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Thats code for, "we dont currently have the cash to finance a 1080p 60FPS racer on the level of Forza 6 without copy and pasting a bunch of cars from last gen systems, in less than 5 to 6 years time, so dont expect the next GT for a long long time." #4.3
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Yeah, Ryse looks better than both of them, and its not even 1080p. #57
Im not sure if what you say is true, but if it is,that only makes it easier for Sony to sell off Playstation if they ever needed to. It also allows them to hide certain financial transactions between the two entity's. Im guessing Sony set this up back in the PS3 days when Playstation was in a bad way and in danger of being sold off to save the larger company.

But on topic, the reason its a bigger deal with the Playstation is because Sony has already been se... #1.1.3
@sactlast Those games are niche weird low budget games, the equivalent of XBLArcade games last gen. PS4 has one decent next gen AAA title Infamous, the other two were flops.

@jb227 metacritics are comprised of scores provided by the gaming media, they are pretty much more in the bag for Sony now than ever, especially due to the fact that a majority of gamers own PS4s and it would be bad business for these sites to rate PS4 exclusives honestly. Doing so would be to point out... #5.1.3
Its not about trolling, if your a real gamer, and not some brand loyalist, the smart thing to do is to get Xbox One now while its hot and inexpensive, play its rather robust list of quality exclusives, and wait for Sony to get in their stride later on after they have built their games library and perhaps dropped the price of the console. At this point there is literally no reason to buy that console, nothing is happening on it. #5.1
Wow what a sad list, Sony really needs to do something, is there even anything on that list that uses 1/500th of the power of the console? Those low budget niche games could have ran fine on PS3, why would anyone need to buy a PS4 if they have an XBO 360 or PS3? #8
Well, this is more of an investment type look at the entire company. For every negative one of these you could do for Microsoft, you could do ten for Sony who is barely solvemt. But yeah your are right, this is just one more negative article to pile on with, and in this case it would make far more sense to be worried about the future of Playstation given its parent companies financial state. #1.1
What is needed is for someone to come up with a way to turn off that stupid LED and useless touchpad, that's got to be good for a few hours of battery life. #2.9
I dont agree that this is a great time to be a gamer, we have millions of gamers who were conned into buying the PS4, a console that has so far been a complete dud, and will continue to be so until Uncharted. Conned by a corrupt and bias gaming media that has an agenda to push one console over another, because of shady political favors being traded by the parent companies behind these media outlets and Sony. #5.1
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More like cloudphobic, these people are scared to death because they know if this cloud thing takes off, and can do what we have seen, Sony has no answer. No way in heck sony can afford to build thier own Azure over night. #3.7.3
No rumble triggers, a useless power draining led and a equally useless gimmick of touchpad. I can see why they would copy the xbo controller instead. #1.3.5
No, it's weak because I can get half those games on my IPhone... #2.4.2
Surface sells pretty good, just not Ipad good. #1.2
Handheld is dead, cell phones killed it, this is obvious but no one wants to say it because Sony keeps trying to make it happen. Microsoft saw the writing on the wall a long time ago and wisely stayed away from that market. #4
360 is still selling well and has outsold Wii in the USA, and the ps3 worldwide. #1.7.2
Septic is right, the number of people who purchased new 360s because of RROD would be insignificant. Also the YLOD was far more wide spread than the media and certainly Sony let on, and you actually DID have to purchase a new PS3 or pay for refurbished replacement to fix that, replacements that sleazy Sony undoubtedly counted as sales. Yet we didn't see PS3s numbers inflated much by failures either. In fact if you counted every 360 sold up to the warranty kicked in it would only have been... #1.1.15
Where am I? Is this N4G? When did this place get so mellow and pleasant? How come everyone is using reason and having a civilized conversation? Wow, I'm going to have to start back visiting this site regularly. #15
These aren't just the usual fanboys. Sony is politically very well connected, and most of the people who control the media, and own the media outlets we get info from have the same politics as the Sony leadership in America. When Sony feels any pressure from MS, they just call their friends in the media to ramp up on the negative Microsoft/Xbox banter to pull some of that mindshare away from Microsoft. #9.3
Um your missing a few Xbox exclusives #1.2.2
Ryse is number one, hands down. #3
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