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In NBA Live i believe they always looked like this. Faces are looking gorgeous literally. We can't deny it, there are some cool animations as well...but the stiffness from the gameplay footage leaked earlier looks to be there as well. Not good, looks like it's gonna be delayed, once more...smh

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Yup. CPU did some crazy things in 2k12. Let's see how this goes, can't wait for October 2nd.

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Are you being sarcastic or what? Game looks nothing like previous titles. It's looking really amazing, those animations really give that extra to the game. The only thing messing with my head for some time now is withouy any doubt the crowd. Always cheering, no reaction whatsoever to simple things. 2k devs have done a great job regarding everything else.

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Actually Zach Timmerman talked about the Sig Skills in a video about 1hour ago I shows some players doing those kind of signature skills. For example: Active Hands, Kevin Love stripping the ball from some player i don't really remember now...check it out on their official page, i'm sure you'll find out there!

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I hope he doesn't kill NBA 2K franchise. This is something we still have to wait and see. I'm not liking what i'm seeing so far on the presentation...doesn't feel like a "real" game. Please don't kill another franchise...NBA Live is dead by miles from what we've seen as well.

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Nothing needs to die...really. They just have to rebuild some franchises. NBA Live needs to bounce back from their horrible performance with NBA Elite 11. Mike Wang left EA, after that...they pretty much ruined the game. 2k needs competition otherwise they will probably become lazy, and I noticed that in NBA 2k12 this year. Too much mistakes shouldn't be there. From speed issues to fastbreak problems. I can only talk about basketball really. But NBA Live needs to come back, i don't ca...

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Why in the world would EA put Lil friggin Wayne in their game? It would ruin their game instantly.

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Oh please. They aren't copying PES. And even if they did...every game needs ideas to take that next step. If we were here to talk about games copying each other then PES copied Fifa a long time ago when they implemented the "Be a Pro" mode - called "become a legend". and so on. Just like every other videogame. On topic: Looking forward to this one. Hopefully they fixed some minor glitches i've found in Fifa 12.

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I'm in love with this game. It's looking great thus far. I just hope it doesn't end that quickly, some games that came out this year felt rushed to me...hopefully i'm wrong. Bring it Bethesda!

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What? Man you should be ashamed of those types of comments. People like you ruin this site.

Anyways, looking forward to this game. Full ESPN branding really catched my eye but I'm trying not to get too hyped for this one as the last one failed terribly. EA has to work hard to surpass 2K. But it's nice that 2k finally has something to worry about.

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I'm still wondering if I should play the first one, lol

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Google dailymotion and search "Metro Last Night Live Action Trailer ( Full length )" :)

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Kevin Durant surely deserves to be on the cover this year. Even though... for me, Kobe will always be the chosen one. Greatness at it's finest(...)

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I'm enjoying it. Finished in Hard difficulty and got almost every achievement. Only 1 missing, "All grown up" Heller is one badass dude. Way better than the first one... side missions aren't repetitive as the first one. The powers, skills and mutations are great. It deserves an 8 imo. Just my two cents though.

Hope activision support Radical entertainment now. And hopefully some DLC

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Also, he's probably not on roids on this one! LOL but... fuck yeah. Bring it on Santa Monica

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I'm loving this game. Great year for people like me that really love RPG's. The Witcher 2 and Dragon's Dogma will occupy a lot of my time.

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Of course everyone compares them. They're both sandbox style, both with side missions and main missions, why wouldn't we compare them ?

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GTA IV sucked ? Just because... it was more realistic than San Andreas ? No, not at all. It still is one of the greatest titles I've played and I still play it on a regular basis. GTA V will outsell every possible game when it comes out, we both know that... And it's not just because it's a very well known title like Call of Duty but because it's greatness and R* always knows what to do with every title they have on their hands.

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Ethan gets shot
The woman: Ethan!

He doesn't even care if gets shot, lmao

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Actual zombies ? You fight more people than zombies. Resident Evil was supposed to be all about zombies and the T-Virus, not about killing other squads that are bullet sponges by the way.

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