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"Both versions will run at 60 frames per second". #4.2.2
Less than 1080p for Diablo III is pretty's not exactly what you'd call demanding. #4
Ridiculous question, it would mean that EA Sports actually have to work!

Seriously though, very optimistic author, he was literally fobbed off with a "yeah, we though about it and that's as far as it's going to go". I love FIFA but it has plenty of issues that need to be worked on before they start concentrating on female leagues. #4
Completely see where you guys are coming from. For me personally, I literally sh*t the bed when there's a big announcement no matter if it's CGI or gameplay, I'm just happy knowing that something is officially going to come out one day.

In no rush as there's always a backlog of good games to play :) #1.11.3
Agreed, there were some great announcements but that section in the middle was so dull, I had to start reading the tweets on the side to keep me entertained.

I actually thought as a show Xbox was far better...literally just games, pow! #1.11
This is what they said last year - "but but but the PC won't be able to handle Ignite"...
Agreed, EA are full of shit - completely understand keeping next-gen console only last year but they could've at least insulted us with a better excuse.

That said I am very very happy they're porting it over. Hoping this is going to be good one - fingers crossed. #1.2
Just bought my copy...looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about. #6
Haha, I just couldn't believe no-one said it before! #6.1.1
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Microsoft and Broken Windows...goes hand in hand. #6
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30 First Person Shooters...MENTAL! #25
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Very interesting - realistically how much time do you have to play the games you want? Will you definitely be looking to get your hands on a PS4/WiiU/PSP later down the road anyway?

Personally, I have a pretty good PC and am very interested in getting a PS4 once Alien and Batman are out (they'd make for a pair of lovely console introduction games) but that's not until Oct/Nov.

I'm very much considering buying a WiiU for the space in between becau... #3
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Please don't mention the 'O' hurts me. #6.1.1
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There's finally been an improvement in graphical fidelity? #10
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Well fuck me! Keep the headlines coming...what's next? "Exclusive game for console to be released 2017". #24
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Guys...obviously it's Half Life 3.

Seriously though, Uncharted? #90
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I'd tap that.

Anyone got some good retailers from the UK? Going to have to be PS3/PC...erring towards the PS3 since I had Demon's Souls and Dark Souls on it, plus it's a nice way to send off my console. #1
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This sounds like the tanker mission from MGS2...can't wait to play it...but to hell if I'm paying more than a fiver for it. Will wait for the full game to come out thanks. #19
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I hate myself for clicking through to these "articles".

Here it is in a nutshell - 4.2m v 3m: 2 countries v idea.

Absolutely nothing insightful here. Great gif by OT. #45
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Let's look at this article from a neutral view...WOW this article is shit! Thanks for backing up absolutely nothing and drawing conclusions from what can only be described as a set of skeletal stats.

I don't disagree PS4 is doing well but honestly, is there going to come a point again where we actually celebrate 'journalism'...hell or at least someone that can write something slightly insightful? #29
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Hmm this should be interesting...was hoping to buy a PS4/One as soon as Phantom Pain came out. #32
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