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"James Franco made me do it"


we are the nights that say "NIGH" and we want a shrubbery! #4.1
i dont think you'll see much of his face if its gonna be first person view. but i think norman will be excellent in this. just hope kojima and del toro can work together. #23
does that mean tales of borderlands will be coming to vita? hope so. #9
how would i survive in a situation like outlast?

I would walk around naked singing "there's no business, like show business" at the top of my voice.

that would keep even the most horrendous of monsters away.

steam pls. #65
every time he says "buisness suit man" i keep picturing mozzy from white collar lol. #16
i love shibsy! #4
For a first full console game R@D have done an awesome job. #46
I would just like another game set in the Last of us world on PS4. #38
So is that a no to BioShock on PS vita? #47
I think the character is supposed to be a bit douchey and over the course of the game he grows up and takes responsibility ( or not if they still have the choice mechanic from the previous games) and we get to see the other side of him. #13
didnt cole go vampire aswell? #6
thats exactly how i see it the game has so many meanings behind the imagery, more than gameplay or anything.

take the nurses are they just zombie mannequins or expressions of james sexual desires or inadequacies. is pyramid head part of james self punishment and guilt. also maria/mary, james two versions of his wife.

it reminds me of a book called Fear by L. Ron Hubbard in a lot of ways. #1.1
Handy that. #2.2.1
i'm sure yoshida will use it lol. #78
i think the story got so convoluted that they didn't know where the story was going, why have a modern day part where the main character had the abilities of the past just to let it all go without a wimper.

now its just gonna be a "oh which historical moment in time would be good to play" with out any continuity. #5
the game i have been waiting for, it cant come quick enough. i wonder if they will do what ea done with mass effect and have some kind of mini story so you can set all the decisions made from previous games. especially for ps4 as you wont be able to transfer your saves? #3
its a good second room console, especially you can stream ps4, and play ps1 and vita games. and with ps now just completes it. #8
I can see vita TV being peoples second console of choice it will play vita games, ps1+2, stream ps4, and soon ps3 through PS now. #28
This is the game that alien fans have been waiting for true survival horror. Hopefully it will wipe out the memory of that colonial marines afterbirth. #5
Its probably agent. #70
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