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so basically last of us is a simple hd port running at 1080p instead of 720p and 60 fps instead of 30 fps. Wow I honestly expected more and i see absolutly no difference. And for people saying last of us isnt about graphics now but in the way it runs is hilarious. Shifting goal posts everywhere. only on playstation and only on n4g. #1.3.6
Oh that's because they want to sell u dlc.horizon 2 has over 200 cars. #1.4.1
wait a minute, cry engine sucked when ryse was being shown and its over rated blah blah, but now its amazing? lol #1.1.3
Yeah u go and not be scared bro. Bravo for not being scared ur a big boy now #9.4.1
Yeah u know how to say it. #3.1.1
Yeah u go bro. Voice your opinions. #3.4
Console exclusive debut? Why wouldn't he just say console exclusive then if it's only on ps4 and Pc? Using the word debut means it's first on ps4. I honestly don't think it's exclusive based on his words. Sounds to me it's a timed exclusive #6.1
Are you guys sure its not going to x1? i understand they are the ex journey devs and yes the company is called giant squid, and i had been scouring the internet to see what the début meant but came across no info. Regardless if its not coming to x1 i look forward to playing it on pc. but something tells me the debut means it can come to x1. Inside from x1 who are the limbo devs also have timed exclusive because of the Xbox "debut". i expect that game to go on playstation. But d... #4
I think this game is called giant squid and is not a playstation exclusive. Its a playstation debut aka timed exclusive. #2.1

no u cant tell the difference between 900 and 1080p. Its all relative to the size of your tv and the distamce at which you sit at. You are such a huge fanboy its not even funny. #1.1.10
HOW about "A Single White Female" #1.1.17
Well when u compare Driveclub directly forza 5, yeah ur going to get ppl telling you that forza 5 is 60fps forza is running a true simulation while drive club is not. Remember 60fps is important because it refreshes 60 times the physics and simulation refresh at the same rate vs 30 fps. When ppl are telling u drive club environments look better than forza 5, ur gonna have ppl remind u that forza is 60 fps and running simulation that Driveclub is not.

Now we have horizon 2 an... #1.3.1
why inferior multiplats, both destiny and battlefield confirmed 1080p 60 fps. I also played plenty of supposedly inferior x1 multiplats this year and they played and looked great. If you look at lens of truth, thief performed and looked better on x1 than ps4 despite the x1 version being 900p.

Did you play exclusively on ps3 last gen? If so the ps3 on quite a few occasions had performance issues, not just graphical. The most recent one being watchdogs, and scored a 7.5 while o... #2.6.3
No ur point is null. Ur point doesn't matter to Ubisoft. I know ur point but in the business world it does not matter because Ubisoft received ur business #4.3
You know what your absolutly right. What was this dev thinking when they decided to make both the x1 version and ps4 version 1080p@60fps.

First destiny and now this? Like im honestly wondering right now why the ps4 version is not 1440p@ 120 fps. SMH.

How dare they use the full potential of the x1 hardware to match the ps4 version. This is absolutely ridiculous and i dont support this practice.

I mean why the hell did i buy the ps4? For the... #1.1.20
doesnt matter what system u buys watchdogs on ubisoft makes profit lol #4.1
Isn't it too soon to remaster killzone shadowfall? Man time flies, it feels like it just came out 6 months ago. #1.1.3
@the dude

Damn. I guess both services have become equally worse, absolutely no discernable difference now. #1.1.9
They are removing the library of games and limiting it to 2 different games a month like xbox, but the only difference is xbox u get to keep them even if u don't have live gold while Ps+ locks u out of ur downloaded games if u don't have it and will only.allow to play those games again is if u renew ur subscription, kind of anti gamer if u.ask me but it's a business. Makes no sense Sony locks u out, it's like having a paywall to Netflix... No sense lol #1.1.7
If forza horizon was being developed by the same studio and using the same engine across both platforms I would be disappointed as an x1 owner as if the x1 version is being gimmped...

But the fact is its not, the original devs who did horizon 1 are doing the x1 version and are using the forza 5 engine while 360 version is a different dev using the original horizon engine.

So how is this dissapointing? This game has the potential to oust drive club, since both... #1.5.7
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