Most anticipated game: The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Sly Cooper 4, God of War: Ascension


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How can this be? Their fans say they have been working on next gen games since 2010 which is three years ago so how can they be behind? MS haven't releases a new core IP in over three years so what the hell are all of those "21 first party studios" doing? Sony have been developing new core IPs every year since the PS3's inception with even The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls still releasing later this year and still have new IPs Driveclub and Knack releasing with the PS4...

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No, Zatana next.

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Yeah, just watch the usuals that spout "don't believe rumors" come in here and believe this rumor.

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I Gamefly'd it and was highly disappointed. First the segmented story felt like separate little side stories and second the multi player is nowhere close to the original Gears. Judgement is closer to COD than the original Gears. Those quick grenades ruin the whole Gears experience. Gears is trash now. There's a reason Gears used to sell three million on the first day and now it barely reaches one million in a whole month.

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"I hope Microsoft has exclusive that Sony will never get"

They do. Halo, Forza, and Fable.

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I hope MS learned from this gen or else it looks like history repeating itself. The Xbox 360 was faulty coming off the production line and MS knew about it and sold it to the public anyway. Hopefully they won't do that again.

As far as the "behind on software development" part, well that's been true for the past 3 years and all core gamers will agree with that.


I know what you mean, dude. My Xbox broke on it'...

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The Dreamcast was killed by the release of the PS2 and.......well.........the PS4 is about to release so......

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"It's also a good way to learn the in's and out's of a game and get better without affecting your kill/death on your main account."

Agreed. That's another reason I like free online. I have a second account on PSN to learn the maps of multi player games before jumping in blindly on my main account screwing up my KDR. On Xbox you have to pay for a second account.

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Day One!

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God, I miss Killer Instinct. Shame Nintendo doesn't own RARE anymore. They haven't made any great games since Perfect Dark back in 2000 with Nintendo.


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Don't forget Kinect 2.0 with "1:1 finger tracking capabilities" rumored to be included with every Xbox. The new Xbox is going to be expensive.

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Don't get anyone's hopes up. There's no chance this is true.

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Nothing beats the Dualshock 3 for me. Both of the thumbs sticks a symmetrical, you know, like both of my thumbs. Reaching up with one thumb while down with the other thumb is extremely uncomfortable to me. Plus the D-Pad is unbeatable on the Dualshock 3.

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Agreed. The only people who call it a movie are people who's console haven't supplied them any new IPs in over three years.

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Exactly. I keep hearing "MS have 21 first party studios" but all I ever see them release is Halo, Forza, and Fable. That's 3 studios, what are the other 18 studios doing and how much of it is Kinect kiddy games?

EDIT: Just googled these "21 MS studios" and most of them have never developed a game before and most of the others developed Kinect kiddy games.

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One of them is still cranking out new IPs.

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PS3, yes because Sony is STILL supporting it with new exclusive IPs. The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls are day one purchases for me baby!

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Definitive current gen version confirmed?

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"The one major upgrade that is tipped to be included with new console is a touch sensitive controller. The touch sensitive area on the new Xbox controller will be used to allow players to take advantage of gestures to complement the Kinect sensor bar."

Gee, I wonder where MS got that idea from? We'll find out on May 21st I guess.

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