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whats funny is sony gamers say the pro is good enough and you can barely see a difference and the x having native 4k, and now a bunch of gamers wont play a game because of graphics!

And now when the x has a bunch of multiplats looking way better- whats going to happen? You guys are not going to play it!?!?! lol

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You conveniently forget that the ps4 only had resolution. and it was 900 vs 1080 or 720 vs 900, not 4k vs 1440 or 1200! Im sure there was difference between 900p and 1080p and if we saw differences with that, then the differences between the pro and the x are astronomical! But again it was only a resolution difference, now im not only talking about resolution, but numerous games have 4k textures streamed on the x that the pro can only dream of streaming, and packed with a 4k player and suppor...

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Caesar your mistaken, Im not lying, Im playing witcher 3 now and the 1440p mode, and i hate to say i sound like an elitist, but its gross to be honest and i have a 65 inch 4k hdr high end 930d sony series tv. When you put shots of the game where there is grass and fine details, 4k nails it, but the 1440p mode and i switch instantly is very blurry. Maybe you wouldnt know until you see it and to be honest i was actually surprised to see a large difference, but its there. Now Im getting use to t...

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Im not trolling, definetly not as hard as the sony community. But when you see the difference, you know what im talking about, and that was 1440, 1200 is much less clearer. I am really enjoying it

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WOW the xbox one x absolutley destroyed the pro version... And for those that even think of saying its not noticeable, it is actually from personal experience. I played witcher 3 in native 4k mode on the x and the switched to 1440p for 60 frames and the resolution and graphics were noticeable that i much prefered 4k!

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the hate on here is strong, what because its from an indie dev who would only afford one console and it was msoft, and now everyone boasts about not knowing a thing about it... lol the game was great and the devs suported it way after launch with free dlc that concludes the game's story. Beautiful indie title, great story and something you never played. This devs deserves support, not this stupid sony bashing previous exclusives agenda. Grow up, most of you guys look pathetic, and resentf...

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i was just going to say that. titanfall 1 gameplay incredible, speed was amazing. Loved it. TF2 slowed down, weird changes, didnt like it. I enjoyed story but thats it

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he might be right but i hope it succeeds, if it fails, then no other developer will dip their toe in these kinds of games

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@size of you

I played forza and beat it without lootboxes or micro transactions. The game was great, and i always had enough money to buy what i wanted. Any forza fan who played previous forzas can claim forza rewards every week, honestly all you have to do is raise your driver rank to get serious discounts and you get amazing cars pretty fast. forza has online auctions, you can sell your cars and make money or buy great cars for great prices. Try to troll harder- look at t...

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lol we just finished sayin how amazing it is.... and now this. lol

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I have a pretty sick set up, a 5.2.2 set up, with a high end 4k hdr tv, Im so glad microsoft kept users like me in mind when designing the xbox, so that we can have the ultimate gaming and media set up.

I was dissapointed to hear that the ps4 doesnt support dolby or dts, or 4k when the ps3 was pioneering bluray and adopting dvd with ps2, and now they abondoned 4k- BIG MISTAKE.

Mark my words on the next system, they will follow suit to microsoft and add 4...

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looking for revenge? you really want to mention a game in beta or alpha and talk about soup textures when the multiplats on the pro have that same issue- or the fact that even exclusives will never reach the graphic fidelity of the x lol

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oh great hes rushing it...

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Doesnt matter kun_adr, you can run a multi billion dollar company and not be passionate about it, yet you can mop all day as a janitor and have more passion then all CEOS combined. Just because your successful doesnt mean your passionate and want to smile down from heaven. Like come on man get real.

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oh really iwata found success in doing what he loved to do, well you seem to be implying you know iwata intimately, how do you know he loved his work so much? how do you know it wasnt just a face and when he came home he couldnt care less about nintendo- but only cared about success. Come on get real man.

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its pretty clear snez- my point is there is such thing as a console exclusive- and most console gamers are not hardcore pc gamers with high end rigs and impliying a game is multiplat or that everyone with a pc cann access games not on playstation is a funny trend im seeing.

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ocelot im not sure you understand what what a bottleneck is. It means the cpu limits other far better components in the xbox to reach better performances. this version far and away strips the ps4 pro version. big time, while most use to say there wouldnt be a need for all the x hardware on that cpu and now we see all the differences in the world. Happy holidays.

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makes a pretty big difference in my book- i have a 4k 930 series with hdr 65 inch from sony- sit within 8 feet, 4k blu rays with a premium atmos sound system, all of which the x supports, and this isnt a strict reolution difference similar to the base ps4 and xbox one where it was 800 vs 1080, now its 1400 vs 4k or 1800, with massive boost in high res textures due to the ram which pro titles will never see.

For a premium setup- im glad the x takes every adavantage of it.

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bro are you serious- you think this guy in heaven is watching over nintendo like an angel? I mean dont you think he has a family or kids he cares about and maybe smiles on them? You think if some random janitor dies and they replaced the mop at work- he would smile upon that mop thinking oh what a great mop.

Not everything revolves around videogames

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