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I think its an obvious downgrade. Definitely in terms of effects. Look at the way he web slinged those boxes. The year before with that trailer this game looked incredible- now it kinda looks like any spider man game- which is not a bad thing

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I played so many games and had a launch 360. Never moved an inch. played call of duty 2 and ejected it only to find it cracked and no longer functional. Launch 360s and early 360s could crack games. If not crack sometimes would find multiple circular scratches.

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I am not talking sales wise. I don't doubt that gran turismo will sell a great amount more than forza 7. What I am saying is that Gran turismo was in production since the begining of the generation, and it was hyped to be a forza killer on superior hardware at the start of the gen. Now when it is finally ready to release, it is going up against forza 7 on hardware thats more than 40% stronger than the pro. Xbox doesn't have much going for it, but the hype surrounding gt after years of...

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This is really late to the game. Gran turismo is releasing only to go up against forza on vastly superior hardware the x1x. Not sure how this game will stack up against forza considering this has been in development much longer.

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No this was the most underwhelming conference from msoft ever. Im a huge fan, i own a high end 4k hdr tv as well so scorpio looks great for third party and multiplats no doubt. backwards compatibility is not bad, kinda meh. big exclusives were crackdown, forza, sea of thieves, and ori, state of decay 2, lucky tails fox. Crackdown looks alright- good co op- been a while they been showing that- hype is down for me. Forza is probably going to be the best racer as Sony still doesn't have an a...

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It was a bad conference, and Im a microsoft fan myself. Few positives, but no new ip or big exclusive to really showcase the console really hurt it. It just needed one big exclusive and diddnt do that. 5/10 from me.

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I dont think most of the indies shown are anything to brag about. Not on the microsoft side or sony side. To be fair there were maybe 2 or 3 promising indies- but underwhelming overall none the less

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for people that dont own high end 4k tvs im sure it doesnt matter. But for the minority its great.

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not happening. Renwed it so that some other asshole doesn't steal the name lol

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Im a big xbox fan and not going to give up on xbox any time soon, but if this marketing agreement and fricken that pirate game is all they have for e3... im going to be pissed. Im kinda frustrated actually that they lost remedy and didnt go through with scalebound. The only thing going for msoft is the scorpio, however only if many existing big titles recieve 4k patches, otherwise it is virtually DOA.

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The difference between the two should be pretty big- since scorpio is 50% stronger than the pro (4tb vs 6 tb compute power) even bigger difference than the original xbox one and ps4 which was 1.3tb vs 1.8tb and we remember how big of a deal that was. SOny fanboys can downplay all the differences- wont change the fact scorpio games will play and look better than the pro- on all multiplats. That's enough said. most people can brag about playstation sales all they want while I enjoy the su...

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replay footage always looks better than actual game

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here is a prediction. killer instinct season 2, the cave, van helsing, rayman origins. Here is a link to back up my prediction.

Done. Damn I'm amazing :o

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wow if ps4 is a 900$ pc then scorpio is like a 1400$ pc. Thats amazing

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i dont know why people sugar coat this but whether or not the ps4 runs 4k on games it will never run nearly as good as the scorpio when the scorpio has 6TF and the PS4 has 4. If that game runs 4k on ps4 it thats fine but you cant deny the fact with all the extra power under the scorpio it is goin to run and look that much better.

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i have to give props to sony for making sure xbox gamers were not ripped off. from the bottom of my heart from the xbox community. thank you sony

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oh look guy ps4 secret sauce. where have i heard that before

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deep down they never released deep down

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The second one was amazing- better than the first and i loved the narrative.

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you know your really insecure

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