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Comment of the day! Could not have said it better.

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Recore was actually pretty good too, underrated for sure. So what can we look forward to on PS4 this holiday? Hello? anyone there?

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They have always been full of it, PS fans lost all credibility last gen, this gen most adults around here know they are just a bunch of phonies. If Sony had a UHD Blue-ray player, and Xbox didn't, they would all be saying this is THE defining feature and xbox is doomed because it doesn't have one and Microsoft is evil and greedy for not adding it. LOL! We all see through them now, but yeah sometimes you just need to point it out I understand.

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LOL!!! all these goofs in here saying 4k Bluray doesn't matter and no one wants it. Believe me, if you just got a new 4k TV, you want all the content you can get, and pretty soon every new TV sold will be 4k, soooooo, yeah just saying....

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Microsoft is playing dumb, because it would be political suicide for them to say what they know. And what they know is that PS4 Pro was a cash grab at a time when Sony overall needs cash bad. They have a huge and irrationally loyal group of millions of fans who would line up to buy a box of poop if it has playstaion written on it.
The higher ups at Sony simply said you need to get more cash out of these consumers, so we got a halfbaked cheap re-release of PS4, made with cost cutting ...

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Correction, if you like a good variety of great games with lasting replayability go for XBO, if you like low budget indie games that you can also play on your phone, or weird niche Japanese games that no one else plays, go for Ps4. The game drought continues this holiday on PS4 by the way.

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You may as well wait for Scorpio, by the time Ps4 Pro gets any decent games with 4k and real HDR baked in, scorpio will have been out at least a year...

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The exclusivity was offered to Sony first, just think how much Sony lost by not taking that deal...

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Yeah PS4 gets a fake version of HDR that NOTHING supports for free, that is completely useless. Do you hear yourself? NO Netflix, youtube, Amazon Vid, no nothing will ever support this Sony phony HDR. Which leaves games, and nothing even close on the horizon for PS4 OG. XboS has FH3 NOW which has REAL HDR baked in, and all the streaming services, and most likely every future Xbox 1st party game.

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Um, no. HDR on PS4 was a last minute addition by Sony to beef up the announcement of the slim and Pro. Developers were completely unprepared for it, and thus likely wont support it for years if ever, and this phony version of HDR is not supported by Netflix and YouTube, and never will be. You guys were sold a bunch of hype again by Sony so that they could save face in the media. WHY do you guys keep putting up with this crap from that ultra sleezy company?!?!?! Speak out and it will force the...

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Well apparently most of the reviewers don't have either, either. Because it seems like know one is talking about the HDR in the first game that fully utilizes HDR baked in?!?! Or maybe now that the Scorpio will be the king of the hill graphically and Xbox One S even has the two killer features of the PS4 Pro HDR and 4k scaling, maybe now graphics just aren't worth mentioning in game reviews all of a sudden.

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Unknown developer no one ever heard of has no plans to bring unknown niche game no one cares about to Xbox. Nothing to see here move on...

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Yeah, so the Xbox 360 was "at the top" in North America, UK and AU. Even beating out the Wii in the US eventually. Supposedly the PS3 caught up in ww sales at the end of the 7th gen. However we later found out in financial circles, it never made it to the gaming media, that Sony was counting PS2 sales and PS3 sales as one towards the end of the PS2s life. But that's just sales, what should really matter is that 360 was on top as far as the console experience, and by that measure...

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I hear people say that but I just don't get it. I'm more of a normal Forza guy. The horizons are not simmy enough. What is it about horizon do you guys find so appealing? Not being a jerk, I'm seriously asking, I just want to understand so that I may possibly partake.

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The difference is, most Xbox fans will admit Xbox one slim is not worth upgrading to if u have an Xbox already and don't have a 4k tv . In contrast ps fans are claiming ps4 pro, (which is the equivalent to a an xbos due to its lack of enhancements over the original ps4) is a day one purchase and all plan to drop another 4 bills on this dud as soon as they can and curse anyone who doesn't agree.

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Right but PS4 already does that. So you would have to be an idiot to buy the pro for $400 when it does the same thing the ps4 slim does, and literally nothing else...

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Oh stop, do 15 of you dolts have to say that everytime Xbox beats PS in sales, we ALL know that already, so many people know it in fact its not even included in the titles! On top of that, no one cares about sales outside of America because EU is such a mess they can't accurately produce any reliable numbers. So until an EU version of NPD comes along, Xbox beat PlayStation in sales for July AND August, PERIOD

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You won't see real 4k console until Scorpio, there, I fixed that for you.

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