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Will be very surprised if it comes out top in the UK where it was bundled with FIFA. Retailers went wild and started creating their own FIFA PS4 bundles.

Usually pretty skeptical about 'analysts' but I have faith in Pachter. Good for Xbox if that it is the case.

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They do it for the commoditisation of your data...and yes you're very correct, it's the most annoying bloody thing in the world!

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"Both versions will run at 60 frames per second".

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Less than 1080p for Diablo III is pretty's not exactly what you'd call demanding.

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Ridiculous question, it would mean that EA Sports actually have to work!

Seriously though, very optimistic author, he was literally fobbed off with a "yeah, we though about it and that's as far as it's going to go". I love FIFA but it has plenty of issues that need to be worked on before they start concentrating on female leagues.

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Completely see where you guys are coming from. For me personally, I literally sh*t the bed when there's a big announcement no matter if it's CGI or gameplay, I'm just happy knowing that something is officially going to come out one day.

In no rush as there's always a backlog of good games to play :)

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Agreed, there were some great announcements but that section in the middle was so dull, I had to start reading the tweets on the side to keep me entertained.

I actually thought as a show Xbox was far better...literally just games, pow!

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This is what they said last year - "but but but the PC won't be able to handle Ignite"...
Agreed, EA are full of shit - completely understand keeping next-gen console only last year but they could've at least insulted us with a better excuse.

That said I am very very happy they're porting it over. Hoping this is going to be good one - fingers crossed.

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Just bought my copy...looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about.

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Haha, I just couldn't believe no-one said it before!

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Microsoft and Broken Windows...goes hand in hand.

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30 First Person Shooters...MENTAL!

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Very interesting - realistically how much time do you have to play the games you want? Will you definitely be looking to get your hands on a PS4/WiiU/PSP later down the road anyway?

Personally, I have a pretty good PC and am very interested in getting a PS4 once Alien and Batman are out (they'd make for a pair of lovely console introduction games) but that's not until Oct/Nov.

I'm very much considering buying a WiiU for the space in between becau...

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Please don't mention the 'O' hurts me.

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There's finally been an improvement in graphical fidelity?

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Well fuck me! Keep the headlines coming...what's next? "Exclusive game for console to be released 2017".

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Guys...obviously it's Half Life 3.

Seriously though, Uncharted?

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I'd tap that.

Anyone got some good retailers from the UK? Going to have to be PS3/PC...erring towards the PS3 since I had Demon's Souls and Dark Souls on it, plus it's a nice way to send off my console.

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This sounds like the tanker mission from MGS2...can't wait to play it...but to hell if I'm paying more than a fiver for it. Will wait for the full game to come out thanks.

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I hate myself for clicking through to these "articles".

Here it is in a nutshell - 4.2m v 3m: 2 countries v idea.

Absolutely nothing insightful here. Great gif by OT.

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