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We have an endless supply of hydro power where I live, this is not a priority for me. Frankly Id rather see MS resources used on more game related issues. #2
Very true, the media wants to see PS4 do well and XBO not do as well, I often see examples of what you said. Last gen we saw tons of Xbox 360 vs PS3 one year later reviews because PS3 has massively improved after one year and was more competitive with 360. However this gen, it was XBO that massively improved after the first year while PS4 remained largely unchanged, as a result we saw VERY very few one year later stories, the media just ignored it and I even saw articles claiming the PS4 was... #7.1.1
Sunset was good I agree, not sure why your still waiting though, Titan Fall is insane, and you can practically get it free now, Dead Rising looks good but i didnt play it. Both Forzas are awesome, Master Chief collection is working great now, and even Ryse is worth a play through, underrated game. On the low budget niche end you got D4 and Max the curse of Brotherhood, and a few more I havent tried, but I hear they are good. There is plenty to play on XBO, not sure why people say they cant fi... #4.2.1
Speak for your own console. There's nothing underwhelming about the xbo. A bunch of great exclusives only two years in, monthly updates that have made the console a different console from the one at launch. I couldn't live without Kinect now that I have it, completely underrated. I walk in the room say Xbox on and TV, surround sound, cable box all spring to life and greet me. I actually feel bad for the countless followers buying ps4s every month based on what they have been told buy... #4.1.1
I think the point is we were told by PlayStation fans that the XBO cannot run games at 1080p, period. #4.1.2
Where was this moron when everyone was mistakenly buying PS4s at launch, only to end up STILL waiting a year out for a single killer AAA title. The wise advice would have been to pick up an Xbox One early, since Xbox tends to launch with more and better exclusives, and PS tends to get its best exclusives later in the consoles life.

FYI this point of view is for non fanboys who plan on owning BOTH consoles no matter what. #7
From what Ive read, XBO will benefit from this in the form of new ESRAM APIs that allow developers to hit 1080p in places they are struggling to do so now.

The only thing we will see on XBO is fewer releases in which the Xbo version is 900p and the PS4 version is 1080p. #3
So far every PS4 exclusive has underwhelmed. I'm still trying to figure out why so many people are buying that console, are people really that incapable of breaking from the crowd? #34
For some weird reason this will make a lot of people upset. #9
Without getting into a game listing match I can tell you this. For each one of those games there is an equivalent on 360, that apparently none of you have ever heard of so does that make you idiots? PlayStation fans follow their games, Xbox fans follows theirs. Except we dont go around claiming we have more games without first closely comparing what's on the other system, as I often see PlayStation fans do. #1.2.7
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You mention MLB 15 then rattle off a bunch of irrelevant Japanese sounding niche games that no one ever heard of. Using such a low standard, I could find just as many "new games" coming to 360. #1.2.2
I agree, I think for the amount of improvement the series needs, there is no way they could have done it all in two years. #13.2
How can you say Ps4? The only thing it did was sell, but the couple exclusives it got were duds, PSN is horribly unreliable, the console is still basically a Ps3.5 because Sony is updating way too slow. And now Xbox is the price leader at $350. #4.2
Save some of that blame for Sony, they need to build the network to be resistant to this form of attack, after all the service is not free anymore. If Microsoft can make the attacks difficult for them then Sony should be able to do the same . #88
That's incorrect there are defenses against DDOS. The hackers themselves have said it is a lot harder to bring down Xbox Live. They have never been able to bring down the Xbox one Live service for more than say 90 minutes or so, and even then it is usually just a friends list that goes missing. Xbox 360 is slightly more vulnerable because it doesn't run on Azure. The bottom line is Sony just doesn't have the cash to build a network with the capacity to resist such attacks. #1.3.2
So true... #1.9.1
I'm not sure they are trying to downplay the supposed graphical advantage of ps4, every comparison of gameplay I have seen has shown both consoles looking nearly identical graphics wise. On occasion the Xbox actually looks better.

And is it still true that the only AAA game this generation to run 1080p 60fps is on Xbox one? #8.1
Were such a large number of people calling it desperate when Sony reduced the price of the ps3 early in its life by removing features that people actually wanted? #20
Its simply Microsoft playing a card they know Sony has no answer to, the money card. Microsoft can afford to take the losses in order to gain market share, Sony cannot afford to reduce the price of ps4 in response. Sony admitted at launch if they went lower than $400 it would kill them. #1.1.11
Actually Xbox Ones online service is ran off
Azure servers while 360 is not, Xbox One is in fact more resistant to these kinds of attacks than Xbox 360s live and certainly PSN. The hackers themselves have said the reason they pick on Sony is because Sony skimps on network security, most likely due to a lack of funds. The hackers also claimed that XBL is more of a challenge to hack, so your statement that neither has an advantage over the other is simply not true. #9.1
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