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This ^ #33.1
Your kidding right? Its the same on Xbox one. Select the game, manage, delete. #1.1
Ryse Is an Xbox exclusive, and was the most graphically impressive game at E3 last year, they had to find some reason to destroy the game. The qte in Ryse were optional, the outrage against them was phony. #15.2
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@stolen soul

Ryse didn't have quick time events unless the player triggered them by choice, you could play right through the game without a single qte if you chose. Its funny how people ripped on the game and didn't even know what they were talking about. #1.1.5
This is Sony we are talking about, you wont see this till PS5, they are just showing it to take some of the hype away from titanfall. #2.1
Don't want this crap, just want to play games the old fashion way, is that so much to ask? And I agree, if this was Microsoft, they would be getting ripped for adding more gimmicks to Xbox.

and #24
Well I don't know about KZ but ryse was actually waaay underrated. Reviewers were just trying to make it seem as if the xbo launch titles were as weak as ps4s. #14.1
This bogus Ryse is way underrated, it has dept and story plus the fighting is bad@ss. Far lesser games have gotten higher scores just because they were on PlayStation. #2
Ryse is the best looking console game ever made, that alone would have gotten it widespread praise were it a PS4 exclusive. The only reason its getting so many mediocre reviews is because the media saw that PS4 launch titles were crap, and they didnt want to rate the xbo games too high for fear of sony fanboy backlash. #15
Resogun is geometry wars, again, PS4 trying to be xbox 360... #5.2.3
Oh stop, you sound like my grandpa, "i miss the old days" what are you 80? This is the way things are now, I would rather have a game sooner rather than later, especially when they might be delaying it for features I would never use. #6.2
Well he should have gone and offered to code that part of the game for popcap. Its better late than never, so long as its free. They most likely ran out of time and ms wanted the game at or around launch, the studio could be pretty small, who knows. #4.1.2
Its not about the fact that its on PS3, PS4 has no games, GT6 is not selling because its a bad game STILL. #22.1
Problem with GT6 is that it made all the same mistakes as GT5. The press is getting tired of covering for Poly while they get their act together. Reviews especially in Europe were a bit more honest about the poor quality of the game this time around, I saw a lot of sites actually complaining about things that were also in GT5, that they looked the other way at, but now they are crying foul as if these are new issues. #1.8
Almost all of what the PS4 is, is due to competition from Xbox, the Japanese were not prioritizing any of the features that these next gen consoles currently enjoy, ALL of those features are here now because of Microsoft's lead with the XB360. The PS4 would be a 600 dollar PS2 with a faster processor and video card were it not for the western influence on the PS brand. To this day Sony is actually STILL playing catch up when it comes to services and features. PS4 is what it is, because So... #1.3
Dude, you dont fully know what your talking about. About the only one of those you got right was Windows Phone, EVERYTHING else you said is inaccurate, including what you said about Surface 1. There is so much misinformation out there about Microsoft that most people should really just STFU.

Edit: Ill also give you Zune, however, Zune failed a long time ago, that is not a current product, its like blasting Sony for the failure of Betamax. #1.2.1
EU laws are exactly the reason everything comes to EU consumers late, or not at all. The laws there are often anti business to point of being anti consumer.

In this case Microsoft is simply offering the OPTION to have your console delivered immediately, instead of waiting for shipping times both ways. I would not want some stupid overbearing government taking that option away from me, why on earth would you? #42.1
Right, if they had money. #20.1
Seriously? The thing can't even play mp3s. Call me when they fix the B.L.O.D #24
Wow, the ps4 is a piece of junk! This is ridiculous, I feel bad for the real gamers that are being effected by this train wreck. #38
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