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shots fired at the scorpio! (or boot raised, w/e you wanna call it)

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genius? no. Good? yes

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Switch is barely in the news now. Juzt like Always it just ends up being playstation and xbox overshadowing it in news

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aint nobody waitin for no scorpion man, we just want the game now. gimmie R* gimimie!!!

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Let the man say his bit mang!

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maybe he thought he would be hired by some company, lol.

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comparing a full released game to one still in development.... :/

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overated? it was fun, thats all. Thats all we care about.

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DS4 is the best controller made. Im really curious if they can raise the bar even higher with ps5 controller.

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Pshome came out long ago...then xbox tried to do that one thing... Ps home is no more but theres 2 replacements out. Idc about them anymore.

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Its all the rage...everybodys doing it... :|

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That's stealing....this is moding something you own....

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ps4 looks better, even when compared to a game like snake pass. Not really an AAA game. Plus of course its multiplatform, neither console would be solely optimized for it.

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Does he even game?
How does he sleep at night!?! O.o

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a nomination for the most ridiculous headline of 2017 goes to...

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then after x2 comes ps6...... I mean come on, if thats the rate then playstation will continue with its success in comparison to xbox. then nintendo will come up with some other thing some time. Just like whats been happening...

soo.....same as usual.

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there is always a technical limit...its right there... 12GB RAM..... :|

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R* is awesome

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