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You can only place it from a certain angle.

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Themes are nice and I'm glad they are coming to PS4, but I have to wonder how much time do people actually spend focusing on a background. Cake is good, but I'm all about the icing.

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I have a feeling that they will only offer games that have sold to a certain quota. EA still has to make a profit and are responsible to their shareholders. This, in a lot of ways,is an incentive for people to buy games digitally. But in the end it's a technique for getting people to give them money for there year old games instead of buying a used copy.

Madden 25 for Xbo is less than $20 now on ebay and will be far cheaper when Madden 26 releases.

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Serious question? I don't mean to troll, but isn't Titanfall about as relevant as cod ghost? It's currently #25 on n4g's hot list. I'm sure that it will still sell this holiday season, but if we are being realistic, it will not be any real competition for Destiny.

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Yesterday's patch was a hotfix for a system breaking bug. The one from a few days ago was a big content patch, and those are starting to come out about every month or so.

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Gimme gimme!

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You're close, but I think what really happened is this... The Wii casual crowd and the kids that started gaming on Wii have moved on to PS4/XB1.

Nintendo introduced gaming to a lot of new people and part of what we are seeing now is a positive aftermath. Well, positive to everyone except Nintendo.

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This game is fun. I even completed it (100%). But it is far from a 10. It has quite a few bugs, gameplay becomes tedious after completing the main story, and it's 100+ (?) hero roster can really be divided into about 5 different types of heroes +Ironman. The story is fun. It's all voice acted and written with a good sense of humor and sarcasm.

There is SO MUCH TO COLLECT some people won't care to play beyond the story. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE collecting th...

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I actually lol'd. That came out of nowhere.

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Titanfall couldn't hope to achieve dominance over COD as long as there is an exclusivity deal.

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I don't think Battlefield 4 is ready for dino mode just yet. The maps amount to little more than big, nearly empty boxes with basically flat landscapes and very few (eventually deconstructed) obstacles. The dinos would be ever visible and that would take away most of the trill.

Maybe for the next Battlefield and hopefully not developed by DICE.

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This it's my first AC title so I can't compare it to the others.


As a game, it's a lot of fun, and the companion app adds to that to a degree.

I will admit that in the story segments I tend to zone out and miss entire conversions. There also seems to be a lot of story/backstory in the in-game collectables which I may read later. But playing a pirate where I can loot, pillage, and explorer the world...

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Amen! This (rumored?) approach would be completely backwards. Gamers have been asking for a more "games focused" version ever since they announced XB1. At this point it seems that, to Msoft,XB1 is 40% game/60% entertainment.

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Isn't this the second or third somewhat major change that they've had to make due to negative feedback?

It's great that they are listening to fans, but it sounds like these devs just might have been completely out of tune from the beginning. I'm worried that the final product will be left with more issues the fans wouldn't have been able to see (fix) before launch.

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Zombies are the new Nazi. I always want to kill them in games, but in new and creative ways.

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Blockbuster is still a thing?

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I just want a way to transfer my PS3 characters to PS4.

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Good point to which I agree.

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I'm sure it's safe to say that it won't be NTFS

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The "console wars" and such rampant fanboyism doesn't exist within a console's own ecosystem. You will find assholes and dumb asses in just as frequent a quantity on each console. Don't use the comments here as a factor in making your choices. IMO, think for yourself -- live with your decisions.

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