is starting to piss people off and people are moving to other OS's which are slowly getting more gaming friendly (Steam and Linux for example)

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Windows 10 = a computer OS, something that everyone has had....which is part of the reason xbox is irrelevant.

This is why people stick with PlayStation and Nintendo when it comes to home consoles, because everyone has a frikkn computer and xbox has no real exclusives besides a few that arent on PC....

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Because you have no patience you whinny....oh its gaming bolt...

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