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Actually kevn b it does mean sometthing.
These days most people who own pcs down't own a gaming pc that even goes on the xbox one level.
Most people who own ps4 don't own a gaming level pc that can play to the xbox one level or xbox one x level.
Its an exclusive because if a ps gamer wants to play the game- they need a pc or a xbox.
saying its not an xbox exclusive because its on pc implies its on playstation which isn't the case.

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Actually msoft took away a ps exclusive. Nier. And took the developers of hell blade- aka never seeing another hell blade game on ps again! And Forza ofcourse the is nothing from play station racing that can compete for a while now both Motorsport or Horizon series.

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Give it a rest, the cloud tech has since sailed a long time ago, bring up something like that is irrelevant especially at this point of the generation. The xbox one x runs circles around the pro in terms of power, and cloud tech or no cloud tech will not change that.

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Well I don't blame them, why would they use a more inferior and less comfortable controller when they don't have to?

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Lol you think the world revolves around God of war? Maybe they called in sick to see your mom :0

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You really did losee your mind. I remember when the x came out, so many sany fanboys on this site all of a sudden started talking abut ps5. I swear they could not fathom that xbox was supperior to the ps4pro hardware

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what a joke of an article. Pure speculation and hopefuleness of a ps5 within 2 years.Quite simply sony blew their load of exclusives and the only thing left to show are previous games announced. The pro is not even two years old and we are talking about a PS5. And anyone knows better than I do that ps4 is a huge success and still selling so whydisrupt it prematurely with a ps5 announcement? Ps5 at this point would feel nothing more than another refresh. Dumb article.

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I really don't understand the hostility here to bc.
I mean guys sony fanboys, You guys don't remember when ps3 came out how much bc was applauded?
Even when sony was gutting it and giving a non bc version people still wanted the bc ps3 and I even remember selling mine for a lot 2 years after release. BC is pretty big but because sony isn't offering it you guys knock it down on the xbox? And what sony's solution of charging you for old games is better?And I g...

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You guys are talking from a business perspective. Not a gamer. When we talk about a properly built console like the x I notice sony gamers default to sales and pronounce the company doesn't need to do anything. You guys are gamers, and should not be defending poor hardware.

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@Jaguar evolved

you mean sony was to good to copy achievements?
you mean sony was too good to improve online and charge for psn and suffer the biggest hack in console history?
too intelligent to make a 4k blu ray drive in PS4?
too intelligent to make bc free?
too intelligent to make a box that can touch the one x grahically?

If that is how you define intelligence, you sir should check your intelli...

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look thats fine, and I'm fine with the beta testers.
Now bring on No man's sky! :D

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Insecurities of pro owners really starting to show.

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Where was this writer when Gran Turismo came out. What a joke

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Honestly I have used it more than I thought I would. I played assassins creed rogue, playing witcher 2 in 4k, going to play fable anniversary in 4k. Great games look great remastered and cheap and I never played them. Its a welcome addition.

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relax bro, you should be use to the x superiority by now

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actually 1620 vs 4k is a thing I and many pro owners care about- if they diddnt then why they so salty?

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resolution didnt matter when the difference was 180p
now its 600p and 3million pixels!

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@Zombie Killer
Dont know what your smoking but maybe your k9000 is 55 inches and you sit kkind of far if you cant tell the difference. I have the 65 inch x930d and the differences between 1080 and 4k and even in your case of 1080 and 1620, its very noticeable. Especially when toggling 4k in witcher 3. I take the resolution everytime

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are you sure you meant 1800? maybe your finger hit the 8 key before the 0 key and you meant to say 1080p?

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