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This looks astonishing, it will likely look even better on the One S upscaled, and the Scorpio will run the PC version, those will be mind bowing in full 4K.

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Kinect is great as a voice controlled universal remote. They should just integrate that functionality into the console. They're halfway there with the IR blaster, just need to add the voice recognition.

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Xbox One will get support in the form of having access to the same games PS4 has access to, multiplatform games like COD. However no one will even try to hit 1080p if it's any trouble on XBO. If you want performance you will have to buy Scorpio.

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that...

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Great conference, good pace, not one minute of bordem, and good games coming out before 2019. Only problem is Xbox S. That is a dead console before it even launches. Scorpio is the future of xbox. Cant say how i know this, but Microsoft plans to make Scorpio and PC games one in the same. developers will be able to develop for PC and with just a few minor tweaks the games will play on scorpio as well. PC games will play on scorpio, there will be no more exclusives to either. This will increase...

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Once they start developing for Scorpio and neo, im sure they will still favor xbox even thoe it will be the one with better hardware...

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Sony will have plenty of indies. And as much as we try to pretend those are exciting, the leakers are apparently under no such delusions.

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Reviews have gotten too political, sites fear giving too many Xbox games too high a score because it might piss off the larger PS4 community. They fear giving too many PS4 games bad scores for the same reason. You cant trust reviews these days, you need to play or watch the games yourself.

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Nothing wrong with giving credit where it is due even if it is due to you competition, once in a while, problem is, Phil is doing it way too often, it looks bad because Xbox is being outsold two to 1 supposedly, and Xbox fans are concerned Microsoft is about the sacrifice Xbox in an effort to boost Windows. If Phil is not aware of this he should be. Its time for Xbox to focus on its fans, not suck up to people who would rather eat nails than buy an Xbox.

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The gaming divisions of Sony and Microsoft ARE at war, Microsoft is just loosing, so like they do in all their divisions when they loose, they start throwing their most loyal fans under the bus and attempt to attract the fans of their competition. Phil is just following the MS script, I love my Xbox but MS has some of the most pathetic management I have ever seen. You don't see Yoshida or whoever the flip is running things at PlayStation singing Xbox praises literally every chance he gets...

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I agree, stop with the remasters. But you also need to understand Sony does not have the cash to finance a bunch of risky cutting edge new IPs. I suspect Sony Corp. is using the cash from PS4s robust sales to keep the rest of the failing company afloat. This is why we see so little reinvestment back into playstation even thought the division has been very successful.

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Its great for Sony, but only great for PlayStation fans if you like being strung alone for years. The first game this partnership yields will not launch until PS5. But Sony will keep hyping, teasing and milking this partnership for the next 8 years. Sony will give the impression something is coming to PS4 for the next 4 years, year 5 and 6 we just wont hear anything, then year 7 they will show a trailer at E3 that they showed at another E3 4 years prior. After that we will hear little for ano...

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NO ONE is having these issues right now. This is Sony reaching out to its media friends and putting this stuff out there. Word is both consoles will be targeted on Xmas, Sony knows they will be down far longer than Xbox live so they are spreading FUD to make it appear both services are equally vulnerable. I actually hope the hackers call them on this, Sony is so freaking sleazy.

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If its less than $300 not including the glowing dildos, it will suck, careful what you wish for.

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This is kinect all over again, no one wants to play games this way for any extended period of time. But what is worse than kinect is this will be priced astronomically, and NO ONE will buy it. At least no one in their right mind, because its a device you try out a few times, show it to a few friends and never touch it again, it will collect dust after that, and people know this from experience with Wii, Kinect and PS Move. Sony is just doing this to bring hype and attention to Playstation.

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Weird dude, is gunna make weird games, I'll pass...

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You would have to be insane to think Sony isn't copying that controller as we speak. Everything Sony has done this gen has been straight out of Microsoft's book. They watch MS, steal their good ideas and turn back their plans to do the same on Microsoft's bad ideas. Heck the PS4 itself is nothing but a Sony made Xbox 360.

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yep you nailed it, Sony is using cash from PS4 sales to finance the entire company, they don't have cash to finance games like SOCOM, and they don't have to, people are buying the console like mad even with none of the classic PlayStation exclusives.

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Not true, I know lots of people who were pissed the next gen consoles were not BC. People like the option to play PS3 and Xbox360 games while they wait for this gens games to populate. Many of us still had a backlog of games to play on X360 and PS3.

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