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Very interesting... and can we really put anything past Kojima? He's been 'trolling' us for years.

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The fighting wasn't quick time events? Flip me those animations were good!

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I agree: GTA IV was my favorite of the series. Loved the realism approach.

Red Dead Redemption is one of my fav games this gen.

Max Payne 3, though not instilling the noire feel of the first Max Payne, was still quality. Great animations.

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I'm on 360 with Skyrim - works a treat thanks!

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Don't say that around here. This is Battlefield country. Must say I agree to an extent - on console at least (I haven't played it on PC).

Campaign was absolutely rubbish, graphics - average at best and the multi-player... took 20 mins to find anyone. But I can't say each COD is much better either.

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Can't say I'm not sad. With the new consoles around the corner though it gives us all time to see everything this incredible game has to offer.

Imagine Elder Scrolls on the next batch of consoles... Wow!

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Could it be DLC for Skyrim? Wished they'd put an Arena in Skyrim like Oblivion.

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I'd have to go with that too. Getting the mic out and then sneaking around to hold him up was great fun.

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Oasis played Knebworth and Maine Road that year. Great times!!

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There's no AK47 in the game.

Bang, 7.5 that's all you're getting!

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Replace the 4 with a 3. They're almost rubbing it in how similar they'll be.

jog on EA...

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For me they have to scrap the animus. All this 'de-sync' nonsense in game completely takes you out of the game world.

Also the menus, map, controls on screen just lessen the immersion.

I'd like them to take a leaf out of Skyrim's book presentation wise.

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For myself, the best game I've played since Skyrim and Uncharted 3.

Such a good game - makes you proud if you're a fan of Lara and the Tomb Raider games.

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It is stupid - completely.

I want to put my music on the PS4. All my favourite music is on CDs - Its a bit like games, I like to have a physical copy on my shelf.

I like to have custom soundtracks like on GT and FIFA so I will be disappointed.

Its supposed to be a multi media centre too?

Hope this is wrong

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Couldn't resist mate

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I'm going to troll...

to all PC gamers on here giving endless abuse to us mere mortal console gamers - SUCK EM

That is visually better than anything on PC atm.

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I could not agree more! The original Gears of War IMO had better graphics than Half Life 2, FEAR and the original Far Cry all on PC.

PS4 and 720 will have much better graphics than Crysis 2 and 3 without a doubt. And easily better graphics than Battlefield 3. If they don't then there is a problem - they can't be 'next gen'.

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Just watched that vid and if I'm totally honest it really didn't look that incredible - very inconsistent... look at the trees in central park for example. I think those GTA 5 screenshots look better but there you go.

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I would love it... imagine wake island t-rex, have to use a tank to take it down....

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I thought Rising takes place between MGS2 and 4?

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