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the thing is, a lot of people refuse to recognize the wii u as next gen. they continue to compare it to last gen consoles. so some who developed on it not Nintendo themselves is, clearing the air about that not bragging. and not to point your hypocrisy but you just compared ps4 and xbox1 to there predecessors then went on to down the idea of comparing to prior gen. I mean its kinda silly seeing you write that two games that came out on 8yro systems go toe to toe with games and consoles that h...

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@stuna1...people may not be as delusional as you. devs of killer instinct said they had to cut things out completely and optimize others to get the game running at a smooth 720p 60fps. I'm not thinking we are going to see huge differences this gen despite the numbers on paper. there was also the same kind of talk about bf4 running on a ps4. these systems out the gate seem to be topping out already. but then again can't believe every interview you read right... fun as hell waiting to s...

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what is excessive about a game that includes 5 mini games for 50 bucks and get this, you don't have to spend 50 bucks, you only like tennis and bowling 20 bucks, only tennis 10 bucks you get the jest of it. hd, added features like online play, miiverse etc...not bad

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play zombiiu, splintercell blacklist or rayman on wii u then call it a gimmick. its actually a great expansion of gameplay and immersion, most of all it FUN. its up to devs to utilize it correctly. a recnt example would be rayman legends, a great game great reviews on all systems. however, the definitve version has been declared to be the wii u version because of the way they utilize the second screen. this is exactly why sony and ms have tried to implement their own second screen features, t...

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you get turned into swiss cheese unless you do it right lol. you don't see the greatness in this? you'd have to acquire a whole new skill set to use it efficiently.

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that's just the point though bro, to get you more involved in the game having to keep track of action on two screens. in the right games done right its a beautiful thing. its up to devs however not to throw it in kust for the sake of it being there, like could you imagine a good use for it in any fighting game? I can't. there is a lot of room for gameplay innovation in second screen play e just have to hope devs don't get lazy and start doing the same old thing with it

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I'd Have to implore you to try it first hand and done right. when done correctly its not really a "have to learn to like" sort of thing. for instance Zombiu, the use of the second screen was awesome and added to the gameplay immensely. or the latest rayman, the use of the second screen is really up to the dev to use correctly. and in my opinion it is great in general. not all games need a second screen and games that can use it are not guaranteed to use it right. splintercell is...

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You know what, you might just be on to something. I think honestly its a matte of really getting to sit down with the system a play it. Not for nothing but a lot of people up here just go by hearsay and have never even played the kiosk demos, but hey whatever. I don't think anyone can actually experience the wii u then have anything other than "more games please" to say afterward.

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stop it. numbers aren't everything. older "slower" tech blazin the way.

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so you mean to tell me donkey kong country plays anything like donkey kong or donkey kong jr? really??? stop it. admittedly though I see little difference from tropical freeze and country but still that's a better argument than, they had dk in the 80's. same franchise does not mean same experience. for the most part Nintendo has avoided the cookie cutterness( lol I just made that up i'm so innovative) of the gears and cods and the like who pretty much gve you the same exact shit i...

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forgive me but has the gravity track thing has been done before? And at LOL_WUT... The catsuit Mario thing has been done too? But wait Nintendo fanboys started talking about knack and the sony fan boys said don't knock a game that isn't out yet. and 3d Mario land and Mario kart 8 isn't out yet. but wait the ms fanboys.... haven't said anything I paid attention to lol no offense to any of you out there. Dudes stfu and play games the same way some people think Mario in a catsuit...

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lol just wanted to point out how funny it is to hear people say give it chance its not out yet as a defense in a conversation where games that are not out yet are getting bashed(Mario Zelda Metroid). same franchise does not mean same game sunshine is not galaxy and neither are paper. just the same as link to the past is not ocarina of time and neither is twilight princess and still neither is skyward sword or wind waker. I think the wrong term is being thrown around variety by itself is too b...

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only 5 disagrees tsk tsk loyalists, lol. I cin not tell you what the future holds however a price cut with a continued flow of games is a proven equation. Sony and Nintendo have done this and been successful at it. who will win this gen we won't kno till next gen. I am personally getting a ps4 to accompany my wii u, simply because I typically own two consoles a gen and ms is on my shit list. honestly though aside from deadrising, nothing on the ps4 line up got me excited. with wii u it ...

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@ovnipc...first three months what game did you get in those first three months? zombie u was a fun game despite the rushed feeling, if your not into Mario that's cool I no longer do the side scrolling marios either but the 3d marios are all good. I personally didn't play darksiders on my 360 but I got it for my wii u, was gonna get mass effect but wanted to wait for 1 and 2 to have that continuity aaaannd I still waiting on that but that's not Nintendo fault. after the first three...

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350 expensive? And the cheaper options are?

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Dude consumers like you drive big corps. So would you pay the same for a 2 bedroom apt as you would a 3 bedroom apt? They both got a bath room, living room, kitchen, the only d8fference is that ONE room. The logical answer is hell to the no. Keep the bones and throw the same steaks you throw to everyone else. Like realplaya said they not only changed rayman from being exclusive, but delayed the wii u version for 7 months, but in order to put it out on tine on other systems they just leave par...

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Not excuses bro, its a matter of unfair treatment. A lot of devs are kinda treatin nintendo owners like step-consumers lol. How many gimped ports are being released, and when people don't buy a ginped game they turn around and say well nintendo install base don't buy this type of game do we not gonna make anymore. Don't get me wrong not everything will sell on nintendo, but how well do they expect gimped games and half done experiments to sell. I personally could care less for of...

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These consoles have obviously bigger libraries more exposure and lower prices. Theyve been out 7yrs and have 70+ mil install 3rd parties guaranteed. As for the astronomical preorders, ummm wii u killed with pre orders as well. Everything about the system is fine. Just cause you can point out others that agree with your discontent for the wii u does not make any of your opinions fact. Shit I can point out a shit load of people that still believe blacks should only count as 1/3 of a person lol ...

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You can't be a parent dude, the games ms and sony showcasrd, saved for maybe knack, are not for kids. Are there any kid friendly gsmes in their launch windows. So yeah the kids will see wii u as a viable option. I won't pretend to be some sort of prophet, we don't kno wat the future holds we just have to sit back and watch

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I take it you'll buy either an xbone or ps4 then since they have more memory?

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