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"James Franco made me do it"


try the game fairune on 3ds store that's very similar. #4
Its all about money. #15
agree one of the best stories ive played in a long time. it sticks with you after playing it. #2.2
the strap looks very cheap on it. #3
so where does this leave the game AC:Unity are they going to stop supporting it? #29
she certainly is #1.2
Yes I forgot lol #70.1.1
red dead 2 #70
is it Rage 2 in third person, just going on the quote lol. #48
we are the nights that say "NIGH" and we want a shrubbery! #4.1
i dont think you'll see much of his face if its gonna be first person view. but i think norman will be excellent in this. just hope kojima and del toro can work together. #23
does that mean tales of borderlands will be coming to vita? hope so. #9
how would i survive in a situation like outlast?

I would walk around naked singing "there's no business, like show business" at the top of my voice.

that would keep even the most horrendous of monsters away.

steam pls. #65
every time he says "buisness suit man" i keep picturing mozzy from white collar lol. #16
i love shibsy! #4
For a first full console game R@D have done an awesome job. #46
I would just like another game set in the Last of us world on PS4. #38
So is that a no to BioShock on PS vita? #47
I think the character is supposed to be a bit douchey and over the course of the game he grows up and takes responsibility ( or not if they still have the choice mechanic from the previous games) and we get to see the other side of him. #13
didnt cole go vampire aswell? #6
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