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all cars are premium cars built this gen forza which means it is consistent graphically

not like gran turismo where 200 cars were built for the ps3 gen and then the rest were ps2 models to bolster their car count- now thats bad. #3.2.3
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guess sony fans will buy anything #1.1.11
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so the sales speaks for the amount of people that enjoy them doesnt change the fact xbox eclusives sell more than playstation exclusives- what was the argument back then? Major advertising? We are speaking about the orders quality in gameplay in terms of it being a good game... yknow? im sure plenty people will enjoy it- doesnt change the fact it is critically considered a bad game and people can enjoy bad games if they put production values ahead of everything else, t... #1.1.31
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Dumbest crap i have ever read on this web site. Seriously the crap you spew is unbelievable.The sales of those games horizon and overdrive are bad so that makes them ... duds?The sales for games do not speak for the quality of the games themselves so to speak. If that was the case call of duty and gears of war are better than uncharted and last of us according to that logic or standard. next you forget the install base is more almost 2x as much as xbox one, so its only... #1.1.20
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well the last gaurdian, agent, final fantasy versus xiii was supposed to be exclusive etc. yeah some pretty major exclusves missed playstation and may never see the light. #6.1.2
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remember when everyone said driveclub will be amazing? #5.2
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i dont know where you are living but gran turismo has been going down hill for a while, and in terms of sale- yeah it once was a heavy hitter but did you see gt6? it didnt even cross 3 million for sales... gt5 was a huge dissapointment to fans as well as driveclub and it shows in the meta and the sales... #1.3.6
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free to play with randmonly generated dungeons killed it for me.

seriously not happy. (* ಠ_ಠ) #1.1.5
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Actually square needs this more than msoft. If tomb raider was going to all systems it would not garner enough hype especially facing uncharted and other heavy hitters. This exclusive deal will garner it hype and msoft advertisement will move systems. and it will sell as the uncharted for xb0x one. It would have been ignored if it were to release on all systems especially by sony gamers since they would choose uncharted over tomb raider.

A year later when it releases on all... #5.1.2
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How has titanfall dishonored borderlands 2? #4
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"Actually Drive Club does have impressive physics calculations, I would bet even more so than Forza 5 considering PS4's hardware advantage"

This statement is unbelievably idiotic. The damage system will be no where near forza 5. Forza 5 is classified a sim, while drive club is an arcade racer, with very little sim characterisitics. Do you know that forza is partnered with a tire company and uses their tire data for each car they have t... #9.2.4
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Good Job bro, we get it you don't scare easily yet u get scared. I get it bro all get scared sometimes. But ur a big boy noow with big boy pants. #4.3
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Have you played open world games and then have you played linear games? Do you think if ryse was open world it would look as good as it does being linear? Gta v looks amazing as an open world game compared to other open worlds but its not fair to compare that game to a linear game like uncharted since a lot more is rendered at once.

Needless to ay drive club looks very impressive graphically mores so than forza I have to admit but I cannot discount... #9.2.2
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so basically last of us is a simple hd port running at 1080p instead of 720p and 60 fps instead of 30 fps. Wow I honestly expected more and i see absolutly no difference. And for people saying last of us isnt about graphics now but in the way it runs is hilarious. Shifting goal posts everywhere. only on playstation and only on n4g. #1.3.6
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Oh that's because they want to sell u dlc.horizon 2 has over 200 cars. #1.4.1
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wait a minute, cry engine sucked when ryse was being shown and its over rated blah blah, but now its amazing? lol #1.1.3
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Yeah u go and not be scared bro. Bravo for not being scared ur a big boy now #9.4.1
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Yeah u know how to say it. #3.1.1
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Yeah u go bro. Voice your opinions. #3.4
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