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Actions speak louder than words. If it wasn't a part of the core Xbone experience, then why was it removed? MS chose cheaper price over bundling Kinect. MS should have just ate the cost of the device just to ensure that this device is in people's homes.

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shipped not sold

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"At the end of December the totals were 3.9 million XBOX ONE & 4.2 million PS4. Relax people. "

3.9 = shipped, not sold

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"How can you keep telling what a creator of a device should do with THEIR device and vision?"

Blame MS for being spineless about keeping their original vision all because a few people on forums were upset.

Throw me in the "won't buy it with Kinect" camp. :)

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I disagree. Every GTA game is NOT a new IP. Same name = same IP IMO, whether characters return or not.

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I think some people are confusing Windows 2000 and Windows Me (Millennium). 2000 = rock solid client/server OS, Me was a flop, consumer OS.

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yea, buy a new XB1 console and it's "changed" lol, but no, you cannot upgrade it if that's what you're asking.

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Coming from a person who does not play MP games, I wish one could get a platinum without having to play multi-player. I have all the single-player trophies but odds are I'll never get a platinum since it requires playing the MP. Damn you Naughty Dog lol

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I've played through it 6 times (2 Easy, 2 Normal, 2 Survivor) so far and planning on Easy again to pick up some last trophies before thinking about doing multi-player. Playing through it once is such a waste and doesn't give you a appreciation of different play styles. You get good at non-combat (stealth) while playing through Survivor, I'd suggest you do it also. You'll better appreciate the game.

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You look at the two big advantages the Xbox had this gen (lower price, earlier release) and they STILL lost in the end. Xbone has no chance of beating the PS4 this gen since those advantages are now gone. That isn't fanboy talk, that's just reality.

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I got the Survival Edition sitting in my living room, delivered by UPS earlier. That book is huge. (glad to hear they fixed the autosave bug)

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I assure you, we're not ants.

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why does the game save say 5/31/2012 ?

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So then what would its successor be called? Infinity + 1

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So if "bad articles keep <brand> in the mouth of gamers" then the PS3 should have sold 200 million by now, no?

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I love your slave comparison, classy. No, I was just alluding to the fact that the media loves to have one or two topics and keep beating it like a dead horse.

In their defense, there's not much to talk about regarding the next gen MS console since MS is as quiet as a mouse in church. Do you think the media will just stay quiet and not say anything? Come on, you know better. Just don't come off as surprised when they have a 'negative' article about MS.

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Now you can appreciate how Sony fans felt with PS3 getting negative article after negative article after.... sucks doesn't it?

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I'm thinking right around Thanksgiving.

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"complete 360"
looks like someone needs to study geometry a little more

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"getting mugged by a guy with an assault rifle"

I think someone watches too many movies.

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