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or a supporter of a brand can use a better console.

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damn sounds like a butthurt article trying to console the pro owners LOL

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honestly its incredible- i have a high end 4k hdr tv and the 4k is huge difference but hdr lighting is crazy. played mafia 3 looks amazing with hdr, as well as tomb raider especially. ppl missing out for sure.

the pro cant even run the insects demo :/

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tazzy your misinformed. your saying xbox one has 17 million sales right now??? you are an idiot the xbox has over 30 million sales- who the hell are you talking to. dont try to spin it, its mid gen console vs mid gen console- and the xbox one s vs the ps4 slim. its really simple, not sure who brainwashed you, and yes he dissed the pro- when he compares a 1.4 tb console to a 4.2 and calls it competition, and refusing to compare it to the x- its a dis. but seriosly get your head checkked or fac...

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nahhh yo, you gonna hear about it for a while

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nahh trust me on 4k hdr- no way 6k>1440p silly willy, just like 1080>900- dont you remember!

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babadook game is patched and destroyed the pro/ nice try

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:O so your saying the one x competes against the ps5??? But i thought the x was a mid gen upgrade like the pro??? Wow im so stupid :O Maybe gee i dont know- he said that because he just dissed up the pro, i mean even if they are competing... its no competition LOL

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tazzy what your saying sounds embicile. the xbox one s... is competing against the pro? really lol- and its competing with the pro because it has a 4k player- something that the pro doesnt have. By that logic i guess the xbox 360 was competing with ps2 because they both had dvd players! and maybe the pro is competing against the ps3 because they both have blurays! Your drivel about the ps5 is pathetic, and its not releasing when the pro came out a year ago and rest assured microsoft will have...

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wow your making 17k a month, what a peasant

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this is incredible, how to one x just eclipses the pro.

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your mother is a loser

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pro destroyed yet again

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Heads up this guy rips on the 1x, and doesnt own anything except a ps4- not even a pro. You seem very entitled for such a peasant. What a joke

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oh man this guy spewing garbage again? How's the smear campaign going, been here alot lately- not enough games to play?

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Well its quite clear. When the xbox 360 had the clear advantage for most multiplats and sony fanboys made power the #1 reason for ps3 that gen- did u game on 360>? I diddnt think so. Its clear that there are a number of pro owners getting the x since they do care to have the best graphics on multiplats as i know some myself.

In the last 4 years the differences between the standard ps4 and the x1 did not warrant enough to switch consoles since 900p and 1080 was negligible...

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i thought the features and value was bs as well, he states its 100$ more but forgets to mention xbox one x biggest value besides being 4k / the fact its a way more powerful console. ppl pay 100 more because of power and a 4k blu ray drive and bc is another point since its free. and the built in battery for ps controllers is also subjective since those batteries are 1000 mhah and a replaceable battery on the x controller lets me easily equip it with a 2500mhah + rechargeable battery and havin...

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actually tazzy, in this time of the gen 360 sales and xbox one sales are the same in terms of unit output at this point in the xbox one life. You would like to think no games- but you forget 90% of the games u play on ps4 will look and play significant better on the x. the xbox base is here and it aint going anywhere, and there are numerous pro owners i know getting the x.


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damn bro this guy needs a chill pill.

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